The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2012)

Session 45. Examining the Big Picture: Working Towards a Holistic Understanding of Secular Change in Modern Populations. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Natalie R. Shirley, Stephen D. Ousely, and Richard L. Jantz

Saturday Afternoon, Forum Suite Add to calendar

Over the past several decades, researchers have documented secular change in stature, skeletal maturation, pubertal onset, and overall skeletal morphology in populations throughout the world. Proposed explanations for these changes center on environmental causes, including improvements in nutrition, healthcare, sanitation, socioeconomic status, as well as reduced incidence of infectious diseases and infant mortality. These environmental improvements have influenced growth and adult morphology, likely relaxing selection. Most studies focus on isolated manifestations of secular change (i.e. a single maturation indicator or biometric variable) and establish a timeframe during which this change occurred. Presumably, multiple components of a biological organism respond to changes in environmental stimuli, thereby making these individual studies part of a larger body of literature documenting important changes in human biology that are the result of a common cause or causes. This symposium will bring together the body of research documenting secular change in modern populations, in order to synthesize the material, develop a timeline, explore the possible cause(s), and work towards a more thorough understanding of this phenomenon. The presentations will center on the skeletal approach to studying secular change because it gives us the ability to develop a more comprehensive picture of changes in that we can evaluate multiple body dimensions beyond just stature and investigate time depths beyond the historical record.

2 Add to calendar Secular change is context dependent: an example from Portugal. Hugo FV. Cardoso.
3 Add to calendar Secular change in the femoral head in modern Americans. Sandra Cridlin.
4 Add to calendar Secular change and the modern human pelvis. Kathryn R. D. Driscoll.
5 Add to calendar Cranial change in America: 1815 to 1980. Richard L. Jantz, Lee M. Jantz.
6 Add to calendar Secular change in the human innominate: from the 19th to the 20th century. Alexandra R. Klales.
7 Add to calendar Changes in postcranial morphology in modern American Whites. Lee Meadows Jantz, Richard L. Jantz, Joanne B. Devlin.
8 Add to calendar Secular changes in discrete dental traits on three continents. Stephen D. Ousley, Heather JH. Edgar.
9 Add to calendar Documented secular change in epiphyseal union timing and dimensions of the clavicle. Natalie R. Shirley, Sandra Cridlin.
10 Add to calendar Secular change in Hispanic crania. M. Katherine Spradley, Joseph T. Hefner.
11 Add to calendar Secular change in the cranial modules of white American males: 1830-1978. Thomas E. Stott, Kerrie Lewis. Graham, M. Kate Spradley.
12 Add to calendar Secular change in the femur. Daniel J. Wescott, Lauren Zephro.
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