The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 37. Human and Primate Biology: Growth, Development, Nutrition/ Demography, Epidemiology, Reproduction. Contributed Posters. Chair: Stacey R. Tecot

Saturday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
4 Add to calendar Stable isotopes and socioeconomic differences among urban Colombian women: additional insights from 34S. Richard L. Bender, Darna L. Dufour, Luciano O. Valenzuela, Thure E. Cerling, Matt Sponheimer, Julio C. Reina, James R. Ehleringer.
5 Add to calendar Patterns of dental eruption and growth in a wild population of Guinea baboons (Papio h. papio) in the Department of Kedougou, Senegal. Brenda R. Benefit, Evan Simons, Ousmane M. Diop, Mawlouth Diallo, Amadou A. Sall, Kathryn A. Hanley, Scott C. Weaver, Derek D.A. Cummings.
6 Add to calendar Diet predicts milk composition in primates. Gregory E. Blomquist, Katie J. Hinde, Lauren A. Milligan.
7 Add to calendar The influence of grandmothers on sustained breastfeeding. Kit Boisvert Meyer, Alisha Gaskins, May Patino, Mary E. Glenn, Marissa Ramsier.
8 Add to calendar Seasonality of infectious disease in Åland, Finland. Jacob T. Boyd, James H. Mielke.
9 Add to calendar Japanese-Americans show increased frequency of diary reports of negative moods compared to other ethnic groups during the peri-menopause: the Hilo Women’s Health Study. Daniel E. Brown, Lynnette L. Sievert, Lynn A. Morrison.
11 Add to calendar Estimation of cranial capacity from linear measurements in juvenile orangutans. Jody A. Creel, James G. Surles, Arthur C. Durband.
12 Add to calendar Human ecology of Lyme disease: establishing variability in exposure potential to tick populations. John M. Darcy II, Godefroy Devevy, Erika Arnold, Jamie MacKay, Ralph M. Garruto, Dustin Brisson.
13 Add to calendar Gross characteristics and microscopic architecture of the vervet monkey (Chlorocebus sabaeus) placenta: Implications for anthropoid primate brain growth. Julienne N. Rutherford, Patrick Hurley, Matthew Lawrence, D. Eugene Redmond, Julienne Rutherford.
14 Add to calendar Hard tissue research on Sub-Saharan Africans of known life history. Timothy G. Bromage, Yusuf M. Juwayeyi, John C. DiMaggio, Bin Hu, John Chisi.
15 Add to calendar Captive female orangutans do not exhibit hormonal signs of age-related reproductive decline . Lara S. Durgavich.
16 Add to calendar The trouble with tarsiers: heterogeneity in the relationship between neocortex volume and social group size in primates. Michael G. Elliot.
17 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* Is age at menarche related to final stature within individuals considered longitudinally?. Bruce A. Floyd.
18 Add to calendar Investigation into human sacral fusion with regard to skeletal age. Christina L. Fojas, Natalie R. Shirley, Nicholas V. Passalacqua.
19 Add to calendar In poor families mothers’ milk is richer for daughters than sons: an example of Trivers-Willard effects on mother’s milk in northern Kenya . Masako Fujita, Eric A. Roth, Yun-Jia Lo.
20 Add to calendar Patterns of morphological integration in the brain in infants with craniosynostosis. Resha J. Desai, Jordan R. Austin, Erin N. Smallmon, Lisa G. Howell, Kimberly K. Cole, Ian D. George, Jeffrey L. Marsh, Alex A. Kane, Jayesh Panchal, Joan T. Richtsmeier, Kristina Aldridge.
21 Add to calendar Evolutionary life history and the impact of a development intervention project on out-migration in rural Ethiopia. Mhairi A. Gibson, Eshetu Gurmu.
22 Add to calendar Nutritional stress and the pattern of fluctuating asymmetry in the skull. Paula N. Gonzalez, Evelia E. Oyhenart, Benedikt Hallgrimsson.
23 Add to calendar Constraints on sexually selected traits in a high-altitude tarsier species, Tarsius pumilus. Nanda B. Grow.
24 Add to calendar Differential mortality in Albany using cemetery and skeletal data. Sarah E. Heins.
25 Add to calendar Allomaternal nursing among hunter-gatherers. Barry Hewlett, Steve Winn.
26 Add to calendar Congruence of brain and skull in endocast reconstruction of the infant brain. Lisa G. Howell, Jordan R. Austin, Resha J. Desai, Kimberly K. Cole, Erin N. Smallmon, Cheryl A. Hill, Ian D. George, Joan T. Richtsmeier, Jeffrey L. Marsh, Alex A. Kane, Jayesh Panchal, Kristina Aldridge.
27 Add to calendar COMP gene related malformations of the skull: evidence from Egyptian V-VIth dynasty skeletal remains. Caitlin L. Ibarra, Gary D. Richards, Caroline F. Horton, Hillary M. Ojeda, Homer Asadi.
28 Add to calendar Red is not a proxy signal for human female genitalia. Sarah E. Johns, Lucy A. Hargrave, Nicholas E. Newton-Fisher.
29 Add to calendar Understanding historical and contemporary tuberculosis: the ties between TB and helminths in the Pacific. Judith H. Littleton, Juliet K. Park, Tekaai Nelesone.
30 Add to calendar Mortality of a Swiss urban population in the early 19th century. Domenic Ruettimann, Sandra Lösch.
31 Add to calendar The Shuar Health and Life History Project: lifestyle and dietary correlates of skeletal health among the indigenous Shuar and non-Shuar Colonos of Ecuadorian Amazonia . Felicia C. Madimenos, J Josh. Snodgrass, Melissa A. Liebert, Tara J. Cepon, Lawrence S. Sugiyama.
32 Add to calendar "Influence of aquatic resources and subsistence strategy on human milk fatty acid composition: a cross-cultural analysis”. Melanie A. Martin, William D. Lassek, Steven J.C. Gaulin, Rhobert W. Evans, Hillard S. Kaplan, Jessica G. Woo, Ardythe L. Morrow, Michael D. Gurven.
33 Add to calendar Birth size, early weight gain, and diet: relationships to weight-for-length during the first year. Richard L. May, Daniel Kim.
34 Add to calendar Reproductive decision-making in the Bolivian Amazon: why do fertility preferences not match outcomes?. Lisa S. McAllister, Michael Gurven.
35 Add to calendar A new method for measuring surface area of the infant anterior fontanelle utilizing CT data. Elizabeth A. Moffett, Kristina Aldridge.
36 Add to calendar Arboviruses in Historic Natchez: Genetic and Socio-Cultural Factors in Mortality Disparities. Nicole Musselwhite.
37 Add to calendar Birth seasonality in relation to rainfall and food in wild geladas (Theropithecus gelada) at Guassa, Ethiopia: Variation within and between one-male units. Nga Nguyen, Peter J. Fashing.
38 Add to calendar Socioeconomic status and duration of breastfeeding explain childhood adiposity in boys but not girls. Daniel L. Osborne, Spencer Elliott, Jackson Wagoner.
39 Add to calendar Transitions in mortality and documented causes of death: North Orkney (1855-1955). Daniel Parker, Julia A. Jennings, James W. Wood.
40 Add to calendar The influence of grandmothers on postpartum health of mother and infant. May Patiño, Alisha Gaskins, Kit Boisvert Meyer, Amy Remer, Marissa Ramsier, Mary E. Glenn.
41 Add to calendar Genetic factors influence serological measures of common, chronic infections in Alaskan Eskimo participants in the GOCADAN study. Rohina Rubicz, Jianhui Zhu, Sandra Laston, Shelley A. Cole, Sven O.E. Ebbesson, Barbara V. Howard, Jean W. MacCluer, Michael Davidson, Jason Uman, Anthony G. Comuzzie, Harald H.H. Goring.
42 Add to calendar Energy expenditure in semi free-ranging chimpanzees measured using doubly labeled water. Kara K. Schroepfer, Brian Hare, Herman Pontzer.
43 Add to calendar Acculturation, chronic psychosocial stress, and health among Latino mother-child pairs in Texas. J. Josh Snodgrass, Margit F. Wiesner, Charles R. Martinez, Charles D. Kaplan, Deborah M. Capaldi.
44 Add to calendar Developmental instability in the Down syndrome face. John M. Starbuck, Roger H. Reeves, Theodore M. Cole iii, Joan T. Richtsmeier.
45 Add to calendar The evolution of allomaternal care in lemuriforms. Stacey R. Tecot, Andrea L. Baden, Natalie K. Romine, Jason M. Kamilar.
46 Add to calendar Developmental changes in the spatial organization of neurons in the neocortex of humans and chimpanzees. Kate Teffer, Daniel Buxhoeveden, Cheryl D. Stimpson, Archibald J. Fobbs, Chet C. Sherwood, Katerina Semendeferi.
47 Add to calendar Secular change in stature among Nigerian populations. Meredith L. Tise, Melissa A. Pope, Erin H. Kimmerle.
48 Add to calendar Environmental influences on the activity patterns of a captive group of spider monkeys (Ateles fusciceps rufiventris). Erin M. VanRegenmorter.
49 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* Farming, food and fitness in highland Ethiopia: anthropometric and dental indicators . Mary S. Willis, Shimelis G. Beyene, Raymond Hames, Belaineh Legesse, Martha Mamo, Teshome Regassa, Tsegaye Tadesse, Yitbarek Wolde-Hawariat.
50 Add to calendar Subadult age estimation at Tell-el Amarna: a systematic, site-specific approach . Gretchen R. Dabbs, Melissa Zabecki.
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