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Human Biology Association Information

The Human Biology Association (HBA) will be hosting their 38th annual meeting in Knoxville from 10-11 April 2013. All conference events and scientific sessions will be held at the Knoxville Convention Center. These meetings are hosted by the Department of Anthropology at The University of Tennessee.

Plenary Session and Pearl Memorial Speaker Information
The 2013 HBA Plenary Session is scheduled to take place during the afternoon of Wednesday, 10 April. Information about the session will be made available here when it is announced.

The 2013 Pearl Memorial Lecture is scheduled to take place in the late afternoon of Wednesday, 10 April. Information about the speaker will be made available here when it is announced.

Scientific Program
Abstract submission to the HBA meeting is closed. The meetings program may be downloaded at this link. All events for the HBA meeting will take place in the Knoxville Convention Center.

Any inquiries about the scientific program, submitted abstracts, or talk preparations should be directed to Dr. Christie Rockwell, who may be reached at lrockwel (at) temple (dot) edu.

If you did not register to attend the HBA annual meeting when you submitted an abstract, you may still register online via the HBA web site. CLICK HERE to register. If you are not a member of the HBA you must register at the non-member rate, though you may join the HBA now and pay the member rate. Rates for regsitration at the conference are listed below. The deadline for pre-registration for the conference is 5 April. You are strongly encouraged to pre-register in order to ensure that your conference materials are ready for pickup upon your arrival in Knoxville.

Pre-Registration Fees (until 5 April 2013)
Students: $30
HBA Fellow: $90
Non-Members: $120
HBA Emeritus Member: $30

The HBA requests that all meeting attendees stay at the primary AAPA conference hotels, the Hilton Knoxville and the Holiday Inn at World's Fair Park, as meeting our guest room obligations provides the PPA with conference space free of charge. This helps the association keep our registration fees reasonable.

AAPA has negotiated special room rates with the Hilton Knoxville and the Holiday Inn at World's Fair Park. HBA conference attendees should follow the AAPA instructions in order to make hotel reservations. Visit the lodging page for more information about hotel rates, availability, and reservations.

Presentation guidelines
Whether poster or podium, all presentations benefit from having a clear, focused message to communicate to the audience. Presenters should address the following:
  • 1) What is the question? Succinctly but adequately define the hypothesis or problem.
  • 2) Why does it matter? Explain the significance of answering the question.
  • 3) How was the work done? Briefly describe the methods and procedures.
  • 4) What did you learn? Clearly explain the results of your inquiry.
  • 5) Now what? Relate these findings to a larger context as well as to the original question.
Poster guidelines
The maximum allowable poster size is 3'10" x 4' (116 cm x 120 cm) since two posters will be sharing a 8' x 4' board. Please adhere to the size restriction and be mindful of your neighbor's space. The title should be legible from 8 feet (1.5 meters)--i.e., text font size at least 18 point and heading font size of at least 30 point. Use consistent fonts and letter sizes throughout. Use short, informative ("headline" style) captions to convey the key point of each figure. Avoid abbreviations, acronyms, or jargon. Figures and tables should occupy about half of the poster. As most people read technical text at a rate of less than 250 words per minute, limit the text to 1500-2000 words (<10 minutes reading time). Go green and skip lamination.

Award Information
Award nomiations and applications are closed. These prizes will be awarded at the HBA 2013 meeting:
CLICK HERE for information about the Edward E. Hunt, Jr. Student Prizes
CLICK HERE for information about Franz Boas Distinguished Achievement Award
CLICK HERE for information about Michael A. Little Early Career Award

If you have questions about the HBA meetings, please direct them to Dr. Andrew Kramer, who may be reached at akramer (at) utk (dot) edu. If you have questions about the meeting venue, please contact the AAPA Local Arrangements Committee.