The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 47. Skeletal Biology and Forensic Anthropology Posters: Cranial Variation, Ancestry, Ecogeography, Sex and Size. Contributed Posters. Chair: Heather Garvin and Sabrina Sholts

Saturday All day, Clinch Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Craniofacial variation I: Within-population Procrustes analysis in a sample of Armed Services personnel. Cameron J. Berkley, Brian Corner, Dennis E. Slice.
2 Add to calendar Craniofacial Variation II: Head shape prediction from anthropometric measurement and ancestry. K James. Soda, Brian D. Corner, Dennis E. Slice.
3 Add to calendar Craniofacial Variation III: Efficient, landmark-free superimposition of head surface scans. Benjamin J. Pomidor, Brian Corner, Dennis E. Slice.
4 Add to calendar Craniofacial variation IV: Visualization of surface variation derived from whole head scans. Detelina K. Stoyanova, Brian Corner, Dennis E. Slice.
5 Add to calendar The reality of virtual anthropology: testing the utility of computer generated models for the quantitative assessment of the cranium. Amber D. Wheat, Bridget FB. Algee-Hewitt.
6 Add to calendar Covariance patterns in the human skull: a phylogenetic approach to the structure of human cranial variation. Danilo V. Bernardo, Walter A. Neves, Tatiana F. Almeida.
7 Add to calendar Modularity and integration in the human cranial vault. Taylor S. Yuzwa, Stephen D. Ousley.
8 Add to calendar Shape analysis of the human zygomatic bone – Data evaluation. Alexandra Rüdell, Stefan Schlager.
9 Add to calendar Shape analysis of the human zygomatic bone - surface registration. Stefan Schlager, Alexandra Rüdell.
10 Add to calendar Craniofacial Changes between Children with Otitis Media with Effusion and Control. Allison P. Cullen Doyle, J. Douglas Swatrz, Margaretha L. Casselbrant, William J. Doyle.
11 Add to calendar The Relationship between Dental Crowding and Cephalometric Measurements in Contemporary New Mexicans. Shamsi R. Daneshvari, Heather J.H. Edgar.
12 Add to calendar ASSOCIATION BETWEEN GONIAL ANGLE AND MANDIBULAR TORUS. Karina Coscuna, Adam Martinetti.
13 Add to calendar Investigating the relationship between mandibular skeletal form and Stafne’s defect using geometric morphometrics. Sabrina B. Sholts, Sebastian Wärmländer.
14 Add to calendar Investigating Sexual Dimorphism of the Mandible Using 3D Geometric Morphometrics. Kathleen A. Hauther, Beatrix Dudzik.
15 Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism in the hyoid of recent human populations: a functional morphometric approach. Mandy K. Blume, Timothy D. Weaver.
16 Add to calendar The Lateral Angle and cranial base sexual dimmorphism: a morphometric evaluation. Niels Lynnerup, Mathilde Duquesnel.
17 Add to calendar Morphological variation of modern human browridges. Heather M. Garvin.
18 Add to calendar Human craniometric sexual dimorphism and Rensch’s Rule. Diana L. Messer, Stephen D. Ousley, Panya Tuamsuk.
19 Add to calendar Quantifying sexual dimorphism in the cranium: a preliminary analysis of a novel method. Ana M. Casado.
20 Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism in human skull: the effect of size correction. Tatiana F. Almeida, Danilo V. Bernardo, Mariana Inglez, Walter A. Neves.
21 Add to calendar Non-metric cranial and pelvic traits as a measure of sexual dimorphism in a modern South African population. Kyra E. Stull, Michael W. Kenyhercz, Ericka N. L’Abbé.
22 Add to calendar Variation by Variation: Differences in Sexual Dimorphism of the Skull between African-Americans and European-Americans. Amanda G. Kittoe.
23 Add to calendar Sexual Dimorphism and Health in Prehistoric Thailand. Angela L. Clark, Nancy Tayles, Siȃn E. Halcrow.
24 Add to calendar Regional Variation in Sexual Dimorphism among African and Diaspora Populations. Ashley L. Humphries, Meredith L. Tise, Erin H. Kimmerle.
25 Add to calendar Pelvic and appendicular skeletal variability in humans. Helen K. Kurki.
26 Add to calendar Trunk modularity in recent human populations: a preliminary look at rib and pelvis covariation. Emily R. Middleton.
27 Add to calendar Environmental Plasticity of Intralimb Indices. Ellen E. Powell, Madeline H. Roth, Heather M. Garvin.
28 Add to calendar Ecogeographic patterning in maxillary sinus form among modern humans . Lauren N. Butaric.
29 Add to calendar Form variation in human long bone joints: A comparative geometric morphometric analysis of variation in the knee and elbow. Sally D. Stevens, Una S. Vidarsdottir.
30 Add to calendar Variability in bone length and proportions of the arm and hand. Kristen R. Rectenwald.
31 Add to calendar Introducing new variables into morphometric body mass reconstruction. Christopher W. Rainwater, Emily R. Middleton.
32 Add to calendar Secular Changes in Robusticity of Limb Bones in Americans. Amy K. Stromquist, Stephen D. Ousley.
33 Add to calendar Going Out on a Limb: Does Obesity have a Systemic Effect on Limb Bone Morphology?. Nicole M. Reeves.
34 Add to calendar Secular change in the knee joint and the effects of obesity. Katherine I. Harrington, Daniel J. Wescott.
35 Add to calendar Secular Change in the Length and Breadth of the Bones of the Upper Limb. Ashley C. Smith.
36 Add to calendar The influence of body mass on humeral strength: An ontogenetic perspective. Carolyn L. Giroux, Libby W. Cowgill.
37 Add to calendar Does Height Matter? Evaluating the Need for Height Specific Stature Estimation Equations. Xandra D. Lauch.
38 Add to calendar Comparative Study of Metric Sexing Software Using the Os Coxa. Britta McMullan.
39 Add to calendar The Subpubic Angle: A New Method for Assessing Sex in a Single Os-coxa. Kaitlin McGuire.
40 Add to calendar Sex Estimation of Juvenile Human Crania Using 3D Assessment of Craniofacial Architecture. Michala K. Stock, David Reynolds, Ari J. Masters, Timothy G. Bromage.
41 Add to calendar Sex determination by discriminant function analysis of lumbar vertebrae. Kelly R. Ostrofsky, Steven E. Churchill.
42 Add to calendar Current Practices in Physical Anthropology for Sex Estimation in Unidentified, Adult Individuals . Alexandra R. Klales.
43 Add to calendar The Determination of Sex and Ancestry of Patellae and Calcanei from the Hamann-Todd Anatomical Collection. Patricia S. Urdzik.
44 Add to calendar Ancestral Estimation Using E.A. Marino’s Analysis of the First Cervical Vertebra applied to Three Modern Ethnic Groups. Victoria Marie. Swenson.
45 Add to calendar Variation in nonmetric traits of the pelvis between population groups. Gabrielle T. Lavallo, Katherine M. Spradley.
46 Add to calendar Is dental metric variation more sensitive to differences among regional populations than dental morphology?: a case study from coastal Kenya . Amelia R. Hubbard.
47 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Applying statistical classification methodologies to morphological dental trait data in forensic studies. Francesca Candilio, Luca Bondioli, Andrea Cucina, Michaela Lucci, Alfredo Coppa.
48 Add to calendar Dental Morphological Analysis of Roman-Era Burials from the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt. Scott D. Haddow.
49 Add to calendar A World Apart: Dental Variation and the New York African Burial Ground. Arion T. Mayes, Lesley Rankin-Hill, Michael Blakey.
50 Add to calendar Are socioethnic groups biologically meaningful entities?: A tooth size allocation analysis of the Baltis of northern Pakistan. Maria del Carmen Guzman, Brian E. Hemphill.
51 Add to calendar Using admixture mapping to identify genetic linkages with variation in human facial shape. Denise K. Liberton, Peter Claes, Sandra Beleza, Greg Barsh, Hua Tang, Mark D. Shriver.
52 Add to calendar Assessing the forensic utility of the zygomaxillary suture in ancestry estimation. Alexandria N. Sporleder, Casey E. Burns, Scott D. Maddux.
53 Add to calendar Determination of Ancestry in Historical Skeletal Populations: Two Case Studies from French Colonial Sites in the U.S. Heather Guzik, Marie Danforth, Danielle N. Cook, Tyler Cargill.
54 Add to calendar Cranial variation among three regional groups in Mexico. Cristina Figueroa-Soto, M. Katherine Spradley.
55 Add to calendar Are there 40 kinds of Hispanics in New Mexico?. Heather J.H. Edgar, Shaun Bloom, Kate Rusk, Meghan Healy, Carmen Mosley, Keith L. Hunley, Terran Lane.
57 Add to calendar Determination of Body Surface Area from a whole-body CT scan. Charlotte Primeau, Chiara Villa, Hans Petter Hougen, Niels Lynnerup, Birger Hesse.
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