The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 20. Plenary Posters. Contributed Posters. Chair: Juliet Brophy and Mark Teaford

Thursday Evening, Park Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Broader Social Impacts: Physical Anthropology and the K-12 Classroom. Caitlin M. Schrein.
2 Add to calendar Evolutionary biology offers an effective tool for changing high school students’ attitudes about healthy food choices. Diana Sherry.
3 Add to calendar Genotyped undergraduates: Better learners and leaders in the personal genomics era . Holly M. Dunsworth.
4 Add to calendar Finding the place of race in anthropological discourse: a digital textual analysis. Mark A. Algee-Hewitt, Bridget FB. Algee-Hewitt.
5 Add to calendar Exhibiting Bodies: Confronting the Human Remains Debate in Public Museums. Caroline Pentabona.
6 Add to calendar Talus, a new mobile application for biological profiling of human skeletal remains. Emily Niespodziewanski.
7 Add to calendar Best practices for the integration of tablet-based applications into a laboratory course: a case study from the human gross anatomy laboratory. Alison F. Doubleday.
8 Add to calendar Species concepts in anthropology and their relation to research interests. Rob'yn A. Johnston, Libby W. Cowgill.
9 Add to calendar First Miocene record of Mesopithecus from the Iberian Peninsula based on Turolian remains from Venta del Moro (Valencia, Spain). David M. Alba, Plini Montoya, Marta Pina, Lorenzo Rook, Juan Abella, Jorge Morales, Eric Delson.
10 Add to calendar A comparison of dental eruption patterns and their possible life history implications in two sympatric fossil catarrhines from Rudabánya, Hungary. David R. Begun.
11 Add to calendar Analysis of bovid remains from Malapa, South Africa and implications for the paleoenvironment of Australopithecus sediba. Juliet K. Brophy, Darryl J. de Ruiter, Lee R. Berger.
12 Add to calendar A comparison of catarrhine genetic distances against pelvic and cranial morphology: implications for determining hominin phylogeny . Stephen J. Lycett, Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel.
13 Add to calendar The evolution of brain size and longevity in mammals. Milena R. Shattuck, Scott A. Williams.
14 Add to calendar Life history transitions and the origin of genus Homo. Susan C. Antón, J. Josh. Snodgrass.
15 Add to calendar Dental microwear texture analysis and ecological plasticity in Alouatta belzebul. Mark F. Teaford, Almudena Estalrrich Albo, Peter S. Ungar.
16 Add to calendar Effect of posterior curvature on the bending strength of maxillary canines in cercopithecoid monkeys. Andrew J. Rapoff, Nikolay T. Garabedian, Scott McGraw, David J. Daegling.
17 Add to calendar Grébouo 1 forest grove in southwestern Côte d’Ivoire is the final refuge for Colobus vellerosus in the Sassandra - Bandama inter-fluvial region. Sery Ernest Gonedelé Bi, Anderson E. Bitty, W. Scott McGraw.
18 Add to calendar Accelerating deforestation and hunting in protected reserves jeopardize primates in southern Côte d’Ivoire. E. Anderson Bitty, Sery Gonedele' Bi, W. Scott McGraw.
19 Add to calendar Habitat disturbance and fecal cortisol metabolites in a folivorous strepsirrhine, Propithecus edwardsi. Stacey R. Tecot, Max Silva, Jukka Jernvall, Patricia C. Wright.
20 Add to calendar Of Monkeys and Maya: Primate Species Identification from Classic Maya Iconography. Katherine E. South, Susan M. Ford.
21 Add to calendar Season and aging affect the expression of a hormonal biomarker of life history in lemurs. Diane K. Brockman, Patricia L. Whitten, Sarah Pruett.
22 Add to calendar Longitudinal changes in macronutrient and hormone concentration in orangutan milk during peak lactation. Lauren A. Milligan, Robin Bernstein, Lewis Wright, Heather Drought, Cari Lewis, Katie Murtough, Michael Power.
23 Add to calendar Bioactive factors in milk: comparisons across nonhuman primates and humans. Michael L. Power, Jay Schulkin, Heather Drought, Katie Hinde, Robin M. Bernstein.
24 Add to calendar Determining ovarian follicle reserve from Anti-Mullerian hormone as detected using dried blood spots gathered in a remote field setting. Felicia C. Madimenos, Melissa A. Liebert, Tara J. Cepon, Paula Tallman, J Josh. Snodgrass, Lawrence S. Sugiyama, Thomas W. McDade.
25 Add to calendar Detection of sickle hemoglobin in febrile patients in Leogane, Haiti. Tamar E. Carter, Michael von Fricken, Connie J. Mulligan, Gladys Memnon, Bernard A. Okech.
26 Add to calendar Spatial analysis of fine-scale Y chromosome variation in Swahili and Yemeni males clarifies the expected distribution of genetic variation in societies with different post-marriage residence norms. Ryan L. Raaum.
27 Add to calendar Further studies on dental calculus as a proxy for stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes: extraordinarily high levels of δ15N in prehistoric samples from Chile correspond to findings on traditional biomaterials . G. Richard Scott, Simon R. Poulson, Susan C. Kuzminsky, Vivien Standen, Bernardo Arriaza, Ivan Munoz.
28 Add to calendar Ad sanctos burial and markers of skeletal health in Medieval Asturias, Spain. Nicholas V. Passalacqua.
29 Add to calendar Estimating age at death in bioarchaeology: A Rostock approach. Samantha M. Hens, Kanya Godde.
30 Add to calendar Reconstructing stress episode chronology and periodicity among Late/Final Jomon period foragers using incremental microstructures of enamel . Daniel H. Temple.
31 Add to calendar Fluctuating and Directional Asymmetry: skeletal evidence for life history theory and human evolutionary ecological variation in an archaeological South Dakota Arikara population. Erin B. Waxenbaum, Blake Erickson.
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