The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 32. Paleoanthropology Posters: Homo and Reconstructing Environment. Contributed Posters. Chair: Katarina Harvati

Friday All day, Park Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Ecomorphology of the bovid astragalus: body size, function, phylogeny, and paleoenvironmental reconstruction. W. Andrew Barr.
2 Add to calendar Serengeti micromammals: testing the predictive ability of owl pellet assemblages for reconstructing paleohabitats . Sierra J. Castedo, Denné N. Reed, Wendy Dirks, Terry Harrison.
3 Add to calendar Microtomographic assessment of mineralization patterns to inform isotope paleoenvironment reconstruction. Daniel R. Green, Tanya M. Smith, Paul Tafforeau.
4 Add to calendar Investigating paleoclimate in the Levant: carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of gazelles and rodents . Alex M. Cowper, Jennifer Leichliter, Kelsey Hack, Miriam Belmaker, Matthew J. Sponheimer.
5 Add to calendar New calculation of habitable land area during Glacial periods and its implications for Pleistocene hominin population size. Joanna R. Gautney, Trenton W. Holliday.
6 Add to calendar Distinguishing cut marks from carnivore tooth marks using scale-sensitive curvature of mark profiles. Benjamin Keepers, Matthew A. Gleason, Jennifer A. Parkinson, Jay S. Reti, Pamela Weis, Thomas Plummer, Robert S. Scott.
7 Add to calendar What 1st metatarsal cortical thickness distribution reveals about locomotion of Sterkfontein and Swartkran hominins. Tea Jashashvili, Mark R. Dowdeswell, Kristian J. Carlson, Dominic Stratford, Marchi Damiano, Robert Nshimirimana6.
8 Add to calendar Comparative analysis of intercusp dimensions and crown morphology between the deciduous second molar and permanent first molar within the same maxillary arcade. Kathleen S. Paul, Shara E. Bailey.
9 Add to calendar Endostructural morphology of the late Early Pleistocene human dental remains from Uadi Aalad and Mulhuli-Amo, Danakil (Afar) depression of Eritrea. Clement Zanolli, Luca Bondioli, Francesca Candilio, Alfredo Coppa, Diego Dreossi, David W. Frayer, Yosief Libsekal, Lucia Mancini, Lorenzo Rook, Tsegai Medin, Claudio Tuniz, Roberto Macchiarelli.
10 Add to calendar Caries and other oral pathology in the Broken Hill (Kabwe) cranium. Sarah A. Lacy.
11 Add to calendar The Health of Early Homo. Linda Van Blerkom.
12 Add to calendar Pathology of LB1 (Flores, Indonesia): Down Syndrome Considered. Robert B. Eckhardt, Saktapong Chavanaves, Maciej Henneberg.
13 Add to calendar A QUANTITATIVE APPROACH FOR THE LATE PLEISTOCENE HOMININS BRAIN SIZE. Alexia Serrano-Ramos, Juan-Manuel Jiménez-Arenas, José-Antonio Esquivel-Guerrero.
14 Add to calendar A morphometric analysis of the frontal squama in fossil and recent humans. Sheela Athreya, José Manuel de la Cuétara, Tarah Marks, Emiliano Bruner.
15 Add to calendar Zygomaxillary suture morphology in Pleistocene and Holocene Homo. Casey E. Burns, Alexandria N. Sporleder, Scott D. Maddux.
16 Add to calendar Renewed paleontological investigations in the Olteţ River Valley of Romania and the new paleontological locality of Râpa. Claire E. Terhune, Sabrina Curran, Alexandru Petculescu, Chris Robinson, Marius Robu, Emil Stiuca.
17 Add to calendar New Neanderthal remains from Kalamakia cave, Mani peninsula, Southern Greece. Katerina Harvati, Andreas Darlas, Shara E. Bailey, Thomas R. Rein, Sireen El Zaatari, Luca Fiorenza, Ottmar Kullmer, Eleni Psathi.
18 Add to calendar Variation in the Neandertal pelvis. Caroline VanSickle.
19 Add to calendar Human Childbirth: an obstetrical dilemma or a solo act. Nicole L. Falk-Smith.
20 Add to calendar Culture-Genetic models of information exchange among Pleistocene human populations. Marc Kissel.
21 Add to calendar New ways of understanding hand stencils in French and Spanish cave art. Rebecca M. Harrison, Paul Pettitt.
22 Add to calendar Tooth wear and culture in the Middle Paleolithic humans from Near East. Luca Fiorenza.
23 Add to calendar Cervicometrics and intra-Iberomaurusian phenotypic variability. Charisse L. Carver, Christopher M. Stojanowski.
24 Add to calendar Regional variation in the cross-sectional geometric properties of southern African Later Stone Age foragers: an examination of humeri from three distinct ecoregions. Michelle E. Cameron.
25 Add to calendar Sexual differentiation in humeral bilateral asymmetry during the Late Holocene at Roonka Flat, South Australia. Ethan C. Hill, Arthur C. Durband, Keryn Walshe.
26 Add to calendar Is Thicker Better? Testing Adaptation Hypotheses for Cranial Vault Thickness. Hannah E. Marsh.
27 Add to calendar Ancient footprints in Ciur-Izbuc Cave, Romania: Preservation and Re-analysis. David Webb, Marius Robu, Oana Moldovan.
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