The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 43. Human and Non-Human Genetic Variation. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Heather J. Edgar

Saturday Afternoon, Parlors Add to calendar
1:00-1:15 Add to calendar Aye-aye demography and conservation genomics. George Perry, Edward Louis, Stephan Schuster, Webb Miller.
1:15-1:30 Add to calendar Genetic evidence of widespread differential selection for color vision among nocturnal lemurs. Carrie C. Veilleux, Edward E. Louis, Deborah A. Bolnick.
1:30-1:45 Add to calendar An integrative approach to understanding primate mating systems: Oxytocin and New World monkeys. Daniel Sprockett, Alana Muhlberger, Mary Ann Raghanti, Marilyn Norconk, Chi-hua Chiu.
1:45-2:00 Add to calendar Genetics of social network position in free-ranging rhesus macaques . Lauren JN. Brent, Sarah R. Heilbronner, Julie E. Horvath, Janis Gonzalez-Martinez, Angelina V. Ruiz-Lambides, Athy Robinson, Jh Pate. Skene, Michael L. Platt.
2:15-2:30 Add to calendar Viruses on low-carb diets: the possible role of a cell surface carbohydrate in the evolution of resistance to viral infections in catarrhines. Idalia A. Rodriguez, Uri Galili, Laurie R. Godfrey, Raymond M. Welsh.
2:30-2:45 Add to calendar Metagenomic comparisons of gastrointestinal microbial function in hominoids . Carl J. Yeoman, Rebecca M. Stumpf, Bryan A. White, Brenda A. Wilson, Karen E. Nelson, Manolito Torralba, Marcus Gillis, Lawrence Mugisha, Steven R. Leigh.
3:15-3:30 Add to calendar Maximum heritability as an indicator of relative developmental stability among populations. Heather J.H. Edgar, Toby Hughes, Katelyn Rusk.
3:15-3:30 Add to calendar Y chromosome diversity in Inupiat populations of the Alaskan North Slope. Jennifer Raff, Margarita Rzhetskaya, M. Geoffry Hayes.
3:45-4:00 Add to calendar Estimating the evolutionary history of Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis. Andrew M. Paquette, McKenna K. Thompson, John H. Chase, Jason A. Wilder.
4:00-4:15 Add to calendar Genome-wide Complex Trait Analysis (GCTA) as a method to quantify missing heritability in Parkinson's disease. Margaux F. Keller, Michael A. Nalls, Andrew Singleton.
4:15-4:30 Add to calendar Epigenetic alterations and stress among new mothers and infants in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A biocultural look at the intergenerational effects of war. Connie J. Mulligan, Nikki D'Errico, Jared Stees, Clarence C. Gravlee, Thomas P. Yang.
4:30-4:45 Add to calendar Quantitative genetic analysis reveals trade-offs between age at first reproduction and fertility. James H. Jones.
4:45-5:00 Add to calendar Grandfather’s age at father’s birth is associated with longer telomere lengths in grandchildren in the Philippines: a case of adaptive intergenerational signaling?. Dan T.A. Eisenberg, Judith B. Borja, M. Geoffrey Hayes, Christopher W. Kuzawa.
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