The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013)

Session 55. Cementochronology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Stephan Naji, Thomas Colard and Benoit Bertrand

Saturday Afternoon, 301D Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Cementochronology, to cut or not to cut ?. Stephan Naji, Thomas Colard, Benoit Bertrand, Emmanuel D’incau, Laetitia Lanteri, Elizabeth Brandt, Joël Blondiaux.
2 Add to calendar Cementochronology, a test of Accuracy by age groups on a reference population. Thomas Colard, Benoit Bertrand, Stephan Naji, Amélie Debroucker, Pierre Marchandise, Joel Blondiaux.
3 Add to calendar Microstep by microstep across dental cementum - Microanalysis of the alternating yearly deposits. Benoit Bertrand, Thomas Colard, Stephan Naji, Pierre Marchandise, Lucile Geant, Guillaume Falgayrac.
4 Add to calendar Age-at-death estimation of pathological individuals. A complementary approach using teeth cementum annulations . G. Robbins Schug, B. Bertrand, T. Colard, S. Naji, C. Polet.
5 Add to calendar Adult Individual Age, reliability of estimation using cementochronology. Claude Rucker.
6 Add to calendar Cementochronology (TCA) - Evaluation of a semi-automated counting software . Melanie Kuenzie.
7 Add to calendar Testing inter-teeth variability in adult individual age-at-death estimate using cementochronology (TCA). Laëtitia Lanteri, Aurore Schmitt, Bruno Foti, Stephan Naji.
8 Add to calendar Functional morphology of the human dentition and its probable influence on tooth cementum thickness and incremental line count. Gisela Grupe, Anne Lippitsch.
9 Add to calendar Impact of periodontal disease on cementochronology. Amélie de BROUCKER, Thomas Colard, Joël Blondiaux, Benoît Bertrand, Stephan Naji.
10 Add to calendar Cementochronology and Gender : a reappraisal of adult survival in past societies. Pierre Marchandise, Joel Blondiaux, Benoit Bertrand, Stephan Naji, Thomas Colard.
11 Add to calendar A reappraisal of ancient hypotheses on stress markers using cementochronology. Eric Binet, Joël Blondiaux, Thomas Colard, Stephan Naji, Daniel Piton.
12 Add to calendar The Leprosarium of Saint Thomas d’Aizier, the cementochronological proof of the medieval decline of Hansen disease in Europe? . Joël P. Blondiaux, Thomas Colard, Amélie De Broucker, Cécile Niel, Stephan Naji.
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