The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 13. Bioarchaeology Posters: aDNA, Paleodemography, Status, and Variation. Contributed Posters. Chair: K. Ann Horsburgh and Kara Hoover

Thursday All day, Park Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Multiple, distinct biological populations in Iron Age Mongolia: The Xiongnu elite cemetery of Borkhan Tolgoi (Egiin Gol valley) reveals an ancestral Turkish component. Ryan W. Schmidt.
2 Add to calendar Preliminary Research on Hereditary Features of Yinxu Population. wen zeng, Jiawei Li, Hongbin Yue, Hui Zhou, Hong Zhu.
3 Add to calendar Ancient DNA Recovery from Angel Mounds: DNA Degradation Attributed to Archaeological Field Methods. Charla Marshall, Georgia Millward, Frederika A. Kaestle.
4 Add to calendar Genetic characterization of the Roman/Parthian Period cemetery at Tall Šēḫ Ḥamad, Syria. Jennifer G.L. Kennedy, D. A. Merriwether.
5 Add to calendar Investigating lactase persistence in a Medieval German cemetery: A step towards understanding the rise of the European lactase persistence polymorphism (-13910C/T). Annina Krüttli, Christina Warinner, Abigail Bouwman, Philippe Della Casa, Frank Rühli.
6 Add to calendar Tetracycline Labeling in Early Christian Burials from Kulubnarti, Nubia: Measure of Class Differences. Julie A. Margolis, Dennis P. Van Gerven, George J. Armelagos.
7 Add to calendar The Evolution of Africa’s Domestic Cattle: Evidence from complete mitochondrial genomes of modern and archaeological specimens. K. Ann. Horsburgh, Anna Gosling, Stefan Prost.
9 Add to calendar Using ancient DNA to investigate genetic adaptation to high altitude stressors in Andean populations. Léa E. Georges, Lars Fehren-Schmitz.
10 Add to calendar An ancient crime scene: a genetic investigation of decapitated individuals from prehistoric Pacific Northwest coast warfare. Cris E. Hughes, Jerome S. Cybulski, Ripan S. Malhi.
11 Add to calendar The Bronocice Sheep Project: The use of ancient mitochondrial DNA analysis of sheep to infer human social interactions during the middle Neolithic in southeastern Poland . Michel Shamoon Pour, Jennifer G.L. Kennedy, Marie-Lorraine Pipes, Sarunas Milisauskas, Janusz Kruk, D. A. Merriwether.
12 Add to calendar Postmarital residence in Neolithic Anatolia. Marin A. Pilloud.
13 Add to calendar Withdrawn. A craniometric approach to the question of postmarital residence in European Mesolithic and Upper Palaeolithic populations. Ciarán P. Brewster.
14 Add to calendar Hands up! - Estimating Paleodemographic Rates from Archeological Data. Svenja Weise, Jesper L. Boldsen.
15 Add to calendar Medieval monastic mortality: hazard analysis of mortality differences between monastic and non-monastic cemeteries in England . Jessica C. Boulware, Sharon N. DeWitte.
16 Add to calendar Status and stature: analysis of the association between socioeconomic status and adult stature in medieval London c. 1350-1538. Brittany S. Walter, Sharon DeWitte.
17 Add to calendar A comparison of aging methods and hazard analyses using a skeletal sample from the Larsen Village Cemetery (39WW2) in South Dakota. Rebecca J. Wilson-Taylor.
18 Add to calendar Demography and Health in Roman York. Lauren J. McIntyre.
19 Add to calendar Sub-adults in the Middle and Late Mississippian: Mortality, Fertility, and Growth Rates. Rebecca E. Shattuck, Kyle D. Waller, Kelsi Wilson, Ashley Nagel.
20 Add to calendar Paleodemography and Paleoepidemiology in the Middle and Late Mississippian. Kyle D. Waller, Rebecca E. Shattuck, Kelsi Wilson.
21 Add to calendar “Short people got no reason to live”: Long bone length and selective mortality of children in medieval Denmark. Marion B. Chaloux, Bethany M. Usher.
22 Add to calendar Social Differentiation Among Hualcayán Burials: A Bioarchaeological Analysis Comparing External Long Bone Measurements in the North-Central Highlands, Peru. Rachel G. Witt, Rebecca E. Bria, Julie J. Lesnik.
23 Add to calendar Status in Prehistory: Exploration of Maya Social Tiers with Cross-Sectional Geometry. Lara K. Noldner.
24 Add to calendar Dental evidence of changes in female social status during the Middle to Late Woodland transition. Jess Beck.
25 Add to calendar Hunter-gatherer resilience after the agricultural transition in prehistoric Kyushu, Japan. Kara C. Hoover, Mark J. Hudson.
26 Add to calendar Regional Variation in Mandibular Morphology in the Prehistoric Japanese Populations of the Jōmon and the Okhotsk. Rogelio A. Arenas, Kara C. Hoover.
27 Add to calendar Evidence for behavioral change between the Middle and Late/Final Jomon period using long bone diaphyseal robusticity. David T. Dillon, Daniel H. Temple.
28 Add to calendar Changes in skeletal CSG robusticity and sociopolitical changes in central Italy Samnites (800-200 BC). Vitale S. Sparacello, Alfredo Coppa, Vincenzo D'Ercole.
29 Add to calendar The Bronze Age Cemetery from Hăpria, Romania. Jenna M. Watson, Mihai Constantinescu.
30 Add to calendar Dental variation in Iron Age populations of southern Africa. Kerryn A. Warren, Simon Hall, Rebecca R. Ackermann.
31 Add to calendar A comparison of Mesolithic and Neolithic population affinities using the cranium and postcranium. Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel, Jay T. Stock, Ron Pinhasi.
32 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Bioarchaeological Case Studies from the early Medieval Site of Pohansko near Břeclav, Czech Republic. Kelli L. Keith, Veronica I. Bărcuţean, Michael D. Janas, James R. McGinty, Andrea Oaxaca, Michael J. Dietz.
33 Add to calendar A comprehensive bioarchaeological analysis of a Copper Age society from Rome, Italy. Paola Catalano, Flavio De Angelis, Anna Paola Anzidei, Mauro Brilli, Loredana Carboni, Alessandro Cianfanelli, Stefania Di Giannantonio, Cristina Martìnez-Labarga, Gabriele Scorrano, Olga Rickards.
34 Add to calendar The use of musculoskeletal stress markers in determining the effects of workload in a Roman Imperial Necropolis (I-III centuries AD). Carla Caldarini, Federica Zavaroni, Valentina Benassi, Flavio De Angelis, Paola Catalano.
35 Add to calendar Exploration of First Intermediate Period Burials at Mendes. Andrew M. LoPinto.
36 Add to calendar Making people: Sorting commingled remains from the St. Anthony of Padua Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN 1851- 1857. Deanna M. Almquist, Kathleen T. Blue.
37 Add to calendar Stress in Archaic Texan Hunter-Gatherers: an Assessment of Linear Enamel Hypoplasias. J. Colette Berbesque, Glen H. Doran.
38 Add to calendar Bioarchaeological analysis of Oak View Landing (40DR1): An Archaic population in the Kentucky Lake Reservoir. Katy D. Grant.
39 Add to calendar An osteological analysis of the Manasota Period Yellow Bluffs site (8SO4) from Sarasota, Florida. Alison A. Elgart, Stephanie Paule.
40 Add to calendar Biological Variability of the First Forager-Farmers in the Sonoran Desert. Rachael M. Byrd.
41 Add to calendar Withdrawn. A review of undescribed human skeletal remains from archaeological sites in Venezuela: Indicators of health, nutrition, and social practices. Mollie A. DiBrell, Gary P. Aronsen.
42 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Ancient burials from the site of Cardón Mocho, province of Catamarca, Argentina. Hilton D. Drube, Bárbara Desántolo, Guillermo Lamenza, Andrés Di Bastiano, Susana Salceda.
43 Add to calendar Regional Integration, Subsistence, and Health During the Formative Period in the Lake Titicaca Basin. Dale L. Hutchinson, Sara Juengst, Karen L. Chavez, Sergio J. Chavez, Lynette Norr, Theresa Schober.
44 Add to calendar Examining Life and Community History with 19th Century Bioarchaeological Remains from Pontiac, Michigan. Teddi J. Setzer, Tareq Ramadan, Susan Ward.
45 Add to calendar Cultural ecology and biological distance among Classic and Postclassic period American Southwest and Mexican populations. Corey Ragsdale, Heather JH. Edgar.
46 Add to calendar How Trade Networks Impact Phenotypic Variation Among an Archaeological Population from the Preclassic Maya site of Colha. Brenda L. Snowden, Arthur Durband, A Brett. Houk.
48 Add to calendar Were the sacrifices in Mound 72 at Cahokia nonlocal? A new perspective from the dentition. Andrew R. Thompson.
49 Add to calendar Burial patterns at the Chelechol ra Orrak cemetery, Republic of Palau. Greg C. Nelson, Scott M. Fitzpatrick.
50 Add to calendar The Quantification and Assessment of Mortuary Practices at Morton Shell Mound (16IB3). Jessica C. Stanton, Nicholas P. Herrmann.
51 Add to calendar Burying the Child in Post-medieval Poland: Prenatal vs. Postnatal Remains . Amy B. Scott, Tracy K. Betsinger.
52 Add to calendar The Mummipaedia Project: Crowdsourcing to Expand the IMPACT Radiological Mummy Database. Andrew D. Wade, Andrew J. Nelson.
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