The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 14. Bioarchaeology of the Americas. Contributed Posters. Chair: Guy L. Tasa

April 12, 2018 , Zilker 1/2/3 Add to calendar

Authors present 7:00-8:00am and noon-1:00 pm

1 Add to calendar Cranial Morphological Variation in the Americas: Where does Mexico fit in?. Samuel R. Rennie, Margaret Clegg, Silvia Gonzalez.
2 Add to calendar Bone Histology Age-at-Death Estimates and Associated Taphonomic Changes at St. George’s Caye, Belize. Sophia R. Mavroudas, Lauren C. Springs.
3 Add to calendar Current research on Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene human remains from the Bladen Nature Reserve in southern Belize. Ethan C. Hill, Emily Moes, Willa R. Trask, Emily Kate, Catriona McKenzie, Heather J.H. Edgar, Douglas J. Kennett, Keith M. Prufer.
4 Add to calendar Childhood stress during the rise of sociopolitical stratification at Colha, northern Belize. Kristin K. Hoffmeister, Lori E. Wright.
5 Add to calendar A molecular anthropological re-examination of the human remains from La Galgada, Peru. Eden Washburn, Lars Fehren-Schmitz.
6 Add to calendar Diet and Nutrition across Five Millennia in the Cusco Region of Peru: A Multi-Isotopic and Osteological Reconstruction. Bethany L. Turner, Véronique Bélisle, Allison R. Davis, Maeve Skidmore, Sara L. Juengst, Benjamin J. Schaefer, R. Alan Covey, Brian S. Bauer.
7 Add to calendar Stature and Sexual Dimorphism As Indicators of Non-Specific Stress Among the Peruvian Chiribaya. Jessica R. Lacerte, Carly Slank.
8 Add to calendar Cranial Modification as a Marker of Social Identity in the Southern Hinterlands of the Wari. Anna F. Whittemore, Tiffiny A. Tung.
9 Add to calendar Endogenous Cortisol Production in Archaeological Hair from Lupaqa Colonists at the Site of Estuquiña in Southern Peru. Benjamin J. Schaefer, Sloan R. Williams, Nicola O. Sharratt.
10 Add to calendar Tiwanaku affiliation and quality of life in Middle Horizon San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Leigh Oldershaw, Mark Hubbe, Christina Torres-Rouff, Sharon Sadvari.
11 Add to calendar Population history of Kennewick Man in global craniometric context. Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel, Mark Hubbe.
12 Add to calendar An Evaluation of the Howells’ Dataset for Determining Ancestry in Known Pacific Northwest Native American Crania: Implications for Kennewick Man. Guy L. Tasa, Juliette Vogel.
13 Add to calendar Life in the Pre-Contact Cibola Region: Osteobiographies of Human Remains from Chaco Outlier Sites. Ashley A. Hannigan.
14 Add to calendar The New Mexico Bioarchaeology Database Project. Ann L.W. Stodder, Shamsi D. Berry.
15 Add to calendar Exploring Subsistence Strategies at Helton Using Dental Microwear Texture Analysis. Taylor A. Emery.
16 Add to calendar Helton Mound 22 Crematory: An Examination of Late Woodland Mortuary Practices. Brittney L. Blevins, Samuel A. Mijal, Aliya R. Hoff, Jane E. Buikstra.
17 Add to calendar Burial Patterning and Biological Distance at the Black Earth Site (11-Sa-87): Implications for Understanding Cemetery Development During the late Middle Archaic. Meadow L. Campbell, Ryan M. Campbell.
18 Add to calendar Utilizing the bioarchaeology of care in the Lower Illinois River Valley. Nicholas Smith, Jane Buikstra, Aliya Hoff.
19 Add to calendar Deviance, pregnancy, and violence: an in-situ maternal-perinate burial from Late Prehistoric Pennsylvania. Robyn Wakefield-Murphy.
20 Add to calendar Examination of cremation practices at River Styx, a unique ceremonial center in North Central Florida. Kylie Williamson, Neill Wallis, John Krigbaum.
21 Add to calendar Craniofacial Facial Morphology of the First Floridians. Sarah E. Price, Monica Faraldo, Linda L. Taylor, Gabriel A. Cardenas.
22 Add to calendar Analyzing immigration in historic America through 87Sr/86Sr isotopic analysis of the remains interred in the Erie County Poorhouse Cemetery 1851-1913. Melanie M. Mayberry, Joyce E. Sirianni.
23 Add to calendar Investigating socioeconomic status in historic Charleston, through dietary analysis of urban Sus scrofa. Reina B. Kornmayer, Jena Caiazza, Chelsey Juarez.
24 Add to calendar Testing body mass estimation methods: the Mississippi State Asylum Cemetery. Shamsi Daneshvari Berry.
25 Add to calendar As the Sun Sets, We Remain: Oseteobiographies from the Gause Cemetery at Seaside. Jorge R. Quintana, Megan Perry, Charles Ewen.
26 Add to calendar Reconstructing Diet for a population of Colonial Enslaved Africans. Chelsey A. Juarez, Brooke E. Crowley.