The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 18. Genetics: Human variation. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Theodore G. Schurr

March 26, 2015 , Lindbergh Add to calendar
1:00 Add to calendar The Out of Africa expansion affected accumulation of deleterious alleles in human genomes. Laura R. Botigue, Brenna M. Henn, Stephan Peischl, Isabelle Dupanloup, Mikhail Lipatov, Brian K. Maples, Alicia R. Martin, Mc Yee, Howard Cann, Michael Snyder, Laurent Excoffier, Jeffrey M. Kidd, Carlos D. Bustamante.
1:15 Add to calendar Analysis of cell-specific regulatory DNA reveals elevated immune specificity in genomic regions of high Neandertal ancestry. Aaron J. Sams, Aviv Madar, Alon Keinan.
1:30 Add to calendar Neanderthal and Denisova genetic affinities with contemporary humans. Robert K. Lowery, Gabriel Uribe, Eric B. Jimenez, Mark A. Weiss, Kristian J. Herrera, Brian C. Richardson, Manuela Regueiro, Rene J. Herrera.
1:45 Add to calendar Genetic Diversity and Population History in Svaneti, Northwestern Georgia. Theodore G. Schurr, Aram Yardumian, Ramaz Shengelia, Lia Bitadze, David Chitanava, Shorena Laliashvili, Irma Laliashvili, Akiva Sanders, Andrew Azzam, Victoria Groner, Kristi Edleson, Miguel Vilar.
2:00 Add to calendar Genome-wide data from ancient Peruvian highlanders and the Population History of South America. Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Pontus Skoglund, Bastien Llamas, Susanne Lindauer, Elsa Tomasto, Susan Kuzminsky, Nadin Rohland, Susanne Nordenfelt, Swapan Mallick, Alan Cooper, Nick Patterson, Wolfgang Haak, David Reich.
2:15 Add to calendar Group Specific Alleles and Ascertainment Bias in Genomic Diversity Sets. Sara D. Niedbalski, Jeffrey C. Long.
2:30 Add to calendar Mitochondrial lineages in Assyrian populations. Michel Shamoon-pour, D. andrew Merriwether.
2:45 Add to calendar The origins of the Aegean palatial civilizations from a population genetic perspective. Martina Unterländer, Susanne Kreutzer, Christina Papageorgopoulou.
3:00 Add to calendar Genetic modifiers of IVD expression and leucine oxidation on a positively selected haplotype in East Asians. Elizabeth A. Brown, Terence Capellini, Maryellen Ruvolo, Pardis C. Sabeti.
3:15 Add to calendar Y chromosome in surname samples: Insights into surname origin and frequency . Francesc Calafell, Neus Solé-Morata, Jaume Bertranpetit, David Comas.
3:30 Add to calendar Evidence for assortative mating in recently admixed humans. Mahima Agarwal, Jason A. Hodgson.
3:45 Add to calendar Using coalescent simulations to understand population dynamics of the admixture process. Anthony J. Koehl, Jeffrey C. Long.
4:00 Break