The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 28. Working nine to five: the future of activity-related stress. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Charlotte Y. Henderson and Francisca Alves Cardoso

Friday Afternoon, Forum Suite Add to calendar

Entheseal changes (formerly called musculoskeletal stress markers or MSM) have been widely used to record activity-related stress. However, recent research is shedding new light on the subject: the simplistic one-dimensional link between activity and entheseal changes is being questioned. New methods are being applied to examine the relationship, including using identified skeletal remains with known occupations, 3-dimensional analysis of the entheses, as well as new visual recording methods. The aim of this symposium is to focus on re-evaluating entheseal changes; to reconsider their potential; to highlight limitations as well as future research directions and to promote discussion.

2 Add to calendar Occupational mobility in nineteenth century rural England: the interpretation of entheseal changes. Anwen C. Caffell, Charlotte Y. Henderson, Andrew R. Millard, Rebecca Gowland.
3 Add to calendar Entheseal changes: do they reflect socioeconomic status in the Early Medieval Great Moravian population? (Mikulčice, Czech Republic, 9th – 10th century) . Petra Havelková, Marek Hladík, Petr Velemínský.
4 Add to calendar The effect of age on entheseal changes at some fibrocartilaginous entheses. Charlotte Y. Henderson, Valentina Mariotti, Doris Pany-Kucera, Geneviève Perréard-Lopreno, Sebastien Villotte, Cynthia Wilczak.
5 Add to calendar First insight into the relationship between upper-limb musculoskeletal markers, cross-sectional properties and diaphyseal contour shape. Pere Ibáñez-Gimeno, Xavier Jordana, Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno, Joan Manyosa, Assumpció Malgosa, Ignasi Galtés.
6 Add to calendar The relationship between intensity of physical activity and musculoskeletal stress markers on the lower limb. Laura Baiges Sotos, Sirpa T. Niinimäki.
7 Add to calendar Effects of age-at-death, sex, body size and secular change on the biceps enthesis; a study of 3D surface areas . Monica L. Nolte, Cynthia Wilczak.
8 Add to calendar Working activities or workload? categorization of occupation in identified skeletal series for the analysis of activity-related osseous changes. Geneviève Perréard Lopreno, Francisca Alves cardoso, Sandra Assis, Marco Milella, Nivien Speith.
9 Add to calendar Comparison of the entheseal changes in the hip bone of Portuguese males (19th-20th centuries) with known occupational. Ana Luisa. Santos, Vanessa Campanacho.
10 Add to calendar Medial versus lateral epicondyle enthesopathies through time: Implications for behavioural reconstruction . Sébastien Villotte, Christopher J. Knüsel.
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