The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 6. Human and nonhuman population and phylogenetic studies. Contributed Posters. Chair: John Dudgeon

Thursday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
4 Add to calendar Genetics and identity: ethnogenesis in a Jamaican Maroon community. Jada P. Benn Torres, Holden Lombard.
5 Add to calendar A combined molecular/morphological analysis of colobine interrelationships and the phylogenetic position of Paracolobus. Stevie L. Carnation.
6 Add to calendar Craniofacial differences between modern and archaeological Northeastern Thai skeletal populations. Wing Nam J. Chan.
7 Add to calendar Archaeogenetics and paleodemographic estimation of founding populations, and features of residential geography on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). John Dudgeon, Monica Tromp, Amy Commendador.
8 Add to calendar Ancient DNA reveals the population origin of the Eastern Xinjiang. Shizhu Gao, Hongjie Li, Chunxiang Li, Hui Zhou.
9 Add to calendar A genetic perspective on the evolution of longevity at the Middle Paleolithic to Upper Paleolithic transition. Amy Goldberg, Katya Mack, Abigail Bigham.
10 Add to calendar Analysis of Chuvash mtDNA points to Finno-Ugric origin. Orion M. Graf, Stephen M. Johnson, John Mitchell, Stephen Wilcox, Gregory Livshits, Michael H. Crawford.
11 Add to calendar Development and annotation of molecular markers from three neotropical primate (Platyrrhini) species. Natalie M. Jameson, Ke Xu, Soojin Yi, Derek E. Wildman.
12 Add to calendar Concurrent isolation and amplification of primate genomes, trancriptomes and microbiomes from small tissue (hair) samples. Jason M. Kamilar, Annick McIntosh, Brenda J. Bradley.
13 Add to calendar An ancient DNA perspective on the Iron Age “princely burials” from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Esther J. Lee, Christoph Steffen, Melanie Harder, Ben Krause-Kyora, Nicole von Wurmb-Schwark, Almut Nebel.
14 Add to calendar Maternal origins of Accompong Maroons . Holden M. Lombard, Jada Benn Torres.
15 Add to calendar Rates of Neandertal introgression in genic versus intergenic regions of the human genome. Katya Mack, Amy Goldberg, Abigail Bigham.
16 Add to calendar High mitochondrial mutation rates estimated from deep-rooting Costa Rican pedigrees. Lorena Madrigal, Juan P. Arroyo, David Godfrey, Carroll Flansburg, Reynaldo Pereira, Loredana Castri, Donata Luiselli, Davide Pettener, Mauricio Melendez-Obando, Ramon Villegas-Palma, Ramiro Barrantes, Raventos Henrieta, Guido Barbujani.
17 Add to calendar The seminal importance of the Ipiutak and Birnirk in ancestor-descendent relationships across the North American Arctic. Blaine Maley.
18 Add to calendar Almost Carioca: hybridization between introduced populations of Callithrix jacchus and C. penicillata in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Joanna Malukiewicz, Adriana D. Grativol, Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda, Anne C. Stone.
19 Add to calendar Vikings, merchants and pirates at the top of the world: Y-chromosomal signatures of recent and ancient migrations in the Faroe Islands. Allison E. Mann, Eydfinn Magnussen, Christopher R. Tillquist.
20 Add to calendar PRLR sequence diversity in owl monkeys (Aotus azarai) and other paternal care-giving primates suggests the maintenance of variation by balancing selection. Annick M. McIntosh, Paul L. Babb, Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, Theodore G. Schurr.
21 Add to calendar Genetic variation in Mi’kmaq populations from Nova Scotia and its implications for the history of Algonquian populations in northeastern North America. Amanda C. Owings, Matthew C. Dulik, Sergey I. Zhadanov, Jill B. Gaieski, Alex Cope, Darliea Dorey, Theodore G. Schurr, The Genographic consortium.
22 Add to calendar Date estimates for major mitochondrial haplogroups in Yemen. Deven N. Vyas, Viktor Černý, Ali Al-Meeri, Connie J. Mulligan.
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