The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 1. Energetics in Human and Non-Human Primate Evolution: Moving from Theory to Empirical Tests. Invited Podium Symposium. Chair: Christopher Kuzawa

March 26, 2015 , Grand Ballroom D Add to calendar

The remarkable diversity in primate life histories reflects differences in the quantity of energy and metabolic resources available within the body, and the priority with which energy is allocated across the key functions of growth, reproduction, activity and maintenance. Energetics lies at the heart of questions cutting across the subfields of Biological Anthropology: How do ecological pressures such as climate and foraging effort affect energy throughput? When and how does energy expended on activity, thermoregulation, immune function, or other tasks affect the pace of growth, reproduction, and aging? What are the constraints on energy allocation and how have these shaped the evolution of life cycles?  How does the body manage acute trade-offs between competing functions, and what are the implications for phenotypic diversity within and across populations?  What are the social dimensions of energy flow and what are their roles in reproductive strategies?  Recent methodological advances have enabled anthropologists to move beyond simple models of energy expenditure to empirical tests of energy allocation in humans and other primates, from the lab to the field, and even in skeletal and fossil remains. This session will bring human biologists, paleoanthropologists and primatologists together to explore the role of energetics in the evolution of human and non-human primates.

8:00 Add to calendar The evolutionary history of hominin growth, life history, and energetics. Gary T. Schwartz.
8:15 Add to calendar Hard Tissues maintain a record of whole body metabolism and enlighten the metabolomics of development and life history. Timothy G. Bromage, Russell T. Hogg, Rodrigo S. Lacruz, Thomas D. Crenshaw, Friedemann Schrenk.
8:30 Add to calendar Brain growth, energetics, and the slow life history of Neanderthals. Christoph P. E. Zollikofer, Marcia S. Ponce de León.
8:45 Add to calendar Humans, the high-energy ape: hominoid energetics and life history evolution. Herman Pontzer, Mary H. Brown, Holly M. Dunsworth, Stephen R. Ross.
9:00 Add to calendar The high metabolic costs of human brain development help explain the unusually slow body growth of human childhood. Christopher Kuzawa, Harry T. Chugani, Lawrence I. Grossman, Leonard Lipovich, Otto Muzik, Patrick R. Hof, Derek E. Wildman, Chet C. Sherwood, William R. Leonard, Nicholas Lange.
9:15 Add to calendar Differences in energy metabolism in the brains of humans and chimpanzees: a study of protein expression. Amy L. Bauernfeind, Michelle L. Reyzer, Richard M. Caprioli, John J. Ely, Courtney C. Babbitt, Gregory A. Wray, Patrick R. Hof, Chet C. Sherwood.
9:30 Add to calendar How evolutionary changes in human life histories affect juvenile energetics. Karen L. Kramer.
9:45 Add to calendar Placentergetics: exploring placental investment in fetal somatic and brain development. Julienne Rutherford, Victoria deMartelly, Kimberley Phillips, Melissa Lamar.
10:00 Break
10:15 Add to calendar Life history trade-offs as a function of mother's milk: Consequences for juvenility and transitions to adulthood. Katie Hinde, John P. Capitanio.
10:30 Add to calendar Tradeoffs between reproductive rate and offspring growth in wild chimpanzees. Melissa Emery Thompson, Zarin P. Machanda, Nicholas Brazeau, Martin N. Muller, Richard W. Wrangham.
10:45 Add to calendar Coping with a challenging environment: nutritional balancing, health, and energetics in wild Bornean orangutans. Erin R. Vogel, Jessica M. Rothman, Alysse M. Moldawer, Timothy D. Bransford, Melissa E. Emery-Thompson, Maria A. van Noordwijk, Sri Suci Utami Atmoko, Brooke E. Crowley, Cheryl D. Knott, Wendy M. Erb, David Raubenheimer.
11:00 Add to calendar Contributions of brown adipose tissue to human metabolic adaptation: Comparative and evolutionary perspectives. William R. Leonard, Stephanie B. Levy.
11:15 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Metabolic and endocrine changes during immune activation. Michael P. Muehlenbein.
11:30 Add to calendar Energetic costs of testosterone: higher testosterone is associated with greater lean muscle mass and total energetic expenditure among Tsimane forager-horticulturalists. Benjamin C. Trumble, Daniel Cummings, Bret Beheim, Jonathan Stieglitz, Gandhi Yetish, Herman Pontzer, Hillard Kaplan, Michael Gurven.
11:45 Discussion: Peter Ellison