The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Prehistoric population replacement on California’s Channel Islands


Anthropology, California State University of Los Angeles

Saturday Afternoon, Council Suite Add to calendar

Prehistoric population replacement on California‟s Channel Islands was investigated to determine if such an event occurred and if so at what point in time.This study was based on data gathered from the craniometric, mitochondrial DNA and carbon dating analysis of a previously unstudied skeletal collection (129 skulls) originating from the Channel Islands and coastal surroundings of Santa Barbara curated at the Musée de l‟Homme in Paris (France). These remains were collected by Léon de Cessac between 1877 and 1879. The purpose of this research was to identify possible genetic groups who have occupied certain Channel Islands through time. Overall results indicate that we have at least two distincitive populations based on the craniometric and mtDNA data.

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