The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 31. Functional Skeletal Biology: Non-human Studies. Contributed Posters. Chair: Christopher J Vinyard

March 27, 2015 , Archview Ballroom Add to calendar

7:30 - 8:00 Poster set-up.  5:30 - 6:00 Poster take-down.

Even numbered poster authors present for discussion 10:00-10:30 and 4:45-5:3-

Odd numbered poster authors present for discussion 10:30-11:00 and 4:00-4:45

1 Add to calendar Different Perspectives on the Expression of Joint Kinematics Can Influence Interpretation of Fossil Evidence. Thomas M. Greiner, Kevin A. Ball.
2 Add to calendar Primitive fist-walking and the radiocarpal morphology of Rudapithecus hungaricus. Andrew C. Holmes, David R. Begun.
3 Add to calendar A preliminary analysis of the iliac trabecular architecture of Rudapithecus hungaricus. Darshana Shapiro, David R. Begun.
4 Add to calendar Hands Up: Pedal Digit Use during Arboreal Quadrupedalism and Bipedalism in Propithecus coquereli. Kimberly A. Congdon, Matthew J. Ravosa.
5 Add to calendar Hominoid humeral trochlear morphology is unrelated to suspensory locomotion. Michael S. Selby, C. Owen Lovejoy.
6 Add to calendar Ulnar shape and locomotion in primates. Thomas R. Rein, Katerina Harvati, Terry Harrison.
7 Add to calendar 3-D Morphometric Analysis of the Primate Elbow Joint. Seth B. Boren.
8 Add to calendar Preliminary analysis of the functional morphology of the douc langur scapulae. Katie Bailey, James D. Pampush.
9 Add to calendar Analyzing the Form and Function of the Hominoid Scapula: a Morphometric and Biomechanical Approach. Thomas A. Püschel, William I. Sellers.
10 Add to calendar Does secondary bone distribution in limb bones reflect locomotor behavior in primates?. Susan E. Lad, W. Scott McGraw, David J. Daegling.
11 Add to calendar Elastic energy storage in the Achilles tendon during running gaits. Adam D. Foster, Michael T. Butcher, Gregory A. Smith, Jesse W. Young.
12 Add to calendar The spatial distribution of lacuno-canalicular system within the tibial cross section shows its sensitivity to the mechanical loading. Alena Jindrová, Jan Tůma, Vladimír Sládek.
13 Add to calendar Ecomorphology and locomotor adaptations of small mammals: implications for habitat inferences of Shuitangba (Yunnan, China), a late Miocene hominoid-bearing site. Emma K. Curtis, Denise F. Su.
14 Add to calendar Testing functional hypotheses about variation in African ape scapulae using 3D geometric morphometrics. Tessa L. Pearman, Rebecca S. Jabbour.
15 Add to calendar Forelimb mechanics during below-branch quadrupedalism in primates: A comparison to above-branch quadrupedalism and bimanual locomotion. Cameron H. Tripp, Michael C. Granatosky, Daniel Schmitt.
16 Add to calendar Arrangement of the foot interosseous muscles in great apes. Eishi Hirasaki, Motoharu Oishi.
17 Add to calendar Growing up woolly: Infant riding and the ontogeny of forelimb and hindlimb musculature of Humboldt’s woolly monkey (Lagothrix lagotricha) . Kelly A. Snowden, Vanya Bistrekova, Lindsey Hays, William S. Witt, Michael Miller, Magdalena N. Muchlinski, Jason Organ, Sarah Abshire, Timothy Butterfield, Andrew S. Deane.
18 Add to calendar Comparison of limb bone diaphyseal cross-sectional properties in tree shrews, tree squirrels, and dwarf and mouse lemurs. Jacqueline A. Runestad Connour.
19 Add to calendar Adaptation of cancellous bone to habitual loading: Trabecular architecture of the artiodactyl calcaneus. Derinna V. Kopp.
20 Add to calendar Scapular geometry and forelimb use in four sympatric cercopithecids. Noah T. Dunham, Erin E. Kane, W. Scott McGraw.
21 Add to calendar Allometric shape change in the talar articular surfaces of euarchontans. Gabriel S. Yapuncich, Doug M. Boyer.
22 Add to calendar Morphological Aspects of Friction Grasp and Body Size in Strepsirrhines. Amanda K. Kingston.
23 Add to calendar Quantification of the position of the flexor fibularis groove of the euarchontan talus. Ryan Neu, Gabriel S. Yapuncich, Doug M. Boyer.
24 Add to calendar Functional regions of the trunk in chimpanzees and langurs: a comparison of deep back muscles. Carol E. Underwood, Debra R. Bolter, Adrienne L. Zihlman.
25 Add to calendar Morphological differences in skeletal form in wild- and captive-born Primates. Luci Kohn.
26 Add to calendar Fusion of the pubic symphysis and the use of Suchey-Brooks in African apes. Jennifer Eyre.
27 Add to calendar Estimates of fossil hominin quadriceps physiological cross sectional area from patellar dimensions. Kristen R. Ramirez, Herman Pontzer.
28 Add to calendar The effect of bone length and shape on bone strength in the Longshanks mouse. Miranda Cosman, Hayley Britz, Campbell Rolian.
29 Add to calendar Bundle Number, Body Mass, and Bipedality: Probing the Comparative Anatomy of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Aidan A. Ruth, Mary Ann Raghanti, C. Owen Lovejoy.
30 Add to calendar Functional Implications of Maximum Skeletal Gape in Non-Human Primates. Ellen E. Powell, Jonathan MG. Perry.
31 Add to calendar Morphological signals of stress and socioendocrinology: Comparing measures of cranial fluctuating asymmetry and second to fourth digit ratio in cercopithecids. Kelsey S. Clarke, Monya Anderson, Andrea R. Eller, Evan Simons, Frances J. White, Stephen R. Frost.
32 Add to calendar Bergmann’s rule in skull size of wild vs. captive fascicularis group macaques. Julia L. Arenson, Monya Anderson, Andrea R. Eller, Evan A. Simons, Frances J. White, Stephen R. Frost.
33 Add to calendar Comparing methods of assessing cranial ontogeny in a known-age sample of Macaca mulatta . Evan A. Simons, Stephen R. Frost.
34 Add to calendar Bent out of shape: Cross-sectional geometric properties of the primate zygomatic arch. Hallie M. Edmonds.
35 Add to calendar What can the skeleton tell us about flanging? Hard-tissue markers of cheek flanges in Mandrillus. Megan Petersdorf, James P. Higham, Scott A. Williams.
36 Add to calendar Functional significance of the location of the axis of rotation of the mandible. Callum F. Ross, Jose Iriarte-Diaz, Andrea B. Taylor, Claire E. Terhune.
37 Add to calendar Occlusopalatal Landmark Variation among Savanna Baboons Fed Different Diets. Ryan M. Campbell, Meadow L. Campbell, Evan Muzzall.
38 Add to calendar Functional scaling trends in the trabecular architecture of the mandibular condyle of Strepsirrhine primates . Nicole D. Siegel, Matthew J. Ravosa, Christopher J. Vinyard.
39 Add to calendar Does food preference impact oral processing in non-human primates?. Christopher J. Vinyard, Cynthia L. Thompson, Alison H. Doherty, Nick J. Robl.
40 Add to calendar Microindentation testing of olive colobus mandibles suggests role for phylogenetic affinity in determination of mandibular bone material properties. Jennifer L. Massimin, W Scott. McGraw, David J. Daegling.
41 Add to calendar Helium experiment and vocal physiology of the phee calls in common marmosets . Takeshi Nishimura, Hiroki Koda, Isao T. Tokuda, Masumi Wakita, Tsuyoshi Ito.
42 Add to calendar Skeletal pathology in individually documented wild Virunga mountain gorillas. Meredith L. Killough, David Hunt, Amandine B. Eriksen, Tara S. Stoinski, Timothy G. Bromage, Michael R. Cranfield, Antoine Mudakikwa, Shannon C. McFarlin.