The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 25. Bioarchaeology and Paleopathology: Violence, Health, and Disease. Contributed Posters. Chair: Caroline L. Znachko

April 12, 2018 , Zilker 1/2/3 Add to calendar

Authors present 1:30-2:30 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm

1 Add to calendar Interpreting Prehistoric Spinal Health via Analysis of Schmorl’s Nodes at Turkey Creek Pueblo in Point of Pines Region, Arizona. Caroline L. Znachko.
2 Add to calendar Endemic warfare and scurvy in Historic period Croatia. Anita Adamic, Zeljka Bedic, Vlasta Vyroubal, Mario Slaus.
3 Add to calendar Possible scurvy at Himera: a differential diagnosis of extensive cranial porosity. Vinayak Eranezhath, Britney Kyle, Katherine L. Reinberger, Laurie J. Reitsema, Stefano Vassallo, Pier Francesco Fabbri.
4 Add to calendar Treponemal disease in pre-Columbian and Columbian Mexico. A Review. Feliana Muñoz Reyes, Lourdes Márquez Morfín, Patricia Olga. Hernández Espinoza.
5 Add to calendar Presence or absence of tuberculosis in ancient skeletal samples from Ukraine. Tre Blohm, Dr. Jordan Karsten, Dr. Ryan Schmidt.
6 Add to calendar Pinpointing Porosity: An Exploration of Normal Variation in Juvenile Vertebral Porosity as it Relates to the Differential Diagnosis of Tuberculosis. Sylvia Cheever, Jane Buikstra, Aliya Hoff, Sam Mijal, Mark Simon.
7 Add to calendar A child with probable skeletal tuberculosis from a cemetery in Turaida, Latvia (15th – 16th centuries AD). Elina Petersone-Gordina, Guntis Gerhards, Charlotte A. Roberts.
8 Add to calendar What lies beneath? Exploring the use of pre-antibiotic clinical radiographs in the study of tuberculosis. Rebecca Cessford.
9 Add to calendar A Malignant Monkey: Skeletal evidence of metastasis in a Tantalus monkey (Cercopithecus tantelus). Thomas Siek, Cara S. Hirst.
10 Add to calendar A skull with a benign tumor from Iron Age Nileke Site, Xinjiang with special references to skeletal deformation and adaptation. Qian Wang, Qun Zhang, Tao Han, Hong Zhu, Quanchao Zhang.
11 Add to calendar An ancient form of Paget's Disease at Norton Priory, UK. Carla L. Burrell, Silvia Gonzalez, Robert Layfield, Lynn Smith, Joel D. Irish.
12 Add to calendar Did Holocene Brazilian shellmound builders experience higher rates of trauma: a worldwide sample comparison. Janelle A. Tyler, Mark Hubbe.
13 Add to calendar A case of erosive arthropathy from the Late Archaic period of the Lower Pecos, Texas. Charles E. Hilton, Marsha D. Ogilvie.
14 Add to calendar Pathological conditions of craniosynostosis in aboriginal populations from the Gran Chaco plains of northwestern Argentina. A case report. Hilton Drube, Susana Martínez, Susana Salceda, Guillermo Lamenza.
15 Add to calendar Patterns of Osteoarthritis in an Early-Agricultural Society: Relationship with Growth and Stature. Darci J. Odom.
16 Add to calendar Cribra orbitalia in correlation with craniofacial asymmetry in the children from the DeLiefde cemetery in Amsterdam; an investigation of orbital variations in relation to malnutrition and disease. Krista A. Calvo, Dr. Christopher C. Gilbert, Dr. Liesbeth E. Smits.
17 Add to calendar Nutritional stress, paleopathology and geographic ancestry: an integrative study of enslaved Africans in early New York. Kara Peters, Joseph L. Jones, Michael L. Blakey, Alan H. Goodman.
18 Add to calendar Comparing Frequencies of Pathology and Trauma in Formative and Late Intermediate Period Populations from the Osmore River Valley, Southern Peru. Christopher K. Barrett.
19 Add to calendar First evidence of subadult periosteal lesions in Pre-Columbian Manabí, Ecuador. Nicole A. Jastremski, PhD, Valentina L. Martinez, MA.
20 Add to calendar Investigating the relationship between stable nitrogen and carbon isotope ratios and bacterial infections in a pre-Hispanic population from the Peruvian Andes. Tiffiny A. Tung, Natasha Vang, Maya B. Krause.
21 Add to calendar Bioarchaeology of Care: The extended care of a debilitated hunter-gatherer with a possible case of Chagas Disease. Kirsten A. Verostick, Karl Reinhard.
22 Add to calendar Violence and Conflicts in the Eurasian Steppes: A Study on Cranial Trauma Among Three Bronze-Iron Age Populations from Turpan Depression, China. Wenxin Zhang, Yezhou Xiong, Shiyu Yang, Anqi Wang, Xingyu Man, Xuezhu Liao, Xiaofang Gao.
23 Add to calendar Biological and Cultural Influences on Caries Prevalence between Sexes among worldwide Skeletal Series. Julianne R. Stamer, Kathryn Marklein, Mark Hubbe.
24 Add to calendar The mother/infant dyad: Investigating inherited health through incremental dentine analysis and bacterial bioerosion. Arianne Capirci, Rebecca Gowland, Claire Hodson, Tom Booth, Janet Montgomery.
25 Add to calendar The Potočani Massacre. Ivor Janković, Mario Novak, James C.M. Ahern, Jacqueline Balen, Hrvoje Potrebica.
26 Add to calendar Cranial trauma in an early 20th Century Asylum: Injury recidivism in the Mississippi State Asylum assemblage. Petra Banks, Anna Osterholtz.
27 Add to calendar Urban warfare in the Crusades: Weapon injuries in 13th century mass grave deposits at the fortified town of Sidon (Lebanon). Richard Mikulski, Holger Schutkowski, Martin J. Smith, Piers D. Mitchell.
28 Add to calendar Craniofacial asymmetry and the presence of a unilateral bifid mandibular condyle from an identified skeletal collection. Katherine M. Lane, Frank L. Williams.
29 Add to calendar Non-deadly violence at the Wari era site of La Real in Arequipa, Peru. Heriberto Marquez, Tiffiny A. Tung, Natasha Vang.
30 Add to calendar Dental caries and oral health in the initial contact period Guale, St. Catherines Island, Georgia. Kendra S. Weinrich, Clark S. Larsen, Barbara J. Betz, Leigh A. Oldershaw.
31 Add to calendar Shape variation in artificially modified human crania from Postclassic West-central Mesoamerica. Selim Natahi, Gregory Pereira, Priscilla Bayle.