The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 29. Females: Friends or Foes? New Perspectives on Female Bonds in Primates. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Michelle A. Rodrigues

March 27, 2015 , Gateway Ballroom 4 Add to calendar

Socioecological models of primate sociality attribute female bonds to kinship and competitive regimes based on ecological factors. However, socioecological models are under critique due to limitations in their predictive framework. As research increases across field sites, a better understand of both inter- and intra-specific variation in social relationships has emerged. For example, females in societies considered “non-female bonded” exhibit differentiated, affiliative bonds at some sites, whereas primate species considered “female-bonded” do not always exhibit strong female bonds. Furthermore, new techniques, such as non-invasive genetic and hormone sampling and mathematical modeling and network analysis allow us to build on the traditional methods of studying female behavioral ecology. Here, we consider recent studies of female relationships across the primate order to generate ideas for new theoretical models of social bonding in female primates.

Discussion: Lynne Isbell
1 Add to calendar Female friendships in a ‘non-female-bonded’ platyrrhine, Ateles geoffroyi. Michelle A. Rodrigues.
2 Add to calendar Effects of male social upheaval on social bonds and stress in female chacma baboons. Shahrina Chowdhury, Larissa Swedell.
3 Add to calendar Recognizing rivals: Do female olive baboons (Papio anubis) forgo social bonds during periods of heightened competition?. Jessica T. Walz.
4 Add to calendar You can't bogart that grass: Dominance and resources in geladas. Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson, Noah Snyder-Mackler, Jacinta C. Beehner, Thore J. Bergman.
5 Add to calendar Dominance rank and rank disparity predict female rhesus macaque social relationships even in the absence of kin networks. Noah Snyder-Mackler, Jordan Kohn, Carla Moore, Zachary P. Johnson, Mark E. Wilson, Jenny Tung.
6 Add to calendar Dietary preference, feeding behavior, and sociality among female Diana monkeys (Cercopithecus diana). Erin E. Kane.
7 Add to calendar Social bonds without genetic ties? A new framework for characterizing social relationships among female bonobos (Pan paniscus). Liza R. Moscovice, Gottfried Hohmann.
8 Add to calendar Female chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) form social bonds. Monica L. Wakefield.
9 Add to calendar Determinants of social preferences among female chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) at Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Steffen Foerster, Karen McLellan, Kara Schroepfer-Walker, Carson M. Murray, Christopher Krupenye, Ian C. Gilby, Anne E. Pusey.
10 Add to calendar Female friendships in a 'non-female-bonded' cercopithecine: genetic correlates of sociality and female choice in hamadryas baboons. Veronika Staedele, Linda Vigilant, Larissa Swedell.