The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 21. HBA and AAPA Symposium: The high price of success: costs of reproductive effort in male primates and humans. Invited Podium Symposium. Chair: Alexander Georgiev and Melissa Emery Thompson

Friday Morning, Ballroom A Add to calendar

A foundational and widely supported concept in evolutionary biology is that female reproductive success is limited by access to resources while male reproductive success is limited primarily by access to mates. Thus, research programs have emphasized the substantial costs of female reproductive effort but have tended to focus on variation in the benefits obtained by males. However, the processes necessary to achieve reproductive success may carry a high price for males, and the ability to sustain these costs may determine the success of some males and the failure of others. The nature and extent of these costs is expected to vary by mating system and ecological context and can have far-reaching consequences for social behavior and demographic composition of populations. This symposium highlights studies on costs of male reproductive effort in a variety of primate species, including humans. Our contributors will present new research on male behavior, physiology, life history, demography and health in the context of male mating effort and competition. A key emphasis for discussion will be the theorized trade-off between reproductive effort and survival, and whether some males can maintain high reproductive effort despite the costs throughout their lifespan.

8:00-8:15 Add to calendar To commit or play the field? Costs and benefits of male mating strategies in hamadryas versus chacma baboons. Shahrina Chowdhury, Mathew Pines, Julian Saunders, Larissa Swedell.
8:15-8:30 Add to calendar Seasonal and social influences on androgen secretion in male geladas. David J. Pappano, Thore J. Bergman, Jacinta C. Beehner.
8:30-8:45 Add to calendar Is Fatter Sexier? Male reproductive strategies in squirrel monkeys, Saimiri sciureus. Anita I. Stone.
8:45-9:00 Add to calendar Reproductive competition in male white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus): variation in testosterone, DHT, and glucocorticoid production. Valerie A.M. Schoof, Katharine M. Jack, Toni E. Ziegler.
9:00-9:15 Add to calendar The costs of seasonal reproductive effort in Cayo Santiago male rhesus macaques. James P. Higham.
9:15-9:30 Add to calendar The energetics of mate-guarding in wild male long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis). Cedric Girard-Buttoz, Michael Heistermann, Muhammad Agil, Panji Ahmad Fauzan, Antje Engelhardt.
9:45-10:00 Add to calendar Physiological costs of dominance and mating effort in male chimpanzees. Alexander V. Georgiev, Melissa Emery Thompson, Martin N. Muller, Richard W. Wrangham.
10:00-10:15 Add to calendar Alpha male status predicts long life expectancy in wild chimpanzees. Maureen S. McCarthy, Caleb E. Finch, Craig Stanford.
10:15-10:30 Add to calendar Cost of male mate competition in bonobos. Martin Surbeck, Tobias Deschner, Anja Weltring, Gottfried Hohmann.
10:30-10:45 Add to calendar Male bi-maturism and the costs of reproduction in wild Bornean orangutans. Cheryl D. Knott, Melissa Emery Thompson.
10:45-11:00 Add to calendar From tug-of-war over reproduction to conflict over group membership: A theory of conflict and conflict resolution. Markus Port.
11:00-11:15 Add to calendar Testosterone, immune function, and life history transitions in the Philippines . Lee T. Gettler, Sonny S. Agustin, Alan B. Feranil, Thomas W. McDade, Christopher W. Kuzawa.
11:15-11:30 Add to calendar Androgens and immune function in human and nonhuman primates. Sean P. Prall, Michael P. Muehlenbein.
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