The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Withdrawn. Preferences for male voices and faces among breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding women in Manila


Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Friday All day, Park Concourse Add to calendar

This project investigates the influence of lactation on female preferences for male voices and faces in urban Manila, a population with long-term breastfeeding, low contraceptive use, and quick return to cycling. From an evolutionary perspective, female ancestors were likely spending more time pregnant and lactating rather than ovulating. Moreover, a majority of conceptions in natural fertility societies occurred in lactating, ovulating women. These considerations suggest that lactating women face important life history allocation trade-offs between mating and parenting effort that may be manifested in their preferences for certain traits in a partner. Breastfeeding (n=68) and regularly cycling (n=66) women were recruited to complete a face and voice preference task to determine preferences for masculinity. All participants also completed a questionnaire that assessed sexual functioning, sociosexuality, and relationship satisfaction, along with demographic variables. Breastfeeding women significantly have a higher preference for high-pitched voices than regularly cycling women (t=2.43, p=.016). No differences were found between the two groups’ preferences for male faces. Further analyses incorporate sociosexuality, sexual functioning, and other variables. Life history strategies will be discussed and will serve as a framework for the findings.

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