The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Food for thought: The contributions of George Armelagos to food and culture studies


Compartive Cultural Studies, University of Houston

Saturday Afternoon, 200DE Add to calendar

George Armelagos is well known for his academic contributions to the study of human health and disease in anthropological populations and is one of the founders of biocultural anthropology. However, George also contributed an enormous amount of research to the general topic of food and culture and has been instrumental in bringing biocultural studies to the general population in popular books and videos. These works include Consuming passions a book about the anthropology of eating that attempts to understand society and culture through eating. He authored an article with Peter Farb entitled the Food Connection in Natural History. He also was instrumental in the video production “How Beer Saved the World”, which discusses the importance of beer in the subsistence base of cultures and its role in the development of civilization. George participated in Wenner Gren Foundation International Symposium on Food Preferences and Aversions organized M. Harris and E. Ross in Cedar Key, Florida, October 23 30, 1984. Organized the Medical Anthropology Roundtables Luncheon and Wine and Cheese. 87th Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. November 17, 1988. Phoenix and was Invited Participant, National Academy of Science National Research Council, Food and Nutrition Board's Committee on International Nutrition in Washington, D.C.. I will highlight these contributions both to academica and to the general public.

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