The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 37. Concepts and Realities - Humans in Time and Space: Papers in honor of Fred Hines Smith. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: James Ahern and Ivor Jankovic

Friday Afternoon, 200DE Add to calendar

Fred Hines Smith, former AAPA president, has had a lasting influence on various fields of research on human origins and evolution. His conceptual ideas and models, his meticulous studies of fossils, his involvement in the development of the field of paleoanthropology in Croatia, his influence on generations of students, many of which are now scholars of human origins themselves, are just some among many contributions that he had over the years. This year’s AAPA meetings are held in Fred’s home state and in the place where he first held an academic position.  Furthermore, the sequel to one of Fred’s most influential works (edited with Frank Spencer), Origins of Modern Humans: A World Survey of the Fossil Evidence is in publication.  Thus, it is now appropriate to honor Fred’s many contributions. This symposium brings together an array of papers that all share a common theme that has been central to Fred’s work: conceptual understanding built upon detailed analyses of human biology in time and space.  Reflecting Fred’s own body of work, many of the contributions are on later human evolution, while some focus on variation and evolution of more recent populations.

1 Add to calendar Exploratory multivariate analysis of shape in commingled fossil assemblages. Theodore M. Cole, Maria S. Cole, Deborah L. Cunningham.
2 Add to calendar Peeling back the layers: additional evidence for the date of the Petralona skull (Homo heidelbergensis), Greece. Maria A. Liston, Antonis Bartsiokas.
3 Add to calendar Reconsideration of the mandibular mental foramen position in the genus Homo. Rolf M. Quam, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
4 Add to calendar The developmental and evolutionary significance of occipital bunning: A comparative morphometric study. Miranda E. Utzinger, Robert G. Franciscus, Thomas E. Southard.
5 Add to calendar Long Bone Growth Trajectories in Late Pleistocene Homo. Amanda M. Busby, Maja Seselj.
6 Add to calendar Re-evaluating the functional and adaptive significance of Neandertal nasofacial anatomy . Todd R. Yokley, Nathan E. Holton.
7 Add to calendar Three-Dimensional Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Late Pleistocene Femora:Taxonomy and Functional Morphology . Vance T. Hutchinson.
8 Add to calendar Fred Smith and the Croatian Paleoanthropology. Ivor Jankovic.
9 Add to calendar Is there evidence for Assimilation in Australasia?. Arthur C. Durband.
10 Add to calendar The evidence for modern human origins in Central Europe: 30 years since Smith’s seminal review. James C.M. Ahern.
11 Add to calendar The diet of Neandertals at Krapina: Evidence from dental microwear texture. Whitney M. Karriger, Christopher W. Schmidt.
12 Add to calendar Comparative analysis of covariance structure in the skull and postcranial skeletons of living apes. Patricia S. Vinyard, Andrea B. Taylor, Christopher J. Vinyard.
13 Add to calendar Microevolutionary Change in the Human Mandible. Donna C. Boyd, Cliff Boyd, William L. Hylander.
14 Add to calendar Ten Thousand Years of Population Interaction at the Prairie-Woodland Interface in the Upper Midwest and Contiguous Areas of Manitoba and Ontario. Susan M. T. Myster.
15 Add to calendar Resolving missing and unidentified persons cases: Results of multidisciplinary efforts and new data collection technologies. Anthony B. Falsetti, Catyana R. Skory, Fernando Gajate, Wendy Crane.
16 Add to calendar Sleep may provide a molecular model of the functional impact of increasing brain size . Lisa Nevell, Magdalena N. Muchlinski, Rui Diogo.
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