The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 48. Primate Postcrania and Locomotor Biomechanics. Contributed Posters. Chair: Julia L. Arenson

April 13, 2018 , Zilker 1/2/3 Add to calendar

Authors present 1:30-2:30 pm and 5:30-6:30 pm

1 Add to calendar Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) manual trabecular architecture over ontogeny. Anna J. Ragni.
2 Add to calendar Regional variations in predominant collagen fiber orientation in the diaphysis and neck of sub-adult baboon femora resemble those in adult chimpanzee femora. Does this reflect similar load histories?. Chad S. Mears, Kendra E. Keenan, John G. Skedros.
3 Add to calendar A preliminary comparison of the variation in Symphalangus syndactylus iliac trabecular architecture between specimens of known and unknown origin. Darshana Shapiro.
4 Add to calendar Interface distances between osteon cement lines can reveal aspects of bone adaptation that might evade detection when using conventional microstructural characteristics: A study in the chimpanzee femur. Ethan D. Finlinson, Marshall K. Henrie, James S. Smith, Chad S. Mears, Kendra E. Keenan, John G. Skedros.
5 Add to calendar Long bone structural proportions and locomotion in cercopithecoids. Christine M. Harper, Deanna M. Goldstein, W. Scott McGraw, David J. Daegling, Christopher B. Ruff.
6 Add to calendar Trabecular bone structure of the distal femur in great apes. Leoni Georgiou, Tracy L. Kivell, Dieter H. Pahr, Matthew M. Skinner.
7 Add to calendar Behavior around the bend: Comparative analysis of the strength properties of long bones in Saimiri sciureus and Saguinus nigricollis from museum context using BoneJ. Sierra R. Sater, Scott S. Legge, Risa L. Luther.
8 Add to calendar Cranial shape change and developmental delays in plagiocephaly. Cortney M. Connor, Sierra M.H. Lee, Pina S. Simone, Cody Upton, Lilly W. Tang, Dakota A. Draper, Gary D. Richards, Rebecca S. Jabbour.
9 Add to calendar Trabecular architecture across the metacarpus reflects different locomotor strategies in hominoids. Christopher J. Dunmore, Tracy L. Kivell, Dieter H. Pahr, Matthew M. Skinner.
10 Add to calendar The absence of secondary osteons in aged rats. Susan E. Lad.
11 Add to calendar Head stability during bipedal walking in Hylobates lar and implications for foramen magnum position. Neysa Grider-Potter, Ryosuke Goto, Kenji Oka, Yoshihiko Nakano.
12 Add to calendar A muscle synergy-based analysis of the trunk and hindlimb muscle activation patterns during quadrupedal and bipedal walking in Japanese macaque, white-handed gibbon, and human. Ryosuke Goto, Yoshihiko Nakano.
13 Add to calendar Effect of enclosure type on locomotion and spatial use in captive sifakas (Propithecus coquereli). Danielle R. Orlandi, Roshna E. Wunderlich, Mark M. McGowan, Anthony Tongen.
14 Add to calendar New techniques for the quantitative analysis of locomotor kinematics in free-ranging primates. Allison McNamara, Noah T. Dunham, Liza Shapiro, Jesse W. Young.
15 Add to calendar Changes to limb yield and effective limb length in response to support orientation in primates. Bernadette A. Perchalski.
16 Add to calendar Arm-swinging in the red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) in the Son Tra Nature Reserve, Vietnam. Katie E. Bailey, David L. Carlson, Tran Van Bang, Ha Thang Long.
17 Add to calendar Skeletal morphology of the lesula (Cercopithecus lomamiensis) suggests multiple transitions to terrestriality in the guenon radiation. Julia L. Arenson, Christopher C. Gilbert, Eric J. Sargis, Kate M. Detwiler, Terese B. Hart, John A. Hart.
18 Add to calendar Limb skeletal diversity among arboreal quadrupeds and its correspondence to variation in overall locomotor repertoire. Thomas R. Rein.
19 Add to calendar Comparison of callitrichid limb bone properties to those of cheirogaleids and arboreal sciurids. Jacqueline Runestad Connour.