The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 21. Human and Non-Human Primate Teeth. Contributed Posters. Chair: Brian Hemphill

Friday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
103 Add to calendar Dental trait comparisons between Holocene Khoesan and Middle Stone Age populations in southern Africa. Wendy Black, Rebecca R. Ackermann, Judith Sealy.
104 Add to calendar ­The development of the maxillary dentition in newborn strepsirrhine primates. Wade R. Bucher, Valerie B. DeLeon, Jesse W. Young, Christopher J. Vinyard, Timothy D. Smith.
105 Add to calendar Postcanine tooth size in anthropoid primates in relation to dietary behavior. M. Loring Burgess.
106 Add to calendar Are root dimensions linked to mandibular robusticity in the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus)?. Melanie Bäuchle, Kornelius Kupczik, Philipp Gunz, Ottmar Kullmer, Jean-Jacques Hublin.
107 Add to calendar Dental microwear texture analysis of Bronze and Iron Age Agriculturalists from England. Laura W. Chiu, Christopher W. Schmidt, Patrick Mahoney, Jacqueline I. McKinley.
108 Add to calendar Population continuity or replacement at ancient Lachish? A dental affinity analysis in the Levant. Clarissa R. Dicke-Toupin, Joel D. Irish.
109 Add to calendar Within population variation: postnatal dental development in the Southeastern US. Meryle A. Dotson, Erin H. Kimmerle, Lyle W. Konigsberg.
110 Add to calendar Trigonid talonid height and dental shearing in a sample of euprimates . Lauren A. Gonzales, Siobhan B. Cooke.
111 Add to calendar An odontometric investigation of the biological origins of the Baltis: a Tibeto-Burman speaking population of Northern Pakistan . Maria del Carmen Guzman, Brian E. Hemphill.
112 Add to calendar Linear enamel hypoplasias as stress indicators to interpret the effects of urbanization in the Iberian Peninsula. Amanda R. Hale, Ann H. Ross.
113 Add to calendar The dog days of stress: a comparison of methods for determining age at occurrence of enamel hypoplasias . Amanda R. Harvey.
114 Add to calendar Dental eruption sequences in strepsirrhines. Lauren M. Hawkins, Emily H. Guthrie, Stephen Frost.
115 Add to calendar The Awans of northern Pakistan—emigrants from Central Asia, Arabs from western Afghanistan, or colonists from peninsular India?: a dental morphometric investigation. Brian Hemphill.
116 Add to calendar Dental morphological analysis of two Portuguese Neolithic samples. Briana C. Horwath, Joel D. Irish.
117 Add to calendar Population continuity after all? potential late Pleistocene dental ancestors of Holocene Nubians have been found!. Joel D. Irish.
118 Add to calendar Postcanine tooth size and metabolic requirements in primates. Paul Palmqvist, Juan Manuel Jiménez Arenas, Juan Antonio Pérez-Claros.
119 Add to calendar A case of nasal teeth from the Middle Horizon Tiwanaku site of Chen Chen M1 in the Moquegua Valley, Peru. Kent M. Johnson.
120 Add to calendar Revisiting dental age assessments in wild and captive Pan: new analyses of classic data. Kevin L. Kuykendall, Julia Boughner, Christopher Dean.
121 Add to calendar Odontological characteristics of the craniological series from the Bol`shoi Olen`ii island in Barents Sea: new data on Eastern impulse in Saami ethnogenesis. Natalya A. Leybova.
122 Add to calendar Incremental enamel development in modern human deciduous teeth. Patrick Mahoney.
123 Add to calendar Enamel thickness and hard-object feeding in mangabeys. W. Scott. McGraw, James Pampush, David Daegling.
124 Add to calendar Microstructural analysis of linear enamel hypoplasia and estimation of stress episode duration in Jomon period dental remains from Hokkaido with comparisons to other cold-adapted foragers. Jennifer McGroarty, Daniel H. Temple, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Masato Nakatsukasa, Hirofumi Matsumura.
125 Add to calendar Metameric variation in the expression of the interconulus in Papio and Macaca. Tesla Monson, Leslea Hlusko.
127 Add to calendar Influential variables on osseous tooth socket healing time. Johanna Morgan.
128 Add to calendar Odontometric variation among three ethno-linguistic groups from the rugged mountain highlands of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan: testing historical hypotheses with tooth size allocation analysis. Patrick W. O'Neill, Brian E. Hemphill.
129 Add to calendar Secondary ritual or peri-mortem body manipulation during early Holocene in South America: the case of Burial 21 from the site of Lapa do Santo, Lagoa Santa region, Brazil. Rodrigo Elias. Oliveira, Andre M. Strauss, Pedro T. Da Gloria, Danilo V. Bernardo, Renato Kipnis, Walter A. Neves.
131 Add to calendar Geometric morphometric analysis of the upper first molar in modern hunter-gatherer populations. Alejandro Romero, Fernando V. Ramirez Rozzi, Maite Artero, Stéphanie Torrijo, Nuria López, Joaquín De Juan, Alejandro Pérez-Pérez.
132 Add to calendar An analysis of methods and importance of interobserver error in odontometric studies. Katie Zejdlik, Andrew R. Thompson.
133 Add to calendar Mandibular premolar morphology is correlated with dietary toughness in sympatric callitrichids. Kes Schroer, Leila Porter, Paul Garber, Bernard Wood.
134 Add to calendar Determining sources of dental microwear texture variation in anthropoids. Amy E. Shapiro.
135 Add to calendar Investigation of dental metric and morphological patterns associated with expression of the Uto-Aztecan premolar. Andrew R. Thompson.
136 Add to calendar Enamel thickness in Microcebus murinus and Macaca mulatta and the evolutionary genetics of enamel matrix proteins in hominoids. Julie E. Horvath, Christine Wu, Maxx Toler, Olivier Fedrigo, Lisa W. Pfefferle, Anthony Moore, Gowri L. Ramachandran, Courtney C. Babbitt, Jukka Jernvall, Gregory A. Wray, Christine E. Wall.
137 Add to calendar Dental evidence on the origins of the Irish. Jaimin D. Weets, Bethany M. Usher.
138 Add to calendar Does the delivery mode influence enamel neonatal line thickness variation?. Clement Zanolli, Luca Bondioli, Franz Manni, Paola Rossi, Roberto Macchiarelli.
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