The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 47. Human Adaptation. Contributed Posters. Chair: Taylor M. Spencer

April 13, 2018 , Zilker 1/2/3 Add to calendar

Authors present 1:30-2:30 pm and 5:30-6:30 pm

1 Add to calendar Spatial patterns in physical activity and mobility behaviour in the Neolithic and Copper Age central Mediterranean. Eóin W. Parkinson, Simon K.F. Stoddart, Jay T. Stock.
2 Add to calendar The use of resting breaks changes blood perfusion during paddling bouts. Hayley K. Cheyney Kane, Cara M. Wall-Scheffler.
3 Add to calendar Taking rests changes the heart rates and core temperature of women and men during canoeing. Azariea Bonner-Harris, Cara M. Wall-Scheffler.
4 Add to calendar Market integration, meaning and deviation in cultural life priorities among indigenous rural Bolivians. Alan F. Schultz, Tomás Huanca.
5 Add to calendar Inhibition of sympathetic tone prevents cold-induced bone loss in a mouse model of cold-dwelling humans. Maureen J. Devlin, Chris Tom, Amy E. Robbins, Miranda N. Cosman, Taylor Spencer, Cleo Moursi, Rachel Hurwitz.
6 Add to calendar High fat diet increases diet-induced thermogenesis in cold exposure and at thermoneutrality. Taylor M. Spencer, Amy Robbins, Chris Tom, Miranda Cosman, Cleo Moursi, Maureen J. Devlin.
7 Add to calendar The Effect of bi-iliac breadth on thermoregulation during running. Jennifer Eyre, Herman Pontzer.
8 Add to calendar Skeletal inflammatory index: Pursuing experimental evidence. Megan E. Duncanson, Fabian A. Crespo.
9 Add to calendar Multivariate selection on human size and shape in East Asia. Elizabeth O. Cho, Gregory E. Blomquist, Libby W. Cowgill.
10 Add to calendar Evaluation for the Use of Transverse Palatine, Zygomaticomaxillary, and Metopic Sutures in Ancestry Estimations. Mary C. Swearinger, Robyn T. Kramer.
11 Add to calendar Chimpanzees are fatter than you think: Differences in regional body fat deposition between hunter-gatherers and captive chimpanzees. Alan Achenbach, Yuzuru Hamada, Russell D. Greaves, Karen L. Kramer.
12 Add to calendar The Effect of Diet on Amylase Production. Mckenzie A. Schrank, Cassady Y. Urista, Jason E. Davis.
13 Add to calendar Human and Nonhuman Primate Lineage-Specific Footprints in the Salivary Proteome. Supaporn Thamadilok, Kyoung-Soo Choi, Lorenz Ruhl, Fabian Schulte, A. Latif Kazim, Markus Hardt, Omer Gokcumen, Stefan Ruhl.
14 Add to calendar “Culture flow”: The role of rivers in cross-community cultural transmission in the Upper Amazon. Stephen J. Lycett, Kerstin Schillinger.