The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 33. Stories from the Skeleton: Hard Tissue Research on Modern, Non-Human Primates. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Claire A. Kirchhoff and Scott S. Legge

Saturday Morning, Forum Suite Add to calendar

Investigating other primates as a means of gaining insight into the human condition has a long tradition in anthropology, with Louis Leakey as one of its most influential proponents. Certainly the last several decades have seen great leaps in our knowledge of the biology, ecology, and life histories of some of our closest relatives. How we relate behavioral data to that fundamental source of information on human evolution, the fossil record, relies heavily on hard tissue research. Skeletal analysis is crucial both to our understanding of an entire organism as well as for making reasonable inferences about the fossil record, where hard tissue may provide the only line of evidence. The skeletal biology of modern, non-human primates is therefore of particular interest to anthropologists, who seek both to understand primates as a clade and to examine human nature through the lens of humans as primates. While this symposium brings together scholars employing disparate methodologies, studying numerous different species, and asking a variety of key questions, they are all engaged in research on the skeletons of modern, non-human primates, exploring what this type of research can tell us about the life ways of these fascinating animals.

2 Add to calendar Growth and development of the hominoid shoulder girdle: can ontogeny tell us about locomotor ancestry?. Anna P. Barros.
3 Add to calendar Cortical bone density determined with microCT in the chimpanzee and gorilla facial skeletons . Paul C. Dechow, Leslie C. Smith, Chance Choate, Ben Curtis.
4 Add to calendar Capuchin postcranial adaptations. Susan M. Ford, Kristin A. Wright, Barth W. Wright, David G. Hobbs.
5 Add to calendar Mapping the great apes: application of non-metric traits in the deciduous teeth of Gorilla and Pan. Anna M. Hardin, Scott S. Legge.
6 Add to calendar Differences between eastern and western gorillas in the forelimb and hindlimb skeletons. Rebecca Jabbour.
7 Add to calendar Antemortem tooth loss, tooth wear, and dental trauma: Learning more from the Gombe chimpanzees. Claire A. Kirchhoff.
8 Add to calendar Sex-related patterns of dentoalveolar abscesses in the genus Pan. Scott S. Legge.
9 Add to calendar Trabecular bone architecture in supraorbital region of Homo, Pan, Gorilla, Papio, and Cebus. Leslie C. Pryor Smith, Paul C. Dechow.
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