The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 22. Human and Nonhuman Primate Genetics. Contributed Posters. Chair: Christopher R. Tillquist

Friday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
2 Add to calendar Maternal marks of admixture in Cape Coloreds of South Africa. Kristine G. Beaty, Delisa L. Phillips, Maciej Henneberg, Michael H. Crawford.
3 Add to calendar Beyond natural selection: Exploring the role of non-adaptive reasoning in undergraduate students' evolutionary explanations. Elizabeth P. Beggrow, Ross H. Nehm.
4 Add to calendar A test of cross-species exome sequencing in the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta). Christina M. Bergey, Ryan L. Raaum.
5 Add to calendar The APOE gene appears functionally monomorphic in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) . Brenda J. Bradley, Annick McIntosh, Calvin Bennett, Stephanie F. Anestis, David P. Watts, Timothy H. Webster, Babette Fontenot.
6 Add to calendar Divergence of catarrhine toll–like receptor 4 predicted shape and electrostatics and the evolution of LPS–mediated sepsis resistance in old world monkeys. Jessica F. Brinkworth.
7 Add to calendar Ancient DNA analysis suggests temporal stability in mitochondrial genomes of the Northwest Coast. Yinqiu Cui, John Lindo, Jesse W. Johnson, Jerome Cybulski, Roy Carlson, David Archer, Ripan S. Malhi.
8 Add to calendar Quantitative measures of iris color using high resolution photographs. Melissa Edwards, Agnes Gozdzik, Kendra Ross, Jon Miles, Esteban J. Parra.
9 Add to calendar Optimizing enrichment strategies for next-generation sequencing using ancient TB . Kelly M. Harkins, Meagan A. Rubel, Luz-Andrea Pfister, Anne C. Stone.
10 Add to calendar The human dental arch - fluctuating genetic influences throughout development. Toby E. Hughes, Grant C. Townsend.
12 Add to calendar Maternal genetic structure of the Poqomchi’ Maya of eastern Guatemala. Anne E. Justice, Michael H. Crawford.
13 Add to calendar Genetic snapshot from ancient nomads of Xinjiang. Hongjie Li, Shizhu Gao, Chunxiang Li, Ye Zhang, Wen Zeng, Dong Wei, Hui Zhou.
14 Add to calendar Evolution of a HoxD11 enhancer in primates. Allison L. Machnicki, C Owen Lovejoy, Chi-hua Chiu.
15 Add to calendar The highly polymorphic human cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2A6 gene: examining diversity and nicotine metabolism in a central African foraging population. Hayley A. Mann, Brian M. Kemp, Roger J. Sullivan, Edward H. Hagen.
16 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* Ancient DNA from the Angel Mounds Archaeological Site. Charla K. Marshall, Frederika A. Kaestle.
17 Add to calendar Disentangling human demographic processes? …What mtDNA simulations teach us. Aida T. Miró-Herrans, Connie Mulligan.
18 Add to calendar Population genetics, dispersal and kinship among two social groups of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus). Michael J. Montague, Anthony Di Fiore.
19 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* Designing a hierarchical probe assay to identify native specific Y haplogroups in admixed populations. Torrey D. Parrish, Anne E. Justice, Stephen M. Johnson, Kristie G. Beaty, Christine Phillips-Krawczak, Patrick Williams, Michael H. Crawford.
20 Add to calendar Understanding the transcriptome of craniosynostosis: a step forward. Amiee B. Potter, Jennifer L. Rhodes.
22 Add to calendar Post-European contact Native American female and male population histories inferred from the analysis of mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosomes. Mary P. Rogers, Dena Goldberg, Cris Hughes, Alyson Rode, Jesse W. Johnson, Ripan S. Malhi.
23 Add to calendar Natural selection and celiac disease. Aaron J. Sams.
24 Add to calendar Anthropological usefulness of forensically useful ancestry (AIM) and phenotype informative markers (PIM). Moses S. Schanfield, Katherine Butler, Michelle Peck, Jessica Hart, Daniele Podini.
25 Add to calendar Y-Genotyping of the J haplogroup in Yemeni samples. Timothy J. Scott, Aida T. Miró-Herrans, Shannon McNulty, Vassiliki Papastavros, Connie Mulligan.
26 Add to calendar Assessing relatedness within and among groups of Bolivian tamarins using several microsatellite loci . Jennifer A. Spross, Anthony Di Fiore, Todd R. Disotell.
27 Add to calendar Tabula incondita: Mixed phylogeographic signals found within a megabase of chromosome 9. Christopher R. Tillquist.
28 Add to calendar Adaptive evolution and ancestral resurrection of anthropoid estrogen receptor β . Amy Weckle, Zhou-Cheng Hou, Caoyi Chen, Jun Xing, Kirstin N. Sterner, Jennifer L. Baker, Roberto Romero, Derek E. Wildman.
29 Add to calendar Developing STR loci for snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana) using next-generation sequencing technology. Caie Yan, Milena R. Shattuck, Jyothi Thimmapuram, Deepika Vullaganti, Ripan Malhi.
30 Add to calendar Human bacterial DNA from dental calculus: a new source of genetic material. Constanza P. de la Fuente, Sergio V. Flores, Mauricio L. Moraga.
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