The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 10. Bioarchaeology. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Corina M. Kellner

Thursday Afternoon, Galleria North Add to calendar
1:00-1:15 Add to calendar Investigating cranial morphology of early, archaic and recent Native American samples: a preliminary alternative interpretation to the peopling of the Americas debate. Beatrix Dudzik, David Echeverry.
1:15-1:30 Add to calendar Evidence for long-term gene flow on the Balkan Peninsula using dental nonmetric data: Identity at the Greek colony of Apollonia, Albania. Britney Kyle. McIlvaine, Lynne A. Schepartz, Clark S. Larsen.
1:30-1:45 Add to calendar Paleoclimatological reconstruction using δ18O analysis in incremental sections of human dentine: a preliminary study using a catastrophic cemetery sample. Christina Stantis, Ellen Kendall, Angela Lamb, Victoria Mueller, Jane Evans, Janet Montgomery.
2:15-2:30 Add to calendar Bioarchaeological analysis of unlooted tombs from Cocahuischo in Nasca, Peru (AD 650-750) reveals disease and trauma patterns during the period leading up to Wari Imperial incursion. Corina M. Kellner, Kevin Vaughn, Hendrik Van Gijseghem, Verity Whalen.
2:30-2:45 Add to calendar TMJ osteoarthritis and modernisation: Influence of the industrial revolution on disease prevalence. Carolyn J. Rando, Simon Hillson, Daniel Antoine.
2:45-3:00 Add to calendar Examining the evolution of Egyptian excerebration and evisceration through the IMPACT mummy database. Andrew D. Wade, Andrew J. Nelson.
3:00-3:15 Add to calendar Contributions of phenetic relationship and stable isotope analysis (δ13C, δ15N, δ18O) to the study of a mortality crisis in the catacomb of Saints Peter and Marcellinus in Rome (1st-3rd century AD). Kevin Salesse, Élise Dufour, Chris Wurster, Jaroslav Bruzek, Raffaella Giuliani, Dominique Castex.
3:30-3:45 Add to calendar The interrelationship of diet and status in early medieval Alamannic societies. Holger Schutkowski, Nivien Speith.
3:45-4:00 Add to calendar Mobility and dietary composition in Quillagua (northern Chile) during the Late Intermediate Period (AD 1000-1400). Francisca Santana, Mark Hubbe, Mauricio Uribe.
4:00-4:15 Add to calendar Mobility and subsistence in the Early Intermediate Period cemetery of Villa El Salvador XII. Matthew P. Rhode, Joshua J. Peck.
4:15-4:30 Add to calendar Human dietary and mobility patterns of a prehistoric population from Sigatoka, Fiji: a reconstruction using stable isotope analysis. Brianne Phaff, David Burley, Mike Richards.
4:30-4:45 Add to calendar Basketmaker mortuary patterns at Falls Creek. Dawn M. Mulhern, Mona C. Charles.
4:45-5:00 Add to calendar From popular culture to scientific inquiry: A bioarchaeological analysis of vampires in post-medieval Poland. Tracy K. Betsinger, Amy B. Scott.
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