The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 19. From the Collagen Up: A Look at Scurvy Past and Present. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Robert Stark and John Crandall

Friday Morning, Forum Suite Add to calendar

The paleopathological study of scurvy has seen increasing attention in recent days. The developing trend of assessing for scurvy when examining skeletal samples has allowed for insights to the lives and dietary difficulties of past populations in a unique and previously underrepresented manner. The novel examination of scurvy has allowed for the development of a plethora of new and innovative methods and techniques for assessing the impact of this metabolic disorder in past populations. This symposium will seek to provide a holistic synthesis of the various current approaches to investigating this disorder in the past through the examination of macroscopic, radiographic, molecular, nutritional, clinical and historic perspectives on scurvy in the hope that a greater consensus and directions for future research can be put forth for looking at scurvy among past populations.

3 Add to calendar Was juvenile scurvy endemic to Butrint, Albania during the Middle Ages?. Jared S. Beatrice, Carolyn V. Hurst, Todd W. Fenton.
4 Add to calendar Complications of co-morbidities: picking out skeletal indicators of scurvy. Megan B. Brickley.
5 Add to calendar Pretos Novos: in search for signs of adult scurvy in the slave trade to Brazil, 1769-1830. D.C. Cook, Indiana University’. Della C. Cook.
6 Add to calendar A macroscopic analysis of infantile scurvy from Zape, Mexico (AD 600-1430) . John J. Crandall, Debra L. Martin, Jennifer L. Thompson.
7 Add to calendar A Biochemical marker for scurvy in archaeological bones . Hannah E C. Koon.
8 Add to calendar What can radiology contribute to paleopathological examinations of juvenile scurvy?. Robert J. Stark, Sandra Garvie-Lok.
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