The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 7. Human Osteology and Forensic Anthropology. Contributed Posters. Chair: M. Anne Katzenberg

Thursday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
120 Add to calendar Histomorphometric differences in tibial cortical bone based on sampling location. Stephanie Blatch, Margaret A. Streeter, Michelle S. M. Drapeau.
121 Add to calendar Preliminary analysis of human skeletal remains recovered from a mid-nineteenth century cemetery in downtown New Haven, CT . Sarah A. Brownlee, Gary P. Aronsen, Howard Eckels, Nicholas F. Bellantoni.
122 Add to calendar The intercondylar notch as a tool in identifying sex. Adele L. Caruth.
123 Add to calendar Human ribs six through nine: sexual dimorphism and seriation using geometric morphometrics. Sabrina C. Curran, James Griffith.
124 Add to calendar Mapping moose: moose as a proxy for humans in the mapping of stable isotopes for forensic purposes. Kathryn K. Dewey.
125 Add to calendar First time analysis of Tell Abraq proximal femora using micro 3-D scanning: analytic implications for age estimation and beyond . Animikha Dutt, Suresh I. Prajapati, Debra L. Martin, Charles Keller, Juri G. Gelovani, Gail Tomlinson.
126 Add to calendar Taking a second look: NamUs and unidentified skeletal remains cases in Utah. Jill A. Haslam, Derinna V. Kopp.
127 Add to calendar Sex estimation from the greater sciatic notch: a morphometric approach. Amelia L B. Hessey, Ashley McKeown.
128 Add to calendar Let's talk about sex: testing multiple methods for sex estimation on metacarpals and metatarsals from Um-El Jamal, Northern Jordan. Caitlin A. Hoop, Gwyn Madden.
129 Add to calendar Sex determination using 3D coordinate landmark data of the skull: a test using a CT sample. Robert D. Hoppa, Alexandra R. Klales, Laura J. Lidstone, Amy B. Scott, Niels Lynnerup.
130 Add to calendar Bilateral aging asymmetry of the auricular surface. Kevin B. Hufnagl, Donna M. McCarthy.
131 Add to calendar Executions at the Hamam? – Forensic investigations in a shaft well from Medieval Ayasuluk (Turkey). Fabian Kanz, Gerhard Forstenpointner, Alfred Galik, Karl Grossschmidt, Sule Pfeiffer-Tas, Daniele Risser.
132 Add to calendar Identification of historic individuals: the unknown sailor from the HMAS Sydney II. M. Anne. Katzenberg, Denise Donlon.
133 Add to calendar Sex estimation using pubic bone morphology in a modern South African sample: a test of the Klales et. al method. Michael W. Kenyhercz.
134 Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism in the 12th thoracic vertebra in human skeletal remains. Meghan D. Kiss, Peer H. Moore-Jansen.
135 Add to calendar Sex estimation using the mastoid process. Amanda G. Kittoe.
136 Add to calendar A comparison of hunting and butcher knife trauma on semifleshed and unfleshed pig bones. Sara B. Letsch, Kaila Folinsbee.
137 Add to calendar A comparison of gross morphology and histomorphometric age-at-death estimation techniques on a known forensic sample. Sophia R. Mavroudas, Christian M. Crowder.
138 Add to calendar The influence of height and weight on adult skeletal age estimation . Catherine E. Merritt.
139 Add to calendar Meta-analysis of forensic stature estimation. Megan K. Moore, Sarai Richter.
140 Add to calendar Ancestry and the osteometric assessment of the femur. Elizabeth C. Okrutny, John E. Byrd, Jennie Jin.
141 Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism in the lower vertebral column: a discriminant function analysis using contemporary skeletal series. Robert F. Pastor.
142 Add to calendar A diachronic comparison of the skeletal fusion rate of the knee joint. Samantha G. Rager, Teddi J. Setzer.
143 Add to calendar An independent validation using CT data of two methods to quantify uniqueness in the frontal sinuses for forensic anthropological applications. Sarah M. Richer, Niels Lynnerup, Robert D. Hoppa.
144 Add to calendar Osteological manifestation and diagnosis of Cocaine-Induced Midline Destructive Lesion: A new understanding of an overlooked condition and its relevance to forensic anthropology. Katie Rubin.
145 Add to calendar Recent trends in the use of human remains for anthropological research during international human rights investigations . M. Elle Saine.
146 Add to calendar The effect of microclimate characteristics on time to skeletonization in clothed and nude Sus scrofa domestica subjects in an arid SW US environment. Allison M. Sharplin.
147 Add to calendar An evaluation of medical imaging techniques for craniometric data collection. Aisling M. Smyth, Mark D. Viner, Gerald J. Conlogue, Sarah A. Brownlee, Gary P. Aronsen.
148 Add to calendar Back from the dead: an osteobiography of a depression era miner from central Nevada. Diana L. Spencer, Robert McQueen, Penny Siig, G. Richard Scott.
149 Add to calendar A comparative analysis of serrated and non-serrated knife trauma. Caryn E. Tegtmeyer, Michelle D. Hamilton.
150 Add to calendar Reliability of classic scoring methods for age estimation of pelvic bone applied to CT and laser scans . Chiara Villa, Charlotte Primeau, Jo Buckberry, Cristina Cattaneo, Niels Lynnerup.
151 Add to calendar The effect of climatic conditions on burnt bone fragmentation. Kathryn B. Waterhouse.
153 Add to calendar Sagittal suture complexity and its relationship to cranial shape and cranial vault thickness. Carlos J. Zambrano.
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