The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 38. Paleoanthropology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Russell L. Ciochon

Saturday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
115 Add to calendar Amud 7, a Neandertal infant from Amud Cave, Israel. Ella Been, Yoel Rak.
116 Add to calendar The positioning of the lunate sulcus in Pan troglodytes: a statistical analysis. Melissa A. Boas, Douglas Broadfield, Michael Harris.
117 Add to calendar Estimating turnover in fossil hominins from the Omo-Turkana Basin, Ethiopia and Kenya. René Bobe.
119 Add to calendar Scaling and developmental integration in the Paranthropus head. Brittany A. Burdelsky, Robert C. McCarthy.
120 Add to calendar Clovis tools or Clovis people? a new approach using time-series conversion and dynamic time warping. Jessica W. Cade, Sang-Hee Lee, Eamonn Keogh, Taryn Rampley.
121 Add to calendar A phenetic analysis of the cranium of Australopithecus sediba . Keely B. Carlson, Darryl J. de Ruiter, Thomas J. DeWitt, Lee R. Berger.
122 Add to calendar Who left Africa first? A multivariate analysis of the Dmanisi crania. Bonny M. Christy.
123 Add to calendar Climatic-volcanic framework for early hominin endemism on Sunda. Russell L. Ciochon, Roy Larick.
124 Add to calendar Mandibular growth in Australopithecus robustus: a computational approach. Zachary D. Cofran.
125 Add to calendar Functional morphology of the fossil hominin tarsus: new findings using 3D laser surface scans. Amanda D. Collado, William E.H. Harcourt-Smith.
126 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* Australopithecus afarensis mandible with supernumerary molars from the Hadar site, Ethiopia . Jennifer L. Conaway, William H. Kimbel.
127 Add to calendar Tracking ancient animal movements in northern Tanzania using strontium isotopes. Sandi R. Copeland, Denne N. Reed, Robert J. Blumenschine, Jackson K. Njau, Matt Sponheimer, Michael P. Richards.
128 Add to calendar *PRESENTATION WITHDRAWN* A reanalysis of thermoregulation in Homo erectus and Neanderthals. Alan Cross, Mark Collard.
129 Add to calendar Evaluating the impact of inter-taxon sample size variation on fossil hominin phylogenetics. Mana Dembo, Mark Collard.
130 Add to calendar Estimating body mass in the Theropithecus oswaldi lineage using long bone ends. Andrea R. Eller, Stephen R. Frost, Emily H. Guthrie.
131 Add to calendar Enamel thickness and dental tissue proportions in Neanderthal and modern human upper deciduous molars. Cinzia Fornai, Stefano Benazzi, Priscilla Bayle, Ildikó Pap, Jiří Svoboda, Katerina Harvati, Gerhard W. Weber.
132 Add to calendar Ontogenetic development of postcranial adaptations to bipedalism in the rat. Adam D. Foster.
133 Add to calendar Energy demands of growth in Neanderthal children. Idoia Goikoetxea, William R. Leonard, Ana Mateos, Jesús A. Martín-González, Guillermo Rodríguez-Gómez, Jesús Rodríguez.
134 Add to calendar Precision and accuracy of acetabular size measures in fragmentary Plio-Pleistocene hominin pelves obtained using digital sphere-fitting techniques. Ashley S. Hammond, J. Michael Plavcan, Carol V. Ward.
135 Add to calendar Mechanical loading of the femoral neck in early hominins. Ryan W. Higgins, Christopher B. Ruff.
136 Add to calendar Postcranial morphology and the genus Homo hypodigm. Trenton W. Holliday.
137 Add to calendar Craneometric morphological patterns in hominin evolution. Juan Manuel Jiménez-Arenas, Juan Antonio Pérez-Claros, Paul Palmqvist.
138 Add to calendar Occlusal microwear texture analysis of Croatian Neandertals. Whitney M. Karriger, Christopher W. Schmidt, Fred H. Smith.
139 Add to calendar Trabecular architecture of fossil hominin first metacarpals. Tracy L. Kivell, Matthew M. Skinner, Richard L. Lazenby, Jean-Jacques Hublin.
140 Add to calendar Anterior dental microwear textures of European Upper Paleolithic humans differed from those of Neandertals. Kristin L. Krueger.
141 Add to calendar Using mammalian microfauna to reconstruct Hominin paleohabitats in South Africa. Jennifer N. Leichliter, Oliver CC. Paine, Matt Sponheimer, Paul Sandburg, Darryl De Ruiter, Daryl Codron, Nico Avenant, Thalassa Matthews.
142 Add to calendar A quantitative assessment of zygomaticoalveolar crest curvature in recent and fossil Homo. Scott D. Maddux.
143 Add to calendar An analysis of the Klasies River hominins using a hybrid model. Lily Malekfar.
144 Add to calendar Evolutionary change in the hominin orbit: an analysis of orbital morphology in relation to neurocranial expansion and reduced facial prognathism since the middle Pliocene. Michael P. Masters.
145 Add to calendar The functional morphology of the scapula. Sandra Mathews.
146 Add to calendar Encephalization in Pleistocene Homo revisited. Robert C. McCarthy, Ronda R. Graves, Amy C. Lupo, Deborah L. Cunningham, Daniel J. Wescott.
147 Add to calendar Functional anatomy of the thoracic vertebrae in early Homo. Marc R. Meyer.
148 Add to calendar The functional morphology of the Hominoid fibula. Sabrina Meyer.
149 Add to calendar Testing uniqueness of Inuit cranial shape and its effect on climate-shape analysis. Marlijn L. Noback, Katerina Harvati, Fred Spoor.
150 Add to calendar Mojokerto revisited: assessing brain growth patterns in Homo erectus. Caitlin A. O'Connell, Jeremy M. DeSilva.
151 Add to calendar The emergence of the band in human social and cognitive evolution. Sean O'Hara, Robert Layton, Alan Bilsborough.
152 Add to calendar Investigating hominin paleohabitats using fossil rodent ecomorphology. Oliver Paine, Jennifer Leichliter, Matt Sponheimer, Nico Avenant.
153 Add to calendar Human fossils from the Paleolithic of Buticha Cave, Ethiopia: results from excavations in 2008 and 2011 with a consideration of the taphonomical context. O. M. Pearson, Z. Assefa, D. Pleurdeau, E. Hovers, A. Asrat, Y. M. Lam, J.-j. Bahain, A. Leplongeon, F. Duquesnoy, J.-l. Le Quellec, C. T/Tsion.
154 Add to calendar Estimating femoral head size in fragmentary fossils using 3-D surface scans. J. Michael Plavcan, Douglas Provaznik, Ryan Spring.
155 Add to calendar Shape analysis of the proximal MT 4 and MT 5 articular surfaces. Daniel J. Proctor.
156 Add to calendar Integrating ecological proxies to understand the distribution of woody plants in African environments. Amy L. Rector, Kaye E. Reed, Christopher J. Campisano.
157 Add to calendar Acetabulocristal buttressing in hominins. Nichelle D. Reed, Steven E. Churchill.
158 Add to calendar Shape exploration of the third metacarpal capitate facet: implications for early hominin morphology. Thomas R. Rein, Katerina Harvati.
159 Add to calendar An experimental analysis of butchery efficiency for Oldowan flakes based on flake size. Jay S. Reti, Carlos P. Carvajal.
160 Add to calendar Geometric morphometric analysis of shape variation in the mandible of fossil and extant hominoids. Chris A. Robinson, Kieran P. McNulty, Mary K. Pittiri.
161 Add to calendar Using GIS for paleoecological reconstructions: a case study from Laetoli, Tanzania. Madison E. Schaeffer, Judith Mendelsohn, Denise F. Su.
162 Add to calendar Dental microwear texture analysis of fossil bovids from Hadar, Ethiopia: implications for the paleoenvironment of Australopithecus afarensis. Jessica R. Scott.
163 Add to calendar Ecomorphology and phylogeny among the Bovidae: implications for habitat reconstruction. Robert S. Scott, W. Andrew Barr.
164 Add to calendar A method to estimate the timing of linear enamel hypoplasia for Neandertals. Ashley E. Stinespring Harris, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Donald J. Reid, Clark Spencer Larsen, Dale Hutchinson, Tanya M. Smith.
165 Add to calendar 3D biomechanical simulation of a fossilization process of a bony structure - New perspectives for the retrodeformation of paleo-anthropological fossils . Gérard Subsol, Pierre Dalous, Francis Duranthon, Benjamin Moreno, Stéphane Cotin, José Braga, Jean-Pierre Jessel.
166 Add to calendar Comparisons of strength and predictability of Neanderthal and modern human femora using finite element analysis. Kelli H. Tamvada, David S. Strait.
167 Add to calendar Multivariate calibration and body mass estimation in fossil hominins. Natalie M. Uhl, Lyle W. Konigsberg, Christopher W. Rainwater.
168 Add to calendar New Neanderthal remains from Chagyrskaya Cave (Altai Mountains, Russian Federation). Bence Th. Viola, Sergey V. Markin, Alexandra P. Buzhilova, Maria B. Mednikova, Maria V. Dobrovolskaya, Adeline Le Cabec, Michael V. Shunkov, Anatoly P. Derevianko, Jean-Jacques Hublin.
169 Add to calendar 3D geometric morphometrics of the LB1 mandible support the new species diagnosis (Homo floresiensis). Kyle Marian A. Viterbo, William Jungers, Thomas Sutikna, E Wahyu Saptomo, Mike Morwood.
170 Add to calendar Darwin on Campus: An assessment of students’ knowledge of Darwin and evolution on the 200th anniversary of his birth. Madisson L. Whitman, Erin R. Kunz, Frank P. Cuozzo.
171 Add to calendar Resampling analysis of craniofacial sexual dimorphism in Australopithecus africanus and A. robustus. Frank L. Williams, Brendan L. Benshoof.
172 Add to calendar Decreased maintenance energy expenditure in modern humans and the resultant demographic displacement of archaic humans . Todd R. Yokley, Andrew W. Froehle, Steven E. Churchill.
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