The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 51. Human Dental Anthropology: Dental Variation and Pathology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Samantha Field

April 13, 2018 , Zilker 1/2/3 Add to calendar

Authors present 1:30-2:30 pm and 5:30-6:30 pm

1 Add to calendar Barking up the wrong tree? Searching for sexual dimorphism in deciduous enamel thickness and density. Bjørn Peare Bartholdy, Menno LP. Hoogland, Andrea Waters-Rist.
2 Add to calendar A Preliminary Study of Mandibular M1 Through M3 Cusp Apex Placement: Implications for Dental Reduction. Brenda L. Detty, Christopher W. Schmidt.
3 Add to calendar Quantifying sexual dimorphism in the geometry of modern human canines. Grace V. Calhoun, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Mark Hubbe.
4 Add to calendar Mandibular morphology as a contributor to dental macrowear patterning. Christa D. Kelly, Christopher W. Schmidt.
5 Add to calendar Enamel thickness variation in human molars and its importance for the practice of interproximal reduction. Laura Buti, Kevin M. Reilly, Adam D. Sylvester, Stefano Benazzi, Robin N.M. Feeney.
6 Add to calendar Effect of asymmetry on data collection for dental non-metric traits. Amanda Wissler.
7 Add to calendar Evidence for microevolution in enamel growth rates: preliminary results. Christopher Aris, Chris Deter, Patrick Mahoney.
8 Add to calendar The physiological linkage between dental arch asymmetry, alveolar inclination and dental macrowear pattern. Gregorio Oxilia, Eugenio Bortolini, Sergio Martini, Andrea Papini, Marco Boggioni, Laura Buti, Grant Townsend, John Kaidonis, Luca Fiorenza, Emanuela Cristiani, Ottmar Kullmer, Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi, Stefano Benazzi.
9 Add to calendar Dental wear through the ages: A Reconsideration of Brothwell’s traditional method. Samantha Field, Simon Mays, Sonia Zakrzewski.
10 Add to calendar Mixed signals?: Assessing origins and resistance at the NewYork African Burial Ground. Kelly Hoag, Joseph L. Jones, Michael L. Blakey, Alan H. Goodman.
11 Add to calendar Exploring social inequality at petra through dental pathology. Alysha J. Lieurance, Megan Perry.
12 Add to calendar The various faces of Prehistoric “well-being": the relative effects of sex, age, and population density on dental pathological condition at Neolithic Çatalhöyük (Cental Anatolia, Turkey). Irene Dori, Marco Milella, Josh Sadvari, Clark S. Larsen, Christopher J. Knüsel.
13 Add to calendar Dental signs attributed to congenital syphilis and its treatments in the Hamann-Todd Skeletal Collection. Stella Ioannou, Maciej Henneberg.
14 Add to calendar Identity in colonial Himera: An assessment of nonmetric dental variation between grave styles. Alexander R. Poston, Britney Kyle, Laurie J. Reitsema, Stefano Vassallo, Pier Francesco Fabbri.
15 Add to calendar Examining the effects of early-life stress on mortality at Himera by analysis of enamel defects. Simon A. Bull, Britney Kyle, Laurie Reitsema, Daniel H. Temple, Pier Francesco Fabbri, Stefano Vassallo.
16 Add to calendar Lingual Tilting of the Molars among Early Hunter-Gatherers in South Central North America. Matthew S. Taylor.
17 Add to calendar Using dental metric analysis to understand prehistoric population variability on the north carolina coastal plain. Kara D. Weidner, Megan Perry.
18 Add to calendar A Re-Examination of Sundadonty Origin Models. Shannon A. Klainer, G. Richard Scott.
19 Add to calendar Quantitative genetic analyses of human tooth crown morphology: heritability and genetic integration in a longitudinal Australian twin sample. Kathleen S. Paul, Christopher M. Stojanowski, Toby Hughes, Alan Brook, Grant C. Townsend.
20 Add to calendar A dental assessment of biological affinity among Celts, Etruscans and Picenis. Mallory J. Anctil, Joel D. Irish, Isabelle De Groote.
21 Add to calendar Anomalous Molars in the Shiloh Cemetery Sample: A Differential Diagnosis. Krystle N. Lewis.
22 Add to calendar Abnormal Cusp Morphology and Root Number in a Third Molar from Rathfarnham, Dublin. Melissa A. Clark, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg.
23 Add to calendar What teeth can tell you: oral health in two Paleo-Indian populations. Bobbie M. Benavidez, David Hunt.
24 Add to calendar Nutrition and diet of a Late Medieval Prussian population: What the analysis of dental microwear can tell us. Jenna Horvat, Marissa Ramsier, Ariel Gruenthal-Rankin, Arkadiusz Koperkiewicz, Marek Polcyn.
25 Add to calendar Sex Differences in Oral Health at the Greek Colony of Himera. Erika B. Danella, Britney Kyle, Laurie J. Reitsema, Stefano Vassallo, Pier Francesco Fabbri, Chelsea Batchelder.
26 Add to calendar Making sense of medieval mouths: Patterns of oral pathologies in a Late Medieval Italian skeletal sample. Trent M. Trombley, Sabrina C. Agarwal, Patrick D. Beauchesne.