The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 8. Human Osteology/Bioarchaeology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Kristina Killgrove

Thursday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
27 Add to calendar An odontometric investigation of biological affinities of the Yashkuns of Northern Pakistan. Amber M. Barton, Brian E. Hemphill.
28 Add to calendar Preliminary osteological analysis of human skeletal remains from El Cerro del Teú Archaeological Project. Heidi J. Bauer-Clapp, Blanca Quintero, Ventura R. Pèrez.
30 Add to calendar Comparison of age and sex-related changes in trabecular and cortical histomorphometry in a Roman archaeological population. Patrick Beauchesne, Sabrina C. Agarwal.
31 Add to calendar The Great Irish Famine: producing “lifeways” for victims and survivors using isotope ratios and elemental concentrations. Julia Beaumont, Jonny Geber, Natasha Powers, Julia Lee-Thorp, Andrew Wilson, Andrew Gledhill, Janet Montgomery.
32 Add to calendar Dental ablation in ancient Nubia: evulsion at the Ginefab School site . Katelyn L. Bolhofner, Brenda J. Baker.
33 Add to calendar Skeletal trauma in a Black South African Apartheid-era sample from the Raymond Dart Collection. Barrett P. Brenton, Robert R. Paine, Amanda Tang.
34 Add to calendar A new method of dentine microsampling of deciduous teeth for stable isotope analysis. Nicole M. Burt, Sandra Garvie-Lok.
35 Add to calendar A potential Late Pleistocene human skeleton in Hoyo Negro, a submerged cave site in Quintana Roo, Mexico. James C. Chatters, Dominique Rissolo, Pilar Luna Erreguerena, Alberto Nava BlanK.
36 Add to calendar Osteoarthritis as a means to reassociate commingled skeletal remains. Colleen M. Cheverko, Dawnie Wolfe Steadman.
37 Add to calendar Diet reconstruction in prehistoric Rapa Nui and its implications for models of resource depletion. Amy Commendador, Whitnie Rauh, John Dudgeon, Kelley Esh, Bruce Finney.
38 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* Mitochondrial DNA analysis of human remains recovered from the Fontabelle section of Bridgetown, Barbados. Christopher R. Crain, Lidia Epp, Lizabeth Allison, Brian M. Kemp, Kevin Farmer.
39 Add to calendar A new method for the study of the biomechanical properties of human long bones and its application to ecogeographic and behavioral variation. Tom Davies, Jay T. Stock.
40 Add to calendar Let's get real about MSMs: reliability in scoring techniques. C. Brady. Davis, Kristrina Shuler, Marie E. Danforth, Kelsey Hendron.
41 Add to calendar Anatomical and biological reconstruction of mortuary rituals: case studies from colonial Eten, Lambayeque, Peru. Angelina L. DeMarco, Haagen D. Klaus, Scott J. Applegate.
42 Add to calendar Medieval famine and health: skeletal markers of childhood physiological stress in survivors of the Great Famine, 1315-1322. Sharon DeWitte, Jennifer Pollard.
43 Add to calendar Building an ecosystem of data: expanding the Open Research Scan Archive (ORSA) through institutional collaboration. Anna N. Dhody, Janet Monge, Lori M. Jahnke, Jacqui E. Bowman, Samantha Cox, P Tom. Schoenemmann.
44 Add to calendar Cultural modification of head shape among archaeological populations of the Western Chaco area, Argentina. Hilton D. Drube, Elina Silvera, Susana Martínez, Bárbara Desántolo, Guillermo Lamenza, Susana Salceda.
45 Add to calendar Going head to head: FORDISC vs CRANID in the determination of ancestry from craniometric data. Marina Elliott, Mark Collard.
46 Add to calendar Ancient mortuary rituals in a high altitude population in Nepal: cut marks among shaft tomb burials from Upper Mustang . Jacqueline T. Eng.
47 Add to calendar A three dimensional analysis of femoral cortical canal structure in Middle Holocene, Lake Baikal hunter-gatherer-fishers. Kathleen J. Faccia, Helen Buie, M. Anne. Katzenberg, Valdimir I. Bazaliiskii, Olga I. Goriunova.
48 Add to calendar The human skeletal remains from Herculaneum: new evidence from the excavation of the fornici 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Luciano Fattore, Luca Bondioli, Peter Garnsey, Paola F. Rossi, Alessandra Sperduti.
49 Add to calendar Dem dry bones: cyclododecane as a tool in osteological analysis. Alice E. Fazlollah, M. Jared. Wood.
50 Add to calendar An example of ischiopubic hypoplasia in medieval Nubia. Julie M. Fleischman, Emily R. Niespodziewanski, Ashley E. Kendell, Angela Soler.
51 Add to calendar A regression method for the timing of micro enamel defects. Raphael Franca, Alan Goodman.
52 Add to calendar Estimation of femoral second moments of area from shaft's external dimensions (AP and ML diameters). Lukas Friedl.
53 Add to calendar The Noua on horses? Rethinking the hypothesis of a horseback riding culture. Sabrina AF. Gloux.
54 Add to calendar Age-at-death estimation in an historic Italian sample: a test of the auricular surface and transition analysis methods. Kanya Godde, Samantha M. Hens.
55 Add to calendar You don’t have a leg to stand on: a case study of femo-tibial fusion from a cave in the Andahuaylas Province, Peru. Kirsten A. Green, Danielle S. Kurin.
56 Add to calendar Residential mobility and social identity in the periphery: strontium isotope analysis of archaeological tooth enamel from southeastern Arabia. Lesley A. Gregoricka.
57 Add to calendar Isotopic dietary analysis and molecular sex identification of adults and juveniles from medieval Great Moravia. Carrin M. Halffman, Kara C. Hoover, Petr Velemínský.
58 Add to calendar Age-at-death estimation in bioarchaeology: does a uniform prior perform better than an informative prior in transition analysis?. Samantha M. Hens, Kanya Godde.
59 Add to calendar French medieval funerary practices: quantitative and biological analysis of the skeletal remains buried in burial vaults. Patrick Hervieu, Michel Signoli, Estelle Herrscher.
60 Add to calendar Bilateral positioning of nutrient foramina in the human tibia, femur, and humerus. Zachariah R. Hubbell, James H. Gosman.
61 Add to calendar Stature and mortality in post-medieval London . Gail Hughes-Morey.
62 Add to calendar Changing gender roles in prehistoric America: physical activity with the transition to agriculture in the Midwest. Polly R. Husmann.
63 Add to calendar The spatial distribution of skeletal stress indicators in a 4th century Romano-British sample: a study using ArcGIS. Lindsey L. Jenny.
64 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* Unlocking the past: bioarchaeology and the history of Denver's Cheesman Park. Anjanette M. Kalb, Catherine M. Gaither.
65 Add to calendar Palaeopathology and urban decline at Imperial Gabii (Italy). Kristina Killgrove.
66 Add to calendar The efficacy of traditional dental lifestyle markers in describing actual lifestyle. Laura M. King, Mark Hubbe, Christina Torres-Rouff.
67 Add to calendar Human remains processing for skeletal collections using laboratory “burials” . Anthony J. Koehl, Heather J.H. Edgar.
68 Add to calendar Temporal trends in dental health and diet in the archaeological populations of Utah . Derinna V. Kopp, Deborah D. Graham.
69 Add to calendar Development of bone strength and rigidity at Neolithic Catalhoyuk: adaptation and lifestyle in early Holocene farmers from south-central Anatolia. Clark Larsen, Evan M. Garofalo, Christopher B. Ruff.
70 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* GPA, TW2RUS, TW3RUS and FELS – a comparative study on bone-age of the left hand and wrist . Sara Tangmose Larsen, Sune Demant, Niels Lynnerup.
71 Add to calendar An oral health assessment of coastal and inland early and middle Neolithic south China and Taiwan. Adam J. Lauer, Minghui Wang, Tianlong Jiao, Guoping Sun.
72 Add to calendar Lower limb activity in the Cis-Baikal: musculoskeletal stress markers among middle Holocene Siberian foragers . Angela R. Lieverse, Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii, Olga I. Goriunova, Andrzej W. Weber.
73 Add to calendar Refining dietary estimates at Machu Picchu using combined dental macro/microwear and isotopic analyses. Sarah V. Livengood, Bethany L. Turner, Frank L. Williams.
74 Add to calendar Ancient Arkansas: skeletal remains from the Isgrig South site. Andrew M. LoPinto.
75 Add to calendar Dental nonmetric analysis of Tecolote Pueblo: a study of biological distance. Angela M. Mallard.
77 Add to calendar Bone microstructure and behaviour in “gracile” and “robust” adult males from the Medieval Period, Canterbury, UK. Justyna J. Miszkiewicz, Patrick Mahoney.
78 Add to calendar Timelines in teeth: using micro-CT scans of partially mineralized human teeth to develop a new isotope sampling strategy. Janet Montgomery, Julia Beaumont, Kevin Mackenzie, Andrew Gledhill, Roger Shore, Steven Brookes, Phil Salmon, Niels Lynnerup.
79 Add to calendar Understanding how sex and pathology affected frailty during the Amarna Period (BC 1351-1334). Taylor Montgomery.
80 Add to calendar Methodological advances in TCA age-estimation technique . Stephan Naji, Joël Blondiaux, Thomas Colard, Mirjana Roksandic, Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel.
81 Add to calendar Long in the tooth: tracing migration using stable isotopes in dental enamel from Byzantine St. Stephen’s. MacKenzie A. Nunez, Lesley A. Gregoricka, Jaime M. Ullinger, Alicia Cooper, Susan G. Sheridan.
82 Add to calendar Dental Modification in a Prehistoric Chamorro Population from Tumon Bay, Guam. Nicolette M. Parr.
83 Add to calendar Biological and spatial structure of an Early Classic Period cemetery at Charco Redondo, Oaxaca. Kathleen S. Paul, Christopher M. Stojanowski.
84 Add to calendar Status, health, and lifestyle in Iron Age Britain: a bioarchaeological study of elites and non-elites from East Yorkshire. Joshua J. Peck.
85 Add to calendar Differential diagnosis of severe dental hypoplastic defects in two juveniles from the Pre-Classic site of El Carrizal, Oaxaca, Mexico. Sara S. Phillips.
86 Add to calendar A comparative study of treponemal disease in the tibiae of two south Florida archaeological populations: Fort Center (8GL12) and Highland Beach (8PB11). Kendra L. Philmon, Douglas Broadfield, Michael Harris, Peter Ferdinando.
87 Add to calendar Neolithic population movement in Central Anatolia. Marin A. Pilloud, Clark S. Larsen.
88 Add to calendar Relative long bone proportions and developmental stress in a modern Thai population. Kristen R. Rectenwald.
89 Add to calendar Virtual anthropology. Matthew C.S. Reid.
90 Add to calendar Medieval Polish diet in a world of flux. Laurie J. Reitsema, Tomasz Kozłowski, Daniel Makowiecki.
91 Add to calendar Bioarchaeological analysis of the Miami One 8DA11 skeletal remains: a glimpse into the population’s past health and population structure. Anna Rivara, Liotta Noche-Dowdy, Ashley Humphries, John Powell, Cristina Echazabal, Erin H. Kimmerle.
92 Add to calendar Strontium tells all at Tell Dothan: exploring migration with strontium isotope analysis. Sana T. Saiyed, Jessica R. Hoffmann, James P.W. Cartwright, Lesley A. Gregoricka, Jaime M. Ullinger, Susan G. Sheridan.
93 Add to calendar Radiogenic strontium isotope analysis from the Hopewell affiliated Brown’s Bottom site and baseline data for the central Scioto River Valley, OH . Emily A. Schach, Kelly J. Knudson, Christopher Carr.
94 Add to calendar Comparison of the humeral cancellous bone in Neolithic human populations and present day people . Heike Scherf, Joachim Wahl, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Katerina Harvati.
96 Add to calendar Coins, kids, and culture: an examination of grave goods and health at the Drawsko 1 cemetery site (17th – 18th centuries). Amy B. Scott, Tracy K. Betsinger.
97 Add to calendar Dental calculus: a new proxy for estimating stable carbon and nitrogen isotope compositions. G. Richard Scott, Simon R. Poulson, Lindsay Dorio.
98 Add to calendar The relationship between Body Mass Index and tuberculosis: evidence from the English archaeological record. Anne Marie E. Sohler.
99 Add to calendar The Mis Island Medieval Nubian Skeletal Collection at Michigan State University. Angela Soler, Carolyn V. Hurst, Todd W. Fenton.
100 Add to calendar “Leading” bones in the degenerative joint disease scoring: evaluation of the consistency of using incomplete joints in an archaeological sample. Alessandra Sperduti, Luca Bondioli.
101 Add to calendar Excavations of St. George’s Caye Cemetery, Belize. Lauren C. Springs, Elizabeth Erhart, James Garber.
102 Add to calendar Dental flurosis in ancient Cuma, Italy. Marielva Torino, Stephan Naji, Priscilla Munzi, Jean-Pierre Brun.
103 Add to calendar Defining local and regional strontium isotopic variability in the southeastern Maya periphery. Willa R. Trask.
104 Add to calendar Compensatory mechanisms of multiple debilitating traumas: a case study from the Oneida State Custodial Asylum in Rome, New York . Lori A. Tremblay Critcher.
105 Add to calendar Dietary microfossils from Rapa Nui dental calculus: does regional variability provide evidence for subsistence practices?. Monica Tromp, John Dudgeon.
106 Add to calendar The Ford Cranial Collection: new online resources for research and education. Caroline VanSickle, Zachary D. Cofran, Kristen Munnelly, Crystal R.F. Meyer.
107 Add to calendar Mortuary practices of a medieval cemetery in southern Italy. Jennifer M. Vollner, Carolyn V. Hurst, Todd W. Fenton.
108 Add to calendar Morphological correlates of human hip osteoarthritis . Christopher S. Walker, Emily Mayer, Steven E. Churchill.
109 Add to calendar Naton Beach site: an examination of the skeletal remains of prehistoric Pre-Latte and Latte burials . Cherie K. Walth.
110 Add to calendar An analysis of limb element asymmetry in an ancestral Puebloan population. Erin B. Waxenbaum, Kendra A. Sirak.
111 Add to calendar Integrating 87Sr/ 86Sr and δ18O values of archaeological enamel with geological and environmental water baseline isotopic data: A case study in geographic origins from Nasca, Peru. Emily Webb, Christine White, Kelly Knudson, Fred Longstaffe.
112 Add to calendar How old was ‘Geriatrix’? Estimating the age of old individuals with Calibrated Expert Inference. Svenja Weise, Jesper L. Boldsen, Jutta Gampe, George R. Milner.
113 Add to calendar Calcaneal enthesophytes: etiology beyond activity. Elizabeth Weiss.
114 Add to calendar The influence of European contact on health and demography in the Caribbean: the case of El Chorro de Maità, Cuba. Darlene A. Weston.
115 Add to calendar Osteoperiostitis sex differences in southern German medieval and postmedieval populations. Leslie L. Williams, Clark S. Larsen.
116 Add to calendar The Neolithic demographic transition (NDT) and patterns in oral health: the Southeast Asian experience. Anna Willis, Marc F. Oxenham.
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