The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 48. Primate Dentitions, Diets and Growth Posters. Contributed Posters. Chair: Mary Kelaita

Saturday All day, Park Concourse Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar A tooth atlas for the developing dentition of Hylobates lar based on radiography and histology. Wendy Dirks, Anna P. Barros, Christopher Dean.
2 Add to calendar Pace of dental eruption and epiphyseal fusion in captive Macaca mulatta. Andrea R. Eller, Samantha Buckley, Trevor Edwards, Stephen R. Frost, Frances J. White.
3 Add to calendar Pattern differences in the resorption and exfoliation of deciduous teeth between captive and wild Pan troglodytes. Emily E. Hammerl.
4 Add to calendar Molar development and life history in four macaque species. Nancy Tang, Akiko Kato, Katie Hinde, Ellen Miller, Tanya M. Smith.
5 Add to calendar Molar enamel thickness in four macaque species. Akiko Kato, Nancy Tang, Amanda M. Papakyrikos, Katie Hinde, Ellen Miller, Yutaka Kunimatsu, Eishi Hirasaki, Daisuke Shimizu, Tanya M. Smith.
6 Add to calendar Stable isotope time-series in teeth: targeting the innermost enamel layer. Scott A. Blumenthal, Kendra L. Chritz, Thure E. Cerling, Timothy G. Bromage, Reinhard Kozdon, John W. Valley.
7 Add to calendar Dietary variability yields novel dental microwear textures for geladas. Amy E. Shapiro, Vivek V. Venkataraman, Peter J. Fashing, Nga Nguyen.
8 Add to calendar Molar wear in a wild population of known-age mountain gorillas from Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda . Halszka Glowacka, Kierstin K. Catlett, Gary T. Schwartz, Antoine Mudakikwa, Timothy G. Bromage, Michael R. Cranfield, Kathryn A. Fawcett, Shannon C. McFarlin.
9 Add to calendar Preliminary examination of buccal dental microtexture in primates. Andres Aliaga, Alejandro Romero, Jordi Galbany, Alejandro Pérez-pérez.
10 Add to calendar Anterior dental microwear in sympatric Callicebus brunneus and Ateles marginatus. Lucas K. Delezene, Mark F. Teaford, Peter S. Ungar.
11 Add to calendar A New Method for Assessing Dietary Differences Using Interproximal Tooth Wear Analysis. Amy L. Warren.
12 Add to calendar Revisiting incisor allometry and diet (again): New 2D and 3D approaches to an old question. Andrew S. Deane, Marquiana Jusma.
13 Add to calendar Dental metric variation in two species of howler monkeys and their hybrids. Mary A. Kelaita, Pedro AD. Dias, Liliana Cortes-Ortiz.
14 Add to calendar Modularity and shape variation of upper P4-M1 teeth in modern humans. Alejandro Romero, Stéphanie Torrijo, Jordi Galbany, Fernando V. Ramírez-Rozzi, Joaquín De Juan, Alejandro Pérez-Pérez.
15 Add to calendar Morphological integration of the maxillary dentition and the cranium in hominoids. Allison Nesbitt, Karen L. Baab.
16 Add to calendar A geometric morphometric analysis of lower deciduous first molars and their succedaneous dentition. Katie Zejdlik.
17 Add to calendar A Survey of the Frequency of Supernumerary Teeth in Non-Human Hominids. Timothy L. Campbell.
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