The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 2. Education in Anthropology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Elizabeth Evangelou and Tessa Somogyi

April 11, 2018 , Marriott Grand Ballroom Foyer Add to calendar

Authors present 8:00-9:00 pm

1 Add to calendar The Human Evolution Teaching Materials Project. Molly C. Selba.
2 Add to calendar Best Practices for Introducing Undergraduate Students to Human Remains Processing. Elizabeth A. Evangelou, Tessa Somogyi, Kenny T. Nguyen, Kortney A. Williams, Elizabeth A. DiGangi.
3 Add to calendar Teaching about primates with documentary film: Examining anthropology instructors’ use of films and introducing the Primate Films Database. Crystal M. Riley Koenig, Bryan L. Koenig, Crickette M. Sanz.
4 Add to calendar Texas museum displays of human evolution. Shelley L. Smith.
5 Add to calendar Trends in recent academic job postings for biological anthropology. Nicholas V. Passalacqua.
6 Add to calendar Action-oriented conservation projects as an instrument for enhancing student engagement and addressing conservation issues. Suzanne E. Walker-Pacheco, Joshua M. Linder, Julie A. Sherman.
7 Add to calendar TEAL of Dreams: If you build technology enabled active learning classrooms, they will come. Sabrina Lute, Dr. James VanderVeen, Dr. Joshua Wells.
8 Add to calendar Gamer’s dice and complex traits: Undergraduate classroom activity for increasing comprehension of genetic complexity. Julie J. Lesnik.
9 Add to calendar How are human remains and digital data perceived by the public: an international survey of museum visitors. Cara C. Hirst, Annabelle L. Lockey, Sian E. Smith.
10 Add to calendar Mummies, Skeletons, and Museums: Representing human remains to the public. Kelsey C. Jorgensen.
11 Add to calendar Next top 3D models - dis/ability and a Romano-British individual with dwarfism from Alington Avenue. Stephanie Evelyn-Wright, Sonia Zakrzewski, Alex Dickinson, Chris Woods.
12 Add to calendar The Didactic Media in Teaching Human Evolution at Anthropological Museum Montané of the University of Havana (1962-2017). Armando Rangel Rivero, Miguel Ángel García Piñero, Carlos Arredondo Antúnez.