The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 10. Primate Evolution Posters: Anatomy, Relationships and Dimorphism. Contributed Posters. Chair: Lauren Halenar

Thursday All day, Clinch Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Trichromacy and red-hued pelages evolved independently in primates. Christopher P. Heesy, Brenda J. Bradley, Jason M. Kamilar.
2 Add to calendar Activity pattern can only be predicted from eye morphology for haplorhine primates among mammals. Margaret I. Hall, E. Christopher Kirk, Jason M. Kamilar.
3 Add to calendar A comparative analysis of hippocampus size and ecological factors in primates. Melissa Edler, Chet Sherwood, Emmanuel Gilissen.
4 Add to calendar Variable temporal-insular neuroanatomy in primates with attention to Eastern gorillas (Gorilla beringei). Sarah K. Barks, Amy L. Bauernfeind, Patrick R. Hof, William D. Hopkins, Mary Ann Raghanti, Michael R. Cranfield, Antoine Mudakikwa, Alexandra A. de Sousa, Karl Zilles, Chet C. Sherwood.
5 Add to calendar Revisiting the social brain hypothesis: Incorporating within-species group size variation into a comparative analysis. Aaron A. Sandel, Jordan A. Miller, Samantha K. Patterson.
7 Add to calendar Investigating the relationship between endocranial volume and cranial shape in Alouatta. Lauren B. Halenar, Melissa Tallman.
8 Add to calendar Macroevolutionary comparisons of ecological disparity and craniodental disparity in platyrrhine and strepsirrhine primates. Elizabeth M. St Clair.
9 Add to calendar Distal radioulnar joint morphology of short-tailed semi-terrestrial cercopithecines and its implications for the evolution of hominoid taillessness. Amber E. MacKenzie, David R. Begun.
10 Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism in catarrhine sacra: Obstetrics versus body size dimorphism. Elizabeth A. Moffett, Scott D. Maddux, Carol V. Ward.
11 Add to calendar Patterns of sexual dimorphism in Pan and Gorilla limb bones. Tessa L. Pearman, Rebecca S. Jabbour.
12 Add to calendar Relative canine size as a fitness signal: a test for positive allometric scaling in intraspecific samples of adult male baboons. Emily B. Klopp.
13 Add to calendar Quantitative trait variation in purebred baboons and their hybrids. Chantal C. Rossouw, Rebecca R. Ackermann.
14 Add to calendar Identifying hominin hybridity in light of taxonomy: testing a Papio model using craniometrics. Angela M. Dautartas, Bridget FB. Algee-Hewitt, K Driscoll, Courtney Eleazer, K Godde, Brannon I. Hulsey, A Kramer.
15 Add to calendar Reassessing Guenon Craniodental Morphology: closer inspection reveals support for the arboreal and terrestrial clades. Samyukta Ravi, Christopher C. Gilbert, Biren A. Patel.
16 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Gargantua the gorilla: evaluating skeletal indicators of unique life history events. Gary P. Aronsen, Courtney J. Stage, Kylie A. Williamson.
17 Add to calendar Multivariate analyses of trabecular bone structure in the proximal femur of living and extinct strepsirrhine primates. Bernadette A. Perchalski, Erik R. Seiffert, Timothy M. Ryan.
18 Add to calendar Are pygmy tarsiers phyletic dwarves? An allometric analysis of tarsier limb proportions. Nanda B. Grow.
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