The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 39. Skeletal Biology: Paleopathology, warfare, population history. Contributed Posters. Chair: Jo Buckberry

Saturday All day, Plaza Level Add to calendar
93 Add to calendar Epidemiology of developmental dysplasia of the hip in Amerindians: Cases from the Late Prehistoric Buffalo Site, West Virginia. Samantha H. Blatt.
94 Add to calendar ‘From Cemetery to Clinic’: 3D Digitised pathological data from archaeological leprous skeletons. Jo Buckberry, Andrew Holland, Chris Gaffney, Rachel Holgate, Keith Manchester, Alan Ogden, Tom Sparrow, Rebecca Storm, Hassan Ugail, Chris Watkins, Andrew Wilson.
95 Add to calendar Working our fingers to the bone: osteoarthritis in the hands of a historic population. Candice L. Chambers, D. Troy Case.
96 Add to calendar Blunt or sharp force trauma: differential diagnosis of a lesion on a Bronze Age skull from Uglemose, Denmark. Larissa Collier, Chiara Villa.
97 Add to calendar Bad luck, or bad intentions? Interpreting fractures from an early 20th century pauper cemetery. Sean P. Dougherty.
98 Add to calendar Significance of the UI-Stanford Collection. Diane M. Eddie, Jennifer S. Vang, Stephen M. Johnson, Shirley J. Schermer.
99 Add to calendar Diseases of early first Millennium B.C. mounted Pastoralists in the Kunlun Mountains, China. Julia Gresky, Tyede H. Schmidt-Schultz, Michael Schultz.
100 Add to calendar Surviving tuberculosis: healing of skeletal lesions during the recovery from active disease. Kara L. Holloway, Karl Link, Frank J. Rühli, Maciej Henneberg.
101 Add to calendar Cranial variation among modern Maya: assessing the effects of Spanish colonialism. Cris E. Hughes.
102 Add to calendar Social evolution in the Upper Mun River Valley, Thailand: using isotopic, non-metric and geometric morphometric evidence to elucidate past social structures. Charlotte L. King, Una Strand-Viðarsdóttir, R. Alexander Bentley.
103 Add to calendar Stigmata of congenital syphilis on two high status pre-Colombian juveniles from Oaxaca, Mexico . Arion T. Mayes, Sarah B. Barber, Arthur A. Joyce.
104 Add to calendar Activity or age? Determining the etiology of enthesopathies in the Newburgh Colored Burial Ground. Jennifer L. Muller.
105 Add to calendar Frequencies of periostitis and enamel hypoplasias in a Colonial Maya population. Megan C. Murphy, Robert R. Paine.
106 Add to calendar Moche amputation: punishment or pathology?. Jennifer N. Rivera, Teddi Setzer.
107 Add to calendar Osteoarthritis of the hands: analyses of bones from the Coimbra identified collection (19th-20th centuries). Carina Marques, Mónica Carapinha, Ana Luisa Santos.
108 Add to calendar Bony responses associated with a malaria infection. Teddi J. Setzer.
109 Add to calendar Batle of the sexes: Identifying victims of domestic abuse in the archaeological record. Chelsi A. Slotten.
110 Add to calendar Bone microstructural features combined with synchrotron radiation x-ray fluorescence spatial maps of lead and strontium in historical bone samples from Antigua suggests biogenic uptake. Treena M. Swanston, Tamara Varney, Ian Coulthard, Cheryl Hennig, Reg Murphy, David M.L. Cooper.
111 Add to calendar Human skeletal remains from Neale’s Landing (46WD39), Blennerhassett Island, West Virginia. Karen J. Weinstein, Katherine Walters, Luke Donohue, Ariana Said.
112 Add to calendar Spatial variation in the cranial morphology of the Portuguese. Katherine E. Weisensee.
113 Add to calendar Degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis in an Etruscan skeletal sample dating from the VIII century to the I century BC. Elizabeth S. Williams, Robert R. Paine, Mariolina Cataldi, Flavia Trucco, Rita Vargiu, Arthur C. Durband.
114 Add to calendar An analysis of the relationship between degenerative joint disease and enthesopathies in Korea’s Joseon dynasty population. Eun Jin Woo, Sunyoung Pak.
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