The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 11. Primatology Posters: Sex, Sociality, Ontogeny, Capitivity. Contributed Posters. Chair: Christopher Schmitt

Thursday All day, Clinch Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar A preliminary assessment of the primates of Burkina Faso, West Africa. Laura P. Ginn, Josh Robison, K AI. Nekaris.
2 Add to calendar Social Flexibility in the Classically Monogamous Titi Monkey: A Response to Increased Population Pressure. Kimberly A. Dingess.
3 Add to calendar Measurement of individual differences in novelty seeking in wild vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops) using a group-based approach. Maria B. Blaszczyk.
4 Add to calendar Using a howler monkey hybrid zone (Alouatta pigra x Alouatta palliata) to understand social variation. Lucy Ho, Liliana Cortés-Ortiz, Thore J. Bergman.
6 Add to calendar Assessing the Population of Proboscis Monkeys and Threats to their Survival in Balikpapan Bay, East Kalimatan, Indonesia. Katherine Scott, Vincent Nijman, Susan Cheyne, Stanislav Lhota, Yaya Rayadin.
7 Add to calendar Survey of lemur diversity in Mahavavy-Kinkony Wetland Complex, North-Western Madagascar. Megan K. Shrum, Giuseppe Donati.
8 Add to calendar Aye-aye population genomics: Signatures of natural selection. Katharine Thompson, Edward Louis, Aakrosh Ratan, Oscar Bedoya-Reina, Richard Burhans, Runhua Lei, Steig Johnson, Stephan Schuster, Webb Miller, Perry George.
9 Add to calendar The effect of sibling birth on parent-offspring relationships in lemurs. Amy L. Schreier, Nancy L. Barrickman, Kemp Knott.
10 Add to calendar Female geladas form strong bonds with close kin. Elizabeth T. Johnson, Noah Snyder-Mackler, Jacinta C. Beehner, Thore J. Bergman.
11 Add to calendar Intersexual proximity and female dominance in Verreaux’s sifaka (Propithicus verreauxi). Katherine J. Kling, Rebecca J. Lewis.
12 Add to calendar Same sex aggression and reproductive competition: collective action in Alouatta caraya. Martin Kowalewski, Paul Garber, Romina Pave, Vanina Fernandez, Mariana Raño, Silvana Peker, Gabriel Zunino.
13 Add to calendar Male chimpanzee aggression toward females: A test of the sexual coercion hypothesis. Joseph T. Feldblum, Emily W. Wroblewski, Rebecca S. Rudicell, Beatrice H. Hahn, Anne E. Pusey, Ian C. Gilby.
14 Add to calendar Intrasexual competition and size dimorphism among polygynous primates. Erica M. Tennenhouse.
15 Add to calendar Paternity confusion or reassurance? Why pregnant Hanuman langurs (Semnopithecus schistaceus) are proceptive. Evelyn L. Pain, Andreas Koenig, Carola Borries.
16 Add to calendar Proceptive and attractive behaviors during female pregnancy in black and gold howler monkeys: preliminary results. Mariana Raño, Martin Kowalewski, Claudia Valeggia.
18 Add to calendar Maintaining pair-bonds in red-bellied lemurs (Eulemur rubriventer): A preliminary captive study at Duke Lemur Center, Durham, NC. Britt Singletary, Nicole Cortes, Stacey Tecot.
19 Add to calendar COPULATION CALLS OF CERCOPITHECUS MONA IN THE WILD. Kate Werling, Kena Worsham, May Patino, Marissa Ramsier, Mary Glenn.
20 Add to calendar Explaining the vocal repertoire of Alouatta palliatta, the mantled howler monkey. Danica L. McGuire, Michelle F. Bezanson.
21 Add to calendar Seasonal changes in song structure and calling behaviour of the Bolivian Grey Titi Monkey (Callicebus donacophilus). Daniel Krümberg, Kimberly Dingess.
22 Add to calendar Ethological Study of Manual Laterality in Sanctuary Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Amanda N. Friend, Jacob D. Negrey, Linda F. Marchant.
23 Add to calendar Hair cortisol concentrations in wild saddle back tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis weddelli). Nicolaas Fourie, Robin Bernstein, Leila Porter, Paul Garber.
24 Add to calendar The interplay between behavior and disease: investigating pathogen transmission dynamics in wild chimpanzees with social network models. Julie Rushmore, Damien Caillaud, Richard J. Hall, Rebecca M. Stumpf, Lauren A. Meyers, Sonia Altizer.
25 Add to calendar Lousy personalities: Aggression, testosterone, and ectoparasite dynamics in a population of wild brown mouse lemurs. Sarah Zohdy, Addison D. Kemp, Stacey Tecot, Patricia C. Wright, Jukka Jernvall.
26 Add to calendar Diagnosing Mycobacterium in Marmosets. Genevieve Housman, Vanner Boere, Adriana D. Grativol, Joanna Malukiewicz, Luiz Cezar Machado Pereira, Ita de Oliveira Silva, Carlos C. Ruiz-Miranda, Anne Stone.
27 Add to calendar Genetics and development of obesity in captive vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeus). Christopher A. Schmitt, Susan Service, Rita M. Cantor, Ania J. Jasinska, Matthew J. Jorgensen, Jay R. Kaplan, Nelson B. Freimer.
28 Add to calendar Hair Plucking in Bonobos (Pan paniscus): A Consequence of Captivity?. Colin M. Brand, Linda F. Marchant.
29 Add to calendar Changes in social behavior following the application of sensory-integration based therapy in a young adult female chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Ellen J. Ingmanson, Teresa A. May-Benson, Stephanie Braccini, Ingrid Porton, Margaret L. Bauman.
30 Add to calendar Measuring Gestation Length in the Chimpanzees of Gombe National Park. Emily E. Boehm, Anne E. Pusey.
31 Add to calendar Changes in orangutan brain ontogeny indicate parallel evolution. Jody A. Creel, Sean H. Rice, Arthur C. Durband.
32 Add to calendar Using digital photogrammetry to estimate growth in wild geladas. Amy Lu, Ashley Stinespring-Harris, Colleen McCann, Jacinta C. Beehner.
33 Add to calendar A camera trapping study of orangutans in the Wehea Forest in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Stephanie N. Spehar, Brent Loken.
34 Add to calendar DNA mini-barcodes as a tool for primate applied diagnostics and species identification. Timothy G. E. Robbins, Vincent Nijman.
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