The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Professional publishing and professional ethics in biological anthropology


Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

Saturday 11:00-11:15, Ballroom A Add to calendar

There are many ethical issues that arise in academic publishing, most driven by concern for promoting one’s individual professional reputation. It is not always easy to distinguish issues of professional ethics from issues of professional courtesy. The line between plagiarism and under-citation is an example. Other issues involve the use of human subjects in research, concern for which does not end with institutional IRB review. Most recently, the open access movement in academic publishing has raised new ethical issues surrounding the right of the public to access the results of publicly funded research, and the right of other researchers to access the data derived from publicly funded research. These issues deserve a fuller discussion within professional societies and will require an adjustment in the way individual scientific impact is assessed.

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