The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 6. Methods in Human Skeletal Biology. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Melissa A. Brown

April 12, 2018 , Texas I Add to calendar
8:00 Add to calendar Exploring death and dying: Investigations of archaeological hair cortisol concentrations in individuals from Kellis, Egypt. Kaitlin E. East, Lana Williams, Michael J.E. Greff.
8:15 Add to calendar The detection of nicotine in prehistoric skeletal remains using high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry: A preliminary study. Savannah Leach Newell, Jonathan A. Karty.
8:30 Add to calendar A reliable method to differentiate human from non-human fragmented shafts of limb bones using micro-computed tomography. Brigida Corrieri, Nicholas Marquez-Grant.
8:45 Add to calendar Automated extraction of two-dimensional cortical porosity descriptors from histological and micro-computed tomography serial sections. Mary E. Cole, Samuel D. Stout.
9:00 Add to calendar A GIS-Based Analytical Approach to Bone Histology for Age Estimation Purposes. Suzanna Michener, Lynne S. Bell, David Swanlund, Nadine C. Schuurman.
9:15 Add to calendar The Perfect Match(es): An Evaluation of Osteometric Pair-Matching in a Commingled Context. Paige V. Wojcik, Yasmin Cifuentes Arguello.
9:30 Add to calendar Comparing Age-Related Bone Loss Between Archaeological Populations Using Linear Mixed Effects Models: A Control for Diagenesis. Rebecca V. Mountain.
9:45 Add to calendar Evaluating the efficacy of machine learning approaches to the estimation of age-at-death using 3D scans of the pubic symphyseal face. Melissa A. Brown, Dillon Daudert, James Jenkins.
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Add to calendar Tracking damage to stable isotope values in bone exposed to x-ray microtomography. Laura E. Cirillo, Gary D. Richards, Eric J. Bartelink, Dula Parkinson.
10:45 Add to calendar Use of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy to Detect Diagenetic Changes in Bone. Ashley C. Smith, Lelia Watamaniuk.
11:00 Add to calendar Evaluating lead isotopes in Mediterranean paleomobility research: A case study in 5th c. BCE Greek Sicily. Katherine L. Reinberger, Laurie J. Reitsema, Britney Kyle, Pier Francesco Fabbri, Stefano Vassallo, George D. Kamenov, John Krigbaum.
11:15 Add to calendar Cementochronology: too precise to be true or too precise to be accurate?. Benoit Bertrand, Eugenia Cunha, Valery Hédouin.
11:30 Add to calendar Timing of development of the permanent mandibular dentition: new reference values from the Fels Longitudinal Study radiographic database. Maja Šešelj, Lyle W. Konigsberg, Richard J. Sherwood.
11:45 Add to calendar The Value and Possibilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Address Bioarchaeological Research Questions. Marissa C. Stewart, Giuseppe Vercellotti, Julie S. Field.