The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 2. Variation and population genetics: non-human. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Jessica Brinkworth

March 26, 2015 , Grand Ballroom A/B Add to calendar
8:00 Add to calendar Phylogenetic relationships of Night Monkeys (Aotus): Evidence from pelage coloration and molecular data. Fanny M. Cornejo, Victor R. Pacheco, Liliana Cortés Ortiz.
8:15 Add to calendar Mitochondrial D-LOOP variation and structure of two island populations of urban macaques (Macaca fascicularis). Amy R. Klegarth, Michael D. Gumert, Crystal M. Riley, Jayasri Srikantan, Rudolf Meier, Lisa Jones-Engel, Agustin Fuentes, Hope Hollocher.
8:30 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Neotropical primate biogeography: A synthesis. Jessica W. Lynch Alfaro, Liliana Cortés-Ortiz, Anthony Di Fiore, Jean P. Boubli.
8:45 Add to calendar The potential role of nonadaptive evolutionary mechanisms shaping color vision in red-bellied lemurs (Eulemur rubriventer) . Rachel L. Jacobs, Brenda J. Bradley.
9:00 Add to calendar The role of genetic correlation in papionin facial evolution. Jessica L. Joganic, Felipe B. de Oliveira, Katherine E. Willmore, Joan T. Richtsmeier, Jeffrey Rogers, James M. Cheverud.
9:15 Add to calendar Central and eastern chimpanzees are characterized by clinal genetic variation rather than a distant subspecies break. Tillmann Fünfstück, Mimi Arandjelovic, David B. Morgan, Crickette Sanz, Patricia Reed, Sarah H. Olson, Ken Cameron, Alain Ondzie, Martine Peeters, Linda Vigilant.
9:30 Add to calendar Structural variant discovery among related vervet monkeys. Michael J. Montague, LaDeana Hillier, Anna J. Jasinska, Trudy Turner, Jay Kaplan, Matthew J. Jorgensen, Nelson Freimer, George Weinstock, Richard K. Wilson, Wesley C. Warren.
9:45 Add to calendar Maternal effects influence the heritability of adult obesity traits but not obesogenic growth trajectories in vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus spp.). Christopher A. Schmitt, Susan K. Service, Rita M. Cantor, Anna J. Jasinska, Matthew J. Jorgensen, Jay R. Kaplan, Nelson B. Freimer.
10:00 Break
10:15 Add to calendar Diet-microbe co-metabolic interactions in wild primates reveal clues on human evolution. Andres M. Gomez, Jessica M. Rothman, Klara Petrzelkova, Carl J. Yeoman, Klara Vlckova, Juan D. Umana, Monica Carr, David Modry, Angelique Tod, Karen Nelson, Rebecca M. Stumpf, Brenda A. Wilson, Bryan A. White, Steven R. Leigh.
10:30 Add to calendar Evolution of gene expression network underlying a disease state in humans and non-human primates. Courtney C. Babbitt, Gregory A. Wray.
10:45 Add to calendar Evolution of primate early genomic responses to severe infection. Jessica F. Brinkworth, Jordan Kohn, Robert E. Lanford, Zach P. Johnson, Luis B. Barreiro.
11:00 Add to calendar High-throughput restriction site associated DNA sequencing (RAD-Seq) for genomic studies of primates using museum specimens. Andrew S. Burrell, Todd R. Disotell, Sarah Haueisen, Christina M. Bergey.
11:15 Add to calendar Genomic analysis of pre-Columbian tuberculosis from the New World. Kelly M. Harkins, Kirsten I. Bos, Alexander Herbig, Mireia Coscolla, Jane E. Buikstra, Sebastien Gagneux, Johannes Krause, Anne C. Stone.
11:30 Add to calendar Ancient wolf genome reveals gene flow with domestic dogs. Pontus Skoglund, Erik Ersmark, Eleftheria Palkopoulou, David Reich, Love Dalén.
11:45 Add to calendar Using Ancient DNA to Discover the True Domestication Origins of South American Camelids. Alondra M. Diaz Lameiro, D. Andrew Merriwether.
12:00 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Autosomal Admixture in Natural and Anthropogenic Hybrids of Two Species of Eastern Brazilian Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus and C. penicillata). Joanna Malukiewicz, Vanner Boere, Adriana D. Grativol, Ita O. Silva, Luiz CM. Pereira, Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda, Anne C. Stone.
12:00 Add to calendar Withdrawn. A Comprehensive Genus-Level Primate Phylogeny Using Gene Tree-Species Tree Reconciliation. Laura C. Matthews, Luca Pozzi.