The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 28. Paleopathology Posters. Contributed Posters. Chair: Murray Marks

Friday All day, Clinch Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Integrating clinical perspectives and bioarchaeological interpretations: Case analyses from Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Turkey. Joshua W. Sadvari, Randee Hunter, Barbara J. Betz, Clark Larsen.
2 Add to calendar Sex-Based Health Differences During the Transition to Agriculture in Ukraine. Jordan K. Karsten, Gwyn D. Madden.
3 Add to calendar A comparison of visual and radiographic methods for detecting oral pathology in a skeletal sample from Ban Non Wat, Thailand. Stephanie A. Shkrum, Nancy Tayles, Siân E. Halcrow.
4 Add to calendar Deciduous Enamel Defects: Perinatal Health at Non Nok Tha, Thailand. Krystal M. Hammond, Jennifer L. Thompson.
5 Add to calendar High incidence of supernumerary and ectopic teeth from Nuvakwewtaqa (Chavez Pass), AZ . Christopher R. Grivas, Kent M. Johnson.
6 Add to calendar Caries prevalence in ancient Egyptians and Nubians, ca. 14,000 BCE-1,400 CE. Konstantine Triambelas, Joel D. Irish.
7 Add to calendar Relating posture to spinal osteoarthritis: histological evidence. Jeannie F. Bailey, Ellen Liebenberg, Aaron J. Fields, Julie A. Mattison, Jeffrey C. Lotz, Patricia A. Kramer.
7 Add to calendar Periodontal Health and Post-reproductive Tooth Loss among Mogollon Women. Alexandra C. Tuggle, James T. Watson.
8 Add to calendar Age-related trauma incidence in the Gombe chimpanzees. Claire A. Kirchhoff, Michael L. Wilson, Deus C. Mjungu, D. Anthony Collins, Shadrack M. Kamenya.
9 Add to calendar The effects of resource stress on rates of traumatic injury in medieval and post-medieval southern German and alpine Austrian populations. Leslie L. Williams, George McGlynn, Clark S. Larsen.
10 Add to calendar Evidence of possible interpersonal violence in a female bronze age skeleton from Romania. Elizabeth Williams, Mihai Constantinescu, Thomas A. Crist, Andrei D. Soficaru.
11 Add to calendar Interpersonal violence in the Paleoamericans of Lagoa Santa, Brazil. Pedro Da-Gloria, Clark S. Larsen.
12 Add to calendar Conflicting Evidence of Warfare in Mycenaean Athens, Greece: Bodies versus Bronzes. Susan Kirkpatrick Smith, Maria Liston.
13 Add to calendar Archaic Trophy Taking in the Eastern Woodlands. Amber E. Osterholt, Christopher W. Schmidt.
14 Add to calendar Three Cases of Trepanation from the Titicaca Basin from 200BC-200AD: Practice and Results. Sara L. Juengst.
15 Add to calendar Vertebral joint disease and trauma with horse riding among ancient Mongolian pastoralists. Jacqueline T. Eng.
17 Add to calendar A Case of Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis from Csíksomlyó- Szent Péter és Pál-plébániatemplom site (Harghita county, Romania). Ivett Kovari, Zsolt Bernert, Istvan Botar, Erzsebet Fothi, Klara K. Kiss, Antonia Marcsik, Boglarka Toth, Tamas Hajdu.
18 Add to calendar The interaction of DISH and Obesity on a pathological anterior pubis. Kelly Sauerwein, Kyra E. Stull, Michelle D. Hamilton.
19 Add to calendar Co-occurrence of tuberculosis and an unusual rheumatoid-like arthritis in prehistoric Central California. Elaine M. Burke, Reshma E. Varghese, Emily A. Bulger, Caitlin L. Ibarra, Hillary M. Ojeda, Rebecca S. Jabbour, Gary D. Richards.
20 Add to calendar A Paleopathology Case Study from the Midwestern Archaic. Anna-Marie C. Casserly, Christopher W. Schmidt, Rachel A. Sharkey.
21 Add to calendar Evidence for the intensive-exposure and cross-sex transmission hypotheses in epidemic poliomyelitis mortality patterns in southern Ontario, 1910-1937. Heather T. Battles.
22 Add to calendar A unique constellation of pathological features in a 13th century adolescent male from Illinois: treponematosis with destructive lesion of the palate, orthopedic complications, and other anomalies. Lisa Coss, Della C. Cook.
23 Add to calendar Treponematoses in pre-Columbian Denmark- A paleopathological, archaeometric and historical approach. Susanne Schwarz.
24 Add to calendar Diagnosis and evaluation of causative factors for the presence of endemic treponemal disease in a Japanese tropical island population from the Edo period. Mauricio Hernandez, Mark J. Hudson, Jay T. Stock.
25 Add to calendar Is this yaws? Possible treponemal induced cranial vault lesions in a young chimpanzee. Scott S. Legge, Claire A. Kirchhoff.
26 Add to calendar The Effect Of Sex and Biological Stress on The Skeletal Expression of Infectious Disease During The Reproductive Years . Jocelyn D. Minsky-Rowland.
27 Add to calendar Paleohistopathology of a Harris line. Justyna J. Miszkiewicz, Patrick Mahoney.
28 Add to calendar Skeletal Stress Markers in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty Population, and Their Relationship to Burial Types. Eun Jin Woo, Sunyoung Pak.
29 Add to calendar Specifying the nonspecific in paleopathology: A stable isotope investigation of metabolic disorders in North-Central Poland. Laurie J. Reitsema, Tomasz Kozłowski, Magdalena Krajewska.
30 Add to calendar Anomalous Malocclusions in Windover Pond (8BR246): The Origins of Anterior Dental Crowding in the Florida Archaic. Kathryn O'D. Miyar.
31 Add to calendar 8,000 year old case of thalassemia from the Windover, Florida skeletal population . Geoffrey P. Thomas.
32 Add to calendar Multiple Myeloma: How a Contemporary Forensic Anthropology Case Can Inform the Past. Stephanie Paule, Bertha Hurtado-Koodrin, Heather Walsh-Haney, Manfred Borges.
33 Add to calendar Cancer-related lesions in a contemporary skeletal collection with known cancer cases . Heli Maijanen, Dawnie W. Steadman.
34 Add to calendar A Case Of A Malign Tumour From La Tène Burial Site Of Münsingen Rain In Switzerland. Negahnaz Moghaddam, Rupert Langer, Steffen Ross, Felix Müller, Sandra Lösch.
35 Add to calendar An Unusual Case of a Solitary Osteochondroma on the Mandibular Symphysis. Samantha H. Blatt.
36 Add to calendar Histopathology and Differential Diagnosis of a Pelvic Calcification. Murray K. Marks, Michelle D. Hamilton.
37 Add to calendar Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament: Reassessing the disease in non-Asian populations. Caitlin N. Dardenne.
38 Add to calendar Cholesteatomas: The Application of Paleopathologic and Forensic Anthropologic Knowledge from a Classroom. Samantha A. Wade, Dr. Heather Walsh-Haney.
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