The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 16. Human Population Genetics. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: C. Eduardo Amorim

April 12, 2018 , Foothills Ballroom II Add to calendar
2:30 Add to calendar Genetic evidence for early separation of Neanderthals and Denisovans and an early archaic bottleneck. Alan R. Rogers, Ryan J. Bohlender, Chad D. Huff.
2:45 Add to calendar Sharing of deletion polymorphisms reveal additional pulses of Neanderthal introgression. Recep O. Taskent, Justin Bradley, Yen-Lung Lin, Omer Gokcumen.
3:00 Add to calendar Investigating Ancient Hominin ABO Haplotype Structure From Modern Populations. Keolu Fox, Ian B. Stanaway, Jill Johnsen, Deborah A. Nickerson.
3:15 Add to calendar Shared signals of selection between populations is not due to shared ancestry alone. Nathan S. Harris.
3:30 Add to calendar Post-Glacial and Neolithic Migrations Spread Rare HV lineages from Near East to Europe and South Asia. Michel Shamoon-Pour, Mian Li, D. Andrew Merriwether.
3:45 Add to calendar Migration and social organization in medieval Europe: A paleogenomics approach. Carlos Eduardo G. Amorim, Stefania Vai, Cosimo Posth, Istvan Koncz, Dean Bobo, Susanne Hakenbeck, Maria Christina Larocca, Balazs Mende, Walter Pohl, Caterina Giostra, Tivadar Vida, Daniel Winger, Johannes Krause, David Caramelli, Patrick J. Geary, Krishna R. Veeramah.
4:00 BREAK
4:30 Add to calendar Mitochondrial population dynamics in Black Death London. Jennifer Klunk, Ana Duggan, Rebecca Redfern, Sharon DeWitte, Hendrik Poinar.
4:45 Add to calendar Native American relatives in Bronze Age southern Siberia? Okunev Culture and the new dialogue of genome-wide ancient DNA and physical anthropology. Alexander M. Kim, Alexander Kozintsev, Vyacheslav Moiseyev, Nadin Rohland, Swapan Mallick, David E. Reich.
5:00 Add to calendar Demographic analysis of ancient individuals from British Columbia using mtDNA and Y-chromosome data. Amanda C. Owings, Hongjie Li, Shizhu Gao, Barbara Petzelt, Joycelynn Mitchell, Jerome S. Cybulski, Ripan S. Malhi.
5:15 Add to calendar The Peopling of the Ancient Andes. John Lindo, Randy Hass, Courtney Hofman, Christina Warinner, Mark Aldenderfer, Anna DiRienzo.
5:30 Add to calendar aDNA Analysis Indicates Genetic Discontinuity After the Collapse of the Wari Empire. Ainash Childebayeva, Kelly Harkins, Jannine Novak, Abigail W. Bigham, Tiffiny Tung, Martha Cabrera, Jose Ochatoma, Lars Fehren-Schmitz.
5:45 Add to calendar The Origins and Evolution of Urban Amazonia: A Molecular Anthropology Perspective. Randy E. David.