The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 31. Paleoanthropology: Late Pleistocene. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Sang-Hee Lee

Saturday Morning, Grand Ballroom II Add to calendar
8:00-8:15 Add to calendar Middle Pleistocene human facial morphology. Sarah E. Freidline, Philipp Gunz, Katerina Harvati, Jean-Jacques Hublin.
8:15-8:30 Add to calendar Anterior tooth root morphology in Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans: quantification and functional implications. Adeline Le Cabec, Kornelius Kupczik, José Braga, Jean-Jacques Hublin.
8:30-8:45 Add to calendar 3D reconstruction of Regourdou 1 pelvis: estimation of missing parts and first morphometric analysis. Valentine Meyer, Frédéric Santos, Bruno Dutailly, Christine Couture, Jaroslav Bruzek, Bruno Maureille.
8:45-9:00 Add to calendar New data from an old site: Neandertals at Goyet (Belgium) and their mortuary behavior. Hélène Rougier, Isabelle Crevecoeur, Cédric Beauval, Hervé Bocherens, Damien Flas, Mietje Germonpré, Patrick Semal, Johannes van der Plicht.
9:00-9:15 Add to calendar The unique bilateral strength asymmetry and cross-sectional shape of Neandertal humeri may reflect adaptation to scraping tasks, but not spear thrusting. Colin N. Shaw, Cory L. Hofmann, Jay T. Stock, Jinger S. Gottschall.
9:15-9:30 Add to calendar Vindija Neandertals as evidence for gene flow from early modern humans. Fred H. Smith, Arika M. Ward.
9:30-9:45 Add to calendar Antemortem tooth loss and longevity in human evolution. Cassandra C. Gilmore, Mark N. Grote.
9:45-10:00 Add to calendar Skull reconstruction of Barma del Caviglione 1, Grimaldi Caves, an Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens. Gaspard Guipert, Amélie Vialet, Marie-Antoinette de Lumley, Henry de Lumley.
10:00-10:15 Add to calendar Endocranial shape in early modern humans . Simon Neubauer, Philipp Gunz, Jean-Jacques Hublin.
10:30-10:45 Add to calendar Salkhit and modern human origins in northeast Asia. Sang-Hee Lee, Seonbok Yi.
10:45-11:00 Add to calendar Virtual reconstruction of the Lake Mungo 3 skull. Marcia S. Ponce de León, Arthur C. Durband, Michael C. Westaway, Christoph P. E. Zollikofer.
11:00-11:15 Add to calendar Modern human fossils from Tam Pa Ling, Laos. Laura L. Shackelford, Fabrice Demeter, Anne-Marie Bacon, Philippe Duringer, Kira Westaway, Thongsa Sayavongkhamdy, Jose Braga, Phonephanh Sichanthongtip, Phimmasaeng Khamdalavong, Jean-Luc Ponche, Craig Lundstrom, Elise Patole-Edoumba, Anne-Marie Karpoff.
11:30-11:45 Add to calendar The thumb of Homo floresiensis: first comparative analyses of the proximal and distal pollical phalanges from Liang Bua. Isabelle Crevecoeur, Matthew W. Tocheri, Rokus Due Awe, Caley M. Orr, Stevie Carnation, William L. Jungers.
11:45-12:00 Add to calendar Flores feet, factoids and fairytales. Robert B. Eckhardt, Maciej Henneberg.
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