The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 7. From Kneberg to Now: Seventy-five years of skeletal analysis of pre-Columbian Tennesseans. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Maria Ostendorf Smith and Tracy Betsinger

Thursday Morning, 301E Add to calendar

The first woman full professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, was anthropologist Madeline Kneberg Lewis (1903-1996). She was an archaeologist, artist, and the primary researcher of the large pre-Columbian skeletal samples archaeologically salvaged in Tennessee during the early years of TVA and WPA (1933-1961) hydroelectric dam construction. She was also a driving force in the creation of the Frank H. McClung Museum. Her efforts inventoried, aged, sexed, and differentially diagnosed pathologies on over 2000 skeletons. She undertook the skeletal analysis for two signature publications (co-authored with TMN Lewis) in Tennessee prehistory: Hiwassee Island: An Archaeological Account of Four Tennessee Indian Peoples (1946) and Eva: An Archaic Site (1961). This symposium honors her legacy and showcases the current status of research on the osteological collections her research pioneered.

1 Add to calendar Madeline Kneberg and the Birth of Biological Anthropology in Tennessee. Fred H. Smith, Burton T. Smith.
2 Add to calendar Health and Disease at Ledford Island: A Study of Late Mississippian Human Remains. Lindsey J. Helms.
3 Add to calendar Patterns in the adult and subadult pathologies in the Late Prehistoric Hiwassee Island osteological sample from East Tennessee. Cassandra D. Pardo, Maria Ostendorf Smith.
4 Add to calendar Temporal patterns of auditory exostosis prevalence in pre-Columbian Tennessee: Controlling for geography and subsistence. Casey M. Jenkins.
5 Add to calendar Testing the source of the non-embedded projectile point: inflicted point or pit fill? . Linda C. Chisholm, Maria Ostendorf Smith.
6 Add to calendar A biocultural approach to warfare and violence during the late prehistoric period in the Middle Cumberland Region of Tennessee. Heather A. Worne.
7 Add to calendar Bioarchaeological investigations at Fernvale, a Middle Tennessee Archaic site. Shannon Chappell Hodge, Tiffany B. Saul.
8 Add to calendar Subsistence considerations based on the community health in the late prehistoric Thompson Village site from west-central Tennessee. Maria O. Smith, Germaine M. Mosher.
9 Add to calendar Regional Health in Late Prehistoric East Tennessee: a meta-analysis of Dallas Phase sites. Stephanie M. Owens.
10 Add to calendar The co-association of hypoplastic enamel defects, carious lesions, and non- specific stress in subadults from pre-Columbian Tennessee. Marissa C. Wojcinski.
11 Add to calendar Caries prevalence and the late prehistoric Dallas phase: A regional cultural pattern of female maize consumption in Late Prehistoric East Tennessee. Tracy K. Betsinger, Maria Ostendorf Smith.
12 Add to calendar Environmental and Dietary Variation During the Dallas Phase in East Tennessee. Michaelyn S. Harle, Scott Meeks.
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