The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 51. Primatology: Ecology, Behavior and Flexibility. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Monica Wakefield

Saturday Afternoon, 200ABC Add to calendar
1:00-1:15 Add to calendar Primate socioecology: where are we, what are we doing here, and where are we going?. Agustin Fuentes.
1:15-1:30 Add to calendar Individual and group level factors shape the social sphere of individual mountain gorillas (Gorilla b. beringei). Damien Caillaud, Felix Ndagijimana, Veronica Vecellio, Tara S. Stoinski.
1:30-1:45 Add to calendar Weaning in the Virunga mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) – factors causing variation in weaned age. Winnie Eckardt, Alison W. Fletcher.
1:45-2:00 Add to calendar The function of long calls in western gorillas (Gorilla gorilla): behavioral flexibility in ape communication . Roberta Salmi, Diane M. Doran-Sheehy.
2:00-2:15 Add to calendar Acoustic Determination on the Dialects of Wild Chimpanzee (P.t. verus) Calls in Sierra Leone. Andrew R. Halloran, Christina T. Cloutier, Torjia S. Karimu, Sama Monde.
2:15-2:30 Add to calendar An investigation of a Shigellosis outbreak in a Rhesus macaque population: the importance of rank and status. Jennifer A. Ida, Angelina V. Ruiz-Lambides, Alexa S. Dietrich.
2:30-2:45 Add to calendar Meat transfer among savanna chimpanzees at Fongoli, Senegal: The female perspective. Stacy Lindshield, Jill D. Pruetz.
2:45-3:00 Add to calendar A cross community comparison of female chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) social behavior in Kibale National Park Uganda. Monica L. Wakefield, Kyleb D. Wild.
3:15-3:30 Add to calendar Stress and affiliation in wild black-handed spider monkeys: Do females tend-and-befriend?. Michelle A. Rodrigues.
3:30-3:45 Add to calendar Impact of early life experience on fitness-relevant demographic outcomes in wild white-faced capuchin (Cebus capucinus) males in Lomas Barbudal, Costa Rica. Susan E. Perry.
3:45-4:00 Add to calendar Hungry, tired, and stressed: Why are lemur females dominant to males?. Marni LaFleur, Michelle sauther, Frank Cuozzo, Nayuta Yamashita, Richard Bender.
4:00-4:15 Add to calendar “Top-down” socialization of sex-typed behavioral development in Lemur catta?. Stephanie L. Meredith.
4:15-4:30 Add to calendar Timing of hibernation bouts in eastern dwarf lemurs. Marina B. Blanco, Peter H. Klopfer.
4:30-4:45 Add to calendar Too hot, too cold, or just right: thermal challenges facing mantled howling monkeys (Alouatta palliata) in a dry tropical forest. Cynthia L. Thompson, Susan H. Williams, Ken E. Glander, Mark F. Teaford, Christopher J. Vinyard.
4:45-5:00 Add to calendar What’s eating Microcebus? Endo- and ectoparasite ecology of Microcebus griseorufus at Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve, Madagascar. Idalia A. Rodriguez, Emilienne Rasoazanabary, Laurie R. Godfrey.
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