The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 29. Skeletal Biology and Forensic Anthropology Posters: Ontogeny, Age, Microstructure, Taphonomy, DNA and Methods. Contributed Posters. Chair: Meghan-Tomasita Cosgriff-Hernandez and Amanda Agnew

Friday All day, Clinch Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar 3D analysis of the jaw-basicranium-cervical skeleton in fetal and infant humans and chimpanzees. Implications for shaping the mandibular symphysis. Michael Coquerelle, Juan Carlos Prados-Frutos, Philipp Mitteroecker, Markus Bastir.
2 Add to calendar An assessment of the growth and development of the pediatric tongue and mandible within a South African population. Erin F. Hutchinson, Jules A. Kieser, Beverley Kramer.
3 Add to calendar A New Look at Frontal Bone Ontogeny. Caitlin L. Ibarra, Gary D. Richards.
4 Add to calendar Ontogenetic Scaling of the Human Nasal Capsule Using a Longitudinal Sample. Nathan E. Holton, Todd R. Yokley, Thomas E. Southard.
5 Add to calendar A preliminary three-dimensional geometric morphometric analysis of fetal and neo-natal maxillary ontogeny in extant H. sapiens using cross-sectional data. Christina L. Nicholas.
6 Add to calendar Influence of angiogenesis on craniofacial bone morphology. Christopher Percival, Amy Winkler, Kazuhiko Kawasaki, Talia Pankratz, Ethylin Jabs, Lihong Wang, Joan Richtsmeier.
7 Add to calendar Incremental Growth Lines in Melatonin-Deficient Mice. Amanda M. Papakyrikos, Yong Wen, Christine Austin, Akiko Kato, Nancy Tang, Manish Arora, Xiu-Ping Wang, Tanya M. Smith.
8 Add to calendar Vertebral morphometric evaluation of stress in modern pediatric patients. Randee L. Hunter, Amanda Agnew.
9 Add to calendar Morphological and ontogenetic variation in three osteological correlates of the longitudinal arch. Amber N. Heard-Booth.
10 Add to calendar An examination of pubertal development in human skeletal remains from medieval England. Fiona C. Shapland.
11 Add to calendar 3D analysis of human ribcage ontogeny. Markus Bastir, Daniel García Martínez, Wolfgang Recheis, Alon Barash, Michael Coquerelle, Luis Rios, Angel Peña-Melián, Paul O'Higgins.
12 Add to calendar An Evaluation of Three Sternal Rib End Age Estimation Techniques. Nicole L. Geske.
13 Add to calendar Sternal Rib End Age Estimation: Asymmetry and Proxy Ribs. Kevin B. Hufnagl, Donna M. McCarthy.
14 Add to calendar Do two age-related characteristics identified in Korean archaeological skeletal samples influence Transition Analysis final age-at-death estimates?. Jieun Kim, Dawnie Wolfe. Steadman, Sunyoung Pak, Dong-hoon Shin.
15 Add to calendar The influence of body size on adult skeletal age estimation . Catherine E. Merritt.
16 Add to calendar Comparison of the rate of bone degeneration between superior and inferior demifaces of the iliac auricular surface in known-age Portuguese individuals. Vanessa Campanacho, Andrew T. Chamberlain, Eugénia Cunha, John Albanese.
17 Add to calendar New estimates for ages in historic Italian populations derived from Bayesian analysis: pubic symphyses. Kanya Godde, Samantha M. Hens.
18 Add to calendar Root Dentine Translucency Aging in Burned Human Teeth: A Preliminary Study. Leigh A. Oldershaw, Shara E. Bailey, Randall W. White.
19 Add to calendar Quantifying Age Related Bone Loss Using Measures of Anterior Cortical Width. Amy C. Beresheim, Victoria M. Dominguez, Christian M. Crowder.
20 Add to calendar Estimating age at death from the femur using histological methods: Problems and prospects. Meghan-Tomasita J. Cosgriff-Hernandez, Sam D. Stout.
21 Add to calendar The use of geographic information system (GIS) software to identify and evaluate the spatial occurrence of drifting osteons in the cortical bone envelope. Jarred T. Heinrich.
22 Add to calendar Does She or Doesn’t She: Change in Osteon Size with Age and Sex . Margaret A. Streeter, Joseph Purcell, Laura Larson, Beki Jumonville, Lara McCormick, Jesse Goliath, Meghan Tomasita-Cosgriff-Hernandez, Emily Dubie, Tyler Schroeder, Kimberly Brown, Michelle Drapeau, Richard Lazenby.
23 Add to calendar Covariation of Haversian Structure Density and Bone Resorption In Human Bone. Robert A. Walker, Heather E. Cutler.
24 Add to calendar Histomorphometric differentiation of human and nonhuman bone. Ryan M. Strand, Sophia R. Mavroudas, Victoria M. Dominguez.
25 Add to calendar Synchrotron light identifies the biogenic uptake of metacinnabar in a bone sample from an Antigua, West Indies, Royal Naval Hospital Cemetery (1793-1822). Treena M. Swanston, Tamara Varney, Ian Coulthard, Graham N. George, Ingrid J. Pickering, Reg Murphy, David M.L. Cooper.
26 Add to calendar The ultrastructure of bone: two new levels of hierarchy revealed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Henry P. Schwarcz, Elizabeth A. McNally, Gianluigi A. Botton, Matthieu Lebon.
27 Add to calendar Intra-individual changes in major bone constituents studied by Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. Vanessa Urzel, Yves Schuliar, Frédéric Adam, Axelle Grélard, Cécile Courrèges, Erick J. Dufourc, Henri Duday.
28 Add to calendar Microfractures in Elderly Ribs: Contributions to bone quality . Amanda M. Agnew, Sam D. Stout, Paul W. Sciulli.
29 Add to calendar X-ray Study on the Laterality of the Humeral Bone Mineral Density for Determination of Handedness. Fabian Kanz, Karl Grossschmidt, Ronald Risy, Daniele U. Risser.
30 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Investigating the relationship between diabetes mellitus and bone mineral denisty. Shannon E. May.
31 Add to calendar Evidence of Non-bone Cellular and Microstructure Preservation in Skeletonized Remains from Middle Bronze Age Italy. Susan K. Dibbley, Teddi J. Setzer, Birgitta I. Sundell-Ranby.
32 Add to calendar The Body Will Eat Itself: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Bone Diagenesis and Funerary Treatment. Thomas J. Booth.
33 Add to calendar Determining the Effects of Defleshing Methods on the Structural Integrity of Bone Through Mechanical Testing. Bobbie J. Leeper, Sarah E. Henderson, Alejandro J. Almarza, Margaret A. Judd, Michael I. Siegel.
34 Add to calendar Raccoon modification of human skeletal remains. Jennifer A. Synstelien.
35 Add to calendar The Depositional Patterning of Avian Scavenged Remains. Lauren R. Pharr.
36 Add to calendar Eagle Syndrome in Two Forensic Anthropological Cases. Tatiana Devia, Jessica Cartier, Heather Walsh-Haney.
37 Add to calendar Identifying the source of bone marks via optical profilometry 3D images. Sebastian K.T.S. Wärmländer, Jackson Njau.
38 Add to calendar Defining Postmortem Changes in West Central Montana. Jessica R. Spencer, Tory N. Huey.
39 Add to calendar Determination of the Postmortem Interval in Western Montana: A preliminary study on perimortem and postmortem characteristics in blunt force fractures. Elizabeth R. Stevens.
40 Add to calendar Using citrate concentration to determine postmortem interval of forensically-significant skeletal material. Adam C. Zimmer, Vincent F. DeTuri, Jennifer L. Muller.
41 Add to calendar Effects of wrappings on the decomposition process. Sara M. Bell, Arthur C. Durband, M. Kate. Spradley, James M. Childers.
42 Add to calendar The differential burn patterns in a hanging specimen compared to a specimen positioned on the surface. Amanda N. Williams.
43 Add to calendar The Lubischew’s test, an useful statistical tool for Forensic Anthropology. Juan Manuel Jiménez-Arenas, José Antonio Esquivel, Alexia Serrano-Ramos.
44 Add to calendar Geometric morphometric analysis of human footprints. Jacqueline Domjanic, Martin Fieder, Horst Seidler, Slavenka Petrak, Darko Ujevic, Philipp Mitteroecker.
45 Add to calendar Automated approaches to geometric morphometrics. Jesus Puente, Douglas M. Boyer, Justin T. Gladman, Ingrid C. Daubechies.
46 Add to calendar The Effects of X-Ray Irradiation on Obtaining CODIS STR Profile from X-rayed Teeth. Erin L. Knapp.
47 Add to calendar An Investigation into the Effects of X-Ray on the Recovery of DNA from Skeletal Remains. Kim L. Ziegler, Gerald Conlogue, Beckett Ronald, Blyth Tania, Aronsen P. Gary, Fehren-Schmitz Lars.
48 Add to calendar Obstacles and results of screening ancient skeletal samples with real-time PCR. Maria A. Nieves-Colon, Kelly M. Harkins, Anne C. Stone.
49 Add to calendar Assessing damages: Testing the assumptions of a non-destructive protocol for DNA extraction from modern human teeth. Christopher Bowers, Bridget F.B. Algee-Hewitt, Graciela S. Cabana.
50 Add to calendar Anthropological Studies on Mummified Human Brains from Archaeological Fields in Korea . Chang Seok Oh, Soong Deok Lee, Myeung Ju Kim, Yi-Suk Kim, Do-Seon Lim, Dong Hoon Shin.
51 Add to calendar Set Apart: Why were these men dumped in that grave?. Katherine J. Welch, Thomas Crist, Linda L. Taylor, Monica Faraldo, Mihai Constantinescu.
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