The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 44. Bioarchaeology in western coastal North America: integrating studies of human prehistory. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Sabrina B. Sholts and Eric J. Bartelink

Saturday Afternoon, Council Suite Add to calendar

Bioarchaeology along the western coast of North America has produced an enormous wealth of information about early human populations of the New World. In few places is the skeletal record longer and more extensive, providing valuable opportunities to investigate temporal and spatial variation in ancient human behavior and adaptation. Understanding the full extent of this variation is a challenge, as much previous research has focused on narrow time frames, site localities, or methodology. The purpose of this symposium is to provide an integrative view of human prehistory across the western coastal North America, incorporating studies of human skeletal remains from multiple locations, including California, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska. Presentations will address a variety of topics through cross-regional, diachronic, and multi-disciplinary research, including skeletal and dental health, biomolecular archaeology, and geometric morphometrics. It is becoming increasingly evident that colonization of the New World involved Pacific coastal migration, and that the skeletal remains of these groups and their successors represent a crucial component of the human global story. By integrating new and cutting-edge analyses of ancient humans within a regional context, this symposium is thus relevant to biological anthropological research across the Americas, as well as around the Pacific Rim.

1 Add to calendar Human diet and mortuary patterns in the southeastern San Francisco Bay area: stable isotope analysis of the Ryan Mound population (CA-ALA-329). Eric J. Bartelink, Melanie M. Beasley, Melynda Atwood, Karen S. Gardner, Alan Leventhal, Rosemary Cambra.
2 Add to calendar Diet, dental health, and food acquisition in the prehistoric San Francisco Bay Area: bioarchaeology of the Ellis Landing Ohlone population . Melanie M. Beasley, Eric J. Bartelink.
3 Add to calendar Patterns of interpersonal violence and warfare in the prehistoric San Francisco Bay Area California. Viviana I. Bellifemine, Eric J. Bartelink, Valerie A. Andrushko, Irina Nechayev, Robert Jurmain.
4 Add to calendar Why so worn? Tooth wear analysis of the Santa Barbara Channel area Chumash people. Anna F. Clement, Simon W. Hillson.
5 Add to calendar Strangers among them: using stable C, N, and S isotope analysis of human bone to interpret four unusual burials at the Yukisma Mound (CA-SCL-38), in Santa Clara County, California . Karen S. Gardner, Alan Leventhal, Rosemary Cambra, Eric J. Bartelink, Antoinette Martinez.
6 Add to calendar Reading between the vertebrae – the presence of a non-embedded projectile point and subsequent consequences: a case study. Dave Grant, Diane Di Giuseppe, Alan Leventhal, Rosemary Cambra.
7 Add to calendar Are coastal diets healthy? Examples from the Northern Pacific Rim. Kara C. Hoover, Michael Richards, Minoru Yoneda.
9 Add to calendar Rancho La Brea Woman: a new 3D analysis of a 9,000-year-old Paleoamerican cranium from southern California. Susan C. Kuzminsky.
10 Add to calendar Isotope studies of prehistoric diets on the Northwest Coast of Canada. Michael P. Richards.
12 Add to calendar Prehistoric population replacement on California’s Channel Islands. Sylvere C. Valentin.
13 Add to calendar Human health and hydrocarbon exposure along the prehistoric West Coast. Sebastian K.T.S. Wärmländer, Sabrina B. Sholts, Kevin Smith, René Vellanoweth, Jon M. Erlandson, Roger Westerlund.
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