The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 24. Human Skeletal biology: Forensic Anthropology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Phoebe R. Stubblefield

April 12, 2018 , Zilker 1/2/3 Add to calendar

Authors present 1:30-2:30 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm

1 Add to calendar The effect of third molar impaction on age estimation in males. Kelly N. Heim, Marin A. Pilloud.
2 Add to calendar Subadult age estimation of Taiwanese populations using long bone dimensions from radiographs. An-Di Yim, Kyra E. Stull, Hsiao-Lin Hwa, Hon-Man Liu.
3 Add to calendar Aging the Aged: A Modified Method to Age Elderly Individuals Using Osteoarthritis of the Sternoclavicular Joint. Ashley M. Atkins, Isabelle De Groote.
4 Add to calendar Evaluating the appropriateness of the Maresh long bone data for age estimation of juvenile skeletal remains in forensic contexts. Laure Spake, Hugo FV. Cardoso.
5 Add to calendar Estimating Age: Reporting Strategies and Observer Reliability. Christine A. Bailey.
6 Add to calendar Ordinal and Metric Methods for Adult Age Estimation Using Vertebral Osteophytosis. Jacob Griffin.
7 Add to calendar Quantitative age-at-death estimation: A three-dimensional morphological analysis of the sternal extremity of the rib. Audrey D. Schaefer.
8 Add to calendar Dental Metrics for Sex Estimation in Presumed Hispanic Migrants. Timothy P. Gocha, Kate Spradley.
9 Add to calendar Metric Sex Determination Between Modern Thai and Native American Populations. Meredith M. Patterson, Sean D. Tallman.
10 Add to calendar Testing the Accuracy of Sex Estimation from the Metacarpals, Calcaneus, and Talus on a Sample of Known Sex Individuals. Katlyn Casagrande, Patricia Lambert.
11 Add to calendar Introducing MorphoPASSE: the Morphological Pelvis and Skull Sex Estimation Database. Alexandra R. Klales, Stephanie J. Cole.
12 Add to calendar Sex Differences and the Forensic Application of Skeletal Stress Markers: A Correlation Study of Dental and Postcranial Indicators of Non-Specific Stress. Justin Z. Goldstein.
13 Add to calendar A Test of the Metric Method for Estimating Sex Using the Human Radius. Leigh A. Hayes, Jordan Karsten.
14 Add to calendar Testing a Novel Method of Metric Cranial Sex Estimation. Tessa Somogyi, Elizabeth A. Evangelou, Kortney A. Williams, Danielle Julien, Angela Foligno, Elizabeth A. DiGangi.
15 Add to calendar Subadult sex estimation using multi-slice computed tomography scans of the ilium. Natalie L. Andras, Michala K. Stock.
16 Add to calendar Sex Estimation from Carpals in an American White Sample. Kathryn R. Taylor, Michelle D. Hamilton.
17 Add to calendar Stature estimation from fragments of the tibia in black South Africans. Amy J. Spies, Desire Brits, Mubarak A. Bidmos.
18 Add to calendar Stature estimation from post-mortem CT femoral measurements in contemporary Danish population. Qun Zhang, Marie Louise Jørkov, Chiara Villa, Niels Lynnerup.
19 Add to calendar Getting in the zone: A discussion on the significance of double-zonal osteons. Franziska D. Reichert, Dawn M. Mulhern.
20 Add to calendar Decapitation: A Case Study and Review of the Literature. Victoria M. Swenson, Rebecca L. George, Marin A. Pilloud, Laura D. Knight.
21 Add to calendar Craniotomy and thoracotomy in the individuals from the Coimbra Identified Skeletal Collection (early 20th century, Portugal). Ana Luisa Santos, Daniel Alves, Bruno M. Magalhães.
22 Add to calendar A Modified Human Cranium: “Cultural Heritage Object” or “Work of Art”?. Phoebe R. Stubblefield.
23 Add to calendar Pediatric fracture healing and fracture location; a radiographic approach. Diana L. Messer, Brent H. Adler, Farah W. Brink, Henry Xiang, Amanda M. Agnew.
24 Add to calendar Classification of fractures in human ribs subjected to dynamic bending. Angela L. Harden, Amanda M. Agnew.
25 Add to calendar Osteoarthritis of the cervical vertebrae, C3-C7, from an identified skeletal collection. breidy Ivan. quispe, Frank l’engle Williams.
26 Add to calendar The progression of vertebral osteoporosis: correlations between vertebral pathological conditions and sociodemographic risk factors. Jennifer A. Kroll, Sean D. Tallman.
27 Add to calendar The effects of cancer treatment-induced bone loss on morphological sex assessment. Kalan L. Jasny, Sean D. Tallman.
28 Add to calendar Sharp force trauma and ultraviolet radiation: The implications of environmental exposure on forensic cutmark analysis. Jessica F. Small, Carolyn Rando.
29 Add to calendar The effect of sub-zero environments on blunt-force trauma in bone. Marie Kvicalova, Carolyn Rando.
30 Add to calendar Refining Asian Ancestry Classifications via Cranial Macromorphoscopic Traits. Amber M. Plemons, Joesph T. Hefner, Kelly R. Kamnikar.
31 Add to calendar Results of the forensic analysis performed on the child martyr of Puente Genil, Córdoba, Spain. Ricardo Ortega Ruiz, Luis Ruiz Molina, Cristina Gómez Ríos, Fátima Ortigosa Martínez, Carmen Rodríguez García, Noelia Medina Sánchez.
32 Add to calendar Smartphone Photogrammetry:Creating a Quick and Easy Recording Method for Forensic Crime Scenes. William Bradley, Christine A. Jones.
33 Add to calendar Determining the non-human bone fragments most commonly confused with human remains: indications for forensic anthropological training. Sarah L. Croker, Denise Donlon.
34 Add to calendar The lost children of St Augustine, Bristol, UK: A Study of commingled remains. Shiylah K. Hussain.
35 Add to calendar Dental Variation in Migrant Samples. Rebecca L. George, Kyra E. Stull.
36 Add to calendar Isotopic georeferencing for Miami sector undocumented border crossers. Amanda N. Friend, George D. Kamenov, John Krigbaum.
37 Add to calendar Washington’s Non-Forensic Human Skeletal Remains Law and the State Physical Anthropologist: A Model for Other States?. Juliette Vogel, Guy L. Tasa.
38 Add to calendar The Analysis of Interred Pig Legs in Dartmoor Bog using Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Guinevere Granite, Robert Palfrey.