The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists

How to pay for someone else, or register for someone else


Unfortunately, the new registration system does not directly support one person registering or paying for another person. This feature was eliminated because it wasn't used very often, yet added considerable complexity.

The work-around is to go through the registration process once for EACH person, using that person's email and that person's name. For example, if a PI wants to register and/or pay for her PhD student, the PhD student should start the process using his email address, and then forward the link we send him to the PI to finish the reg process and pay.

Always follow this rule:

One person ↔ one registration ↔ one email address!

This means:

  • Never register two different people using the same email address.
  • Never submit two different abstracts under the same email address.
  • Never register as the same person using two different email addresses.

Each person attending the meeting, whether submitting an abstract or not, should register using his or her own email address.

If paying by check, add up all the fees for, e.g., the PI and PhD student, and send the check to this address. Be sure and provide an itemized list of people whose registrations are being paid.

Alternatively, the PI can pay for the student at the meeting itself, albeit with higher fees.

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